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Many drivers appreciate the protection of an automobile club. Memberships are offered not only by ADAC, but also by numerous other providers. A survey shows who performs best in terms of service, benefits and costs.

Automobile clubs offer risk protection that is not always inexpensive – there are significant differences between the providers. This is the result of a study by the german institute for service quality.

Those who choose the cheapest rather than the most expensive club can save more than half of the annual costs in all the rate categories surveyed. An example: for the "basic rate plus partner/family the prices vary between 33 and around 108 euros – the savings potential here is a good 69 percent or. At 75 euros per year.

Extensive range of services

In particular, the premium rates of almost all automobile clubs come with attractive benefits. With all providers, such membership includes, for example, europe-wide roadside assistance and a key service. In addition to a towing service, other standards include recovery of the vehicle after an accident, medical and vehicle repatriation from abroad, initial legal advice, and payment for overnight accommodation and a replacement car.

Markus hamer, managing director of the german institute for service quality, advises: "a price-performance comparison pays off in all rate categories – whether it’s the entry-level offers for young people, the basic rates, or the premium memberships."

Potential for improvement in service for interested parties

On the hotlines and with e-mail inquiries, the service of the automobile clubs is only satisfactory overall. And the staff are not lacking in expertise: all questions in the tests are answered correctly and professionally. On the phone, however, employees often provide little individual advice and often give information that is not tailored to the caller’s needs.

these deficits are also reflected in the e-mail responses received. On the other hand, the online service is convincing: the websites usually provide all the important information on membership, rates and services, and also often score points with a high level of user-friendliness.

The top 3 automotive clubs

Test winner is mobile in germany with the quality rating "very good. The automobile club offers the best conditions overall. Three tariffs – young drivers, premium/plus and premium/plus including life partner – offer the most attractive costs. In addition, mobil in deutschland offers the best service: both on the phone and by e-mail, the provider performs well and impresses with competent information and always correct answers to questions from interested parties. the online service also scores points, for example with the very informative website.

Ranking second takes avd with the quality rating "good a. the company distinguishes itself with very good conditions, which include an extensive range of services. Service is the second best in the provider comparison, with the online presence even showing very good customer orientation: the website offers a very high level of information and is the leader from the user perspective in terms of ease of use and content.

Third place occupied BAVC (quality rating "good"). The prices of the tariffs examined are consistently below the industry average. In addition, the provider shows good service performance overall. For example, e-mail inquiries are processed quickly and answered competently within one day.

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