Car air conditioner disinfection& clean

At car air conditioner disinfection& cleaning guide we show you step by step how to clean and disinfect the car air conditioning system. Although the whole thing is actually very simple, many people do it all wrong and it is, in short, useless. To prevent this from happening to you, we will show you the right way to proceed.

Car air conditioner disinfection

In the air conditioning system of the car settle with the time bacteria and germs. When you switch on, they fly towards you and you breathe them in. This can lead to health problems. Moreover, the smell is anything but pleasant, especially for passengers. The cleaning the car air conditioner should therefore be carried out once a year. Especially after the summer, where all the pollen etc. Collecting, cleaning makes sense.

Air conditioner car stinks

If the air conditioner of the car stinks, it is also high time for a cleaning. If you notice an unpleasant odor when using the ventilation or the air conditioning, in most cases the filter is dirty. Also germs have already collected. If your car stinks, you should act as soon as possible and begin with the cleaning.

You can do all this yourself. In a professional workshop you will pay around 60 euros, sometimes even more. If you do the cleaning yourself, it will only cost you a few euros. Even a layman can do this, because it is anything but complicated.

Air conditioner car stinks

Car air conditioner cleaning instructions

The car air conditioner cleaning is simple, yet many people make a big mistake here or do the cleaning and disinfection incorrectly. To prevent this from happening to you, we will show you step by step how to properly clean your car’s air conditioner.

Turn off the air conditioner. Set the highest temperature and let the air conditioner run at full speed for about 10 minutes. This will dry the air conditioner evaporator, which is an important step in the cleaning process.

After the evaporator has dried, turn off the ventilation. Contrary to what many believe, the disinfectant is not sprayed into the air vents. The illustration shows this, which is somewhat misleading. You have to look where the air conditioner pollen filter because that is where the evaporator is located.

Remove the pollen filter from the air conditioner and replace it with a new one. This should be done once a year. Once the filter is removed, spray the disinfectant in here, because this is where the air conditioner evaporator is located.

Insert the new pollen filter and close the cover. Start the engine and turn on the air conditioner. Make sure that all the fans are open and let the air escape by the windshield, the feet and to the front. The level of the air conditioner must also be set to the highest level.

Let the air conditioner run for about 10 minutes. However, leave the vehicle, because this is where all the germs and dirt come through the fans. You should not breathe this air if possible! Afterwards the car air conditioner is disinfected.

air conditioner car disinfectant

There are some disinfectant for the car air conditioner. From simple sprays to complete sets. The deep cleaning and disinfection varies depending on the disinfectant used. To help you find the right one for your needs, we have briefly listed the best car disinfectants for air conditioning systems.

LIQUI MOLY air conditioner fresh

The first method of air conditioning cleaning is the most economical: LIQUI MOLY air conditioner fresh. The spray is a deodorant for cars, which every car driver can use himself. The self-emptying can is placed in the footwell and the ventilation is turned on. The active ingredients disperse into the ventilation system and remove unpleasant odors from the air conditioning system.

LIQUI MOLY klima fresh eliminates within a very short time (approx. 10 min.) unpleasant odors caused by bacteria and fungi in air conditioning systems, ventilation ducts or vehicle interiors. Easy handling without dismantling the pollen or. Dust filter. A pleasant fresh scent remains.

It is the quick emergency solution, but really cleaned or disinfected the air conditioning system is not so. The application can be done from time to time, so you always have a pleasant scent in the car.

LIQUI MOLY air conditioning cleaner

More thorough is this method: cleaning with the LIQUI MOLY air conditioner cleaner. The spray can contains a long probe with which the active substances can be sprayed directly into the fresh air intake. Ensures that not only the lines, but also the evaporator of the air conditioning system is cleaned. The advantage is the ease of use without the need for additional equipment. The cleaner can also be used by more experienced end users.

This is a special cleaner to easily and effectively remove fungi and bacteria from air conditioning systems. Leaves a pleasant fresh scent after cleaning. The air conditioner disinfection car manufacturer’s service recommendations for air conditioner cleaning must be followed.

In our opinion, this is the best way to clean the air conditioner. We have had very good experiences with the product and can therefore recommend it with a clear conscience.

LIQUI MOLY Air Conditioner Cleaner

LIQUI MOLY air-conditioning cleaning set

The most thorough car air conditioning cleaning offers the LIQUI MOLY air conditioning cleaning kit for garages. Here the liquid can be sprayed directly onto the evaporator with the help of a specially developed compressed air gun and a long, flexible probe. The cleaning liquid rinses the evaporator and disinfects it. It reliably removes all bacteria and fungi – the most time-consuming, but also the most thorough method.

For private use, you do not necessarily have to buy the set, because you are unlikely to use it alone. But if you have several vehicles, or also do the cleaning for acquaintances, so it is worth the air conditioning cleaning kit from liqui moly.


Car air conditioner cleaner

There is much more air conditioner cleaner from different manufacturers. These all work on the same principle. The application is also the same. We have only used the one from liqui moly and were very satisfied with it. If this does not meet your requirements, you will find enclosed the top 10 car air conditioner disinfectant.

Liqui Moly P000577 MOLY 4087 air conditioner cleaner 250 ml

MW air conditioner cleaner incl. probe | air conditioner cleaner air conditioner cleaner disinfection 400ml

Macari air conditioner cleaning kit: 2x Klimafresh 1x air conditioner cleaner. For disinfection &

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NIGRIN 72979 Air conditioning disinfectant concentrate, 100 ml

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AtomiClean air conditioner cleaner: set of 2 air conditioner cleaner citrus, silver ions, bactericidal (air conditioners

Could we help you with our air conditioner disinfection car& cleaning guide help? Please leave us a comment with your experience and if you have noticed a noticeable difference.

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