Can't clarify all future issues

Can't clarify all future issues

The president of the German Caritas Association, Peter Neher, has objected to overly high expectations of the "synodal way" future process planned in the Catholic Church. At the same time, however, he hopes for transparency in the process.

"It is right and important that in the coming months we speak transparently and openly about ies such as sexual morality, the distribution of power, women in the Church or celibacy," Neher told the Catholic News Agency (KNA) in Freiburg on Tuesday.

"But with this we have not yet clarified the crucial question of what tasks and with what attitudes Christians and their church stand for in the modern, digital, plural world."

More transparency and openness

Christian faith must be coherent and convincing again, says Neher. It is necessary to look "without despondency and resignation", for what the church is committed now and in the future.

With regard to the process of the "synodal way", whose further steps will be planned on Friday and Saturday at a meeting in Fulda, Neher spoke out for more transparency and openness.

"For example, it is not transparent what the selection criteria were for the nominated participants." He hopes for a further opening of the circle of discussants. "What about grassroots voices in the parishes? And how can we enter into dialogue with people who have recently turned away from the church and faith or who have never had access to them?? This view from the sidelines or from the outside would be very important," Neher said.

Anxious for deliberations on sexual morality ie

For the work of Caritas, Neher looks with interest at the consultations on sexual morality. "Something has to change there, in order to honor life plans of modern people in the spirit of the Gospel and to become credible again. This also has a direct impact on the social work of Caritas, for example, in pregnancy counseling or youth welfare services."

In the spring, the Catholic bishops initiated a discussion process on the renewal of the church. Together with the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK), this "synodal way" should, for example, draw lessons from the abuse scandal and win back trust.

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