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Cape Coral Travel

Travel to Cape Coral in sunny Florida

Cape Coral Travel

Especially traveling to Cape Coral in the southwest of Florida is very popular with German tourists as this is a very nice destination. It lures there almost all year sunshine with warm temperatures. Especially the winter months are very mild and you can also swim in the sea or your own pool. For families with children, a trip to Cape Coral is particularly interesting because you can rent a holiday home there.

How much is a trip to Florida?

The price / performance ratio is perfect for a family holiday since it accommodates the whole family and still for a cheap price. Cottages are often for 100 US dollars per day and a pool is also included. Since no hotel can keep up. The prices for a luxury hotel in Dubai are of course much more expensive and not everyone can afford that. But Cape Coral is cheap and if the exchange rate of US dollar to Euro is just good then always flow a lot of Germans, Austrians and Swiss to Florida.

Hotel or holiday house

Of course you can also book a hotel in Cape Coral and the selection is manageable. The best place to stay is always a holiday home of which there are thousands available for rent. When booking you should contact a tour operator who also has German staff on site and you will be in German language care. Otherwise you should be able to speak good English.

If you need a rental car

The rental car is of course very important so you can drive for example from the airport Fort Myers to the house to Cape Coral. The best way to book this before at a travel agency in Germany that knows about traveling to Florida. Then you just have to show the voucher at the airport and then you can start. Many flights always land late at night and then it is dark. Those who have never been there should get involved GPS navigation device get where you type in the address of the house. Otherwise, you may have some difficulty finding this.

Of course, a big expense factor for Florida travel is always the flight. If you are a family with several children then this will be very quickly expensive. Therefore one should always take advantage of the offers of the airlines and wait until the airfare is just cheap. Then you should book the flight and direct flights are always preferred where you do not have to change.

Flight to Florida

There is a direct flight with the Air Berlin from Dusseldorf to Fort Myers and these are gladly used by holidaymakers from Germany. The Lufthansa also flies daily from Frankfurt to Miami and then you have to drive first to Cape Coral which can take three hours. You can also fly with a US airline and then you have to change at a hub and you have a short stopover of a few hours. Then it goes on in the direction of Florida and this increases the time of arrival.

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