Cape coral holiday home rental for florida holidays

Cape Coral cottage

In Cape Coral you can rent many beautiful holiday homes

Holiday house in Cape Coral

On Cape Coral cottage is perfect for you, of course Florida vacation with the whole family where you can enjoy a lot of space and privacy. Renting a holiday home in Florida, especially in Cape Coral for the holidays is very popular with families with children. You get a lot of luxury for a little money and if you stay in a hotel in Florida it will cost you more money than a Cape Coral vacation home.

What are the advantages

The benefits are certainly that of a typical Florida vacation rental at least three bedrooms, two bathrooms and one pool features. The pool is of course very popular with the children because you can let off steam here and spend the whole day there. For the parents, there is usually one more whirlpool where you can relax. As a rule, the villa is located directly at one Canal with access to the Gulf of Mexico. Many houses already have one boat and you can then go out with this directly from the house into the sea. For villas without a boat it is advisable to rent a boat. There are also many German providers who then drive the boat directly in front of the house.

domestic equipments

Usually is a Cape Coral vacation home completely furnished and furnished and you feel very at home very quickly. You can arrive with very little luggage since everything is there and you only have to buy the groceries in the supermarket, for example Publix. Very much like being on the terrace grilled at sunset and then you can end the day with a fantastic backdrop. There are many German providers in Cape Coral where you can rent a holiday home.


Of the standard Villa to absolute luxury villa which is worth millions of dollars you can rent everything. Even German speaking staff is on site that helps with problems. The owners of the villas in Cape Coral that you can rent come mainly from Germany and according to estimates are already over 40,000 Germans own a holiday home in Cape Coral. If you want to spend a wonderful and relaxing holiday in Florida should rent a villa there. Many book a villa for one to two weeks and then combine it with a tour of Florida. Of course you also want to see something of the Sunshine State and see the most famous cities of Miami and Orlando.

Of course you can not only rent villas in Cape Coral but also in other cities such as Fort Myers, Naples or Bonita Springs. But in Cape Coral you probably have the biggest choice as a vacationer. In Miami, mostly apartments are rented and the prices are more expensive there than in the southwest of Florida. Practically certainly the short transfer from the airport Fort Myers and in about 30 minutes you are already in the house where you can relax and unwind.


Of course, very important is always what such a holiday home costs. In principle, there are no limits to the top. But an average holiday home in Cape Coral can be rented as low as $ 100 a day. In addition, most of the taxes and a fee for the final cleaning. If you want more luxury then you can rent villas that cost several hundred dollars. These often have many bedrooms and are also suitable for large families and groups. If you divide this for everyone then you get a lot of luxury for little money.

German cottages

As a rule, German tourists always prefer a German holiday home. That means the property belongs to a German owner. He then uses it himself for a few months a year. The rest of the season is then rented to vacationers. Thus, then the house has a good capacity. Otherwise it would be empty and only cost. It is best to always ask for the owner before booking. Especially German houses in Cape Coral are very clean and well maintained. This can be seen immediately upon entering the house.

Last minute

Often it is that there are months with bad utilization. Then you have the opportunity to book last minute. The price is then significantly reduced and if you have time in the short term then you can always make a bargain. If but high season, public holidays or School holidays Of course you do not get what you can imagine.

Cottages with boat

Houses are always very popular with a boat for rent. The owner rents this with and makes it available to the holiday guests. However, you should inquire in advance if you can then go out of this house also. There are houses where you can only move in the canal. It is always nice if you can also go to the sea.

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