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JP kraemer from dortmund introduces girlfriend mili in video on youtube

30.01.2022 updated: 15:31

JP kraemer introduces his girlfriend in a youtube video. His fans react clearly.

Dortmund/los angeles- the winter break is over, the tuner JP kraemer (41) from Dortmund makes the viewers of his youtube channel "JP performance" happy again with new videos. And to kick off the new year, the 41-year-old has released a very special video: for the first time, his fans can see his girlfriend in it (all celebrity and TV news on RUHR24).

Namejean pierre "JP kraemer
job car tuner, restaurateur, youtuber, museum operator
companies JP performance, big boost burger (both in dortmund)
birthday 12. september 1980 (age: 41)
birthplace plettenberg (north rhine-westphalia)
SCHOOL comprehensive school gartenstadt
book i am jean pierre and fear driven
T.V the hp pros- more power from the pot, turbo- the car magazine, 2 professionals for 4 wheels, JP kraemer- all car

car tuner JP kraemer publishes love video on instagram: "this is my girlfriend"

He mentioned it for the first time in his twitch livestreams some time ago and recently posted a first joint photo on instagram*. the video presentation is a big step: after all, his youtube channel now has almost 2.2 million subscribers. And his fans finally know the name of the woman by his side- or at least, as he calls it.

On instagram, the tuner had already posted the first pictures and stories from their vacation together in the U.S. In the new youtube video he now shows what he- among other things- has made. The trip to the states did not go off completely without cars- despite girlfriend in the luggage. In los angeles JP kraemer has namely bought a sports car*, like 24auto.De* reports.

JP kraemer: honda acrua NSX for 35.000 euro bought on vacation in los angeles

Namely a honda NSX, year of construction 1994. to be exact, it was an acura NSX- that’s the name of honda’s premium offshoot in north america. According to his statements the vehicle was a real bargain. „the car was cheap", says JP kraemer.

The current price for a used NSX is in the U.S. around 80.000 US dollars (the equivalent of around 70.800 euro). He got his for 40.000 US-dollars (about 35.408 euros) bought. „A damn good deal!“ (JP kraemer: youtube videos soon in english? This is how the fans react*)

JP kraemer publishes love video: "what kind of recipe is that??"

For many of his fans, however, the Japanese sports car is probably only of secondary interest – but rather the person he drives away with in it. the slim woman with the short blond hair is his girlfriend, whom he calls "mili.

Mostly JP kraemer addresses her in the video with "baby" though. However, the young woman seems to be only moderately interested in his technical explanations about the clutch of the honda NSX. Apparently, the tuner also knows that she is not necessarily on fire for automotive topics.

JP kraemer: girlfriend mili doesn’t know new car from tuner from dortmund yet

„I’ve never seen the car before, in real life ", says mili. JP kraemer responds: "Would you have noticed if?“ and after a long explanation about the NSX in general, with mili in the background, the tuner jokes: "my girlfriend is looking at me like: what kind of recipe is this??“ (JP kraemer reissues his book- with a special feature*)

But the question is, which of the two will be behind the wheel in the near future? because according to a court decision, JP kraemer will soon be rid of his driver’s license for three months*. And also a fine of 1.200 euros the tuner has to pay, as RUHR24 reports*.

the reason is a speeding trip in the summer of 2020, when the tuner was driving a porsche taycan turbo S at 142 km/h through a built-up area at permitted 50 km/h.

JP kraemer releases love video: "likeable woman, good choice!"

at the end of the video JP kraemer introduces the woman at his side once again "officially": "this is my girlfriend, mili – she’s not that into it when the camera is not on."

What exactly he means by that remains open. mili seems to be well received by his fans, as many comments under the video show:

  • "have had a lot of fun watching, like more often also with mili!"
  • "very cool video. I think two people are having a lot of fun together."
  • "nice woman, good choice!"
  • "it’s so incredibly good to see you and milli so happy!"
  • "super nice girlfriend, fits perfectly!"

*RUHR24 and 24auto.De are part of the editorial network of IPPEN.MEDIA.

Column list image:© youtube (JP performance)

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