Cape Coral tip and the tip you should give

Cape Coral tip

As a tourist you should tip between 10 to 15 percent

Tipping in Cape Coral

If you visit a restaurant in Cape Coral then you are always a tip that incidentally in the US called Tip. As a tourist you should know that there is a very big difference to Germany. You have to give much more than you’re used to. For example, if you ask the bill in a restaurant in Germany and the amount is 50 euros then you probably round up. Or maybe 50 cents and if you are generous then one euro.

15 percent should be given

But if you get in a restaurant in the US a bill of 50 US dollars then you have to add 15 percent. That means at least $ 57.50 the service give so you will not be seen as funny. This simply expects this amount because they are paid very poorly and get a small basic salary. The rest have to earn this over the tip and if you sit in a restaurant you will quickly realize that the guest is still the king there.


The service is usually above average very friendly which you probably are not used to. If you have a wish this will be fulfilled immediately. Maybe you still need ketchup. Often the drinks are always refilled free of charge. A good advice is always right at the beginning of a few dollars to give the service. So that this immediately recognizes that you can get even more tip if you make the effort and is nice and polite.

Give a tip in advance

If you do not immediately tip on the table then it may be that you do not get the drinks refilled right away. Or you have to wait a long time because the service is more concerned about the other guests who may have already given something. For most tourists this is very unusual with the tip and they are used to the fact that you do not have to give so much there.

But in the US, it’s just that. And if you do not do that then you will certainly come across very rude and the waitress assumes that this may have done something wrong. You should always tip in the hotels. For example, at Valet Parking where the car is brought and driven away again. There are enough one to two dollars. The same is true even if you get the luggage brought to the room. Or for the room cleaning.

You can also give 20 percent if you want

If you were particularly pleased with the service of the service then you can even give 20 percent. More is usually not necessary. You can give the tip in cash or you just type in the credit card tip and the service will then just book more. Tourists who want to avoid tipping should not visit any restaurants. In a holiday home you can fully self catering. Another alternative is the fast food restaurants. You do not have to pay a tip there. These can be found for example in the Edison Mall. Or in another mall in Florida.

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