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Car driving license

This is how it works

Take the online test for the theory driving test! right of way rules, traffic signs, how to behave in case of danger – in our driver’s license test you will get a questionnaire with test questions randomly compiled – just like in the official test.

For each question you can choose from predefined answers. The evaluation shows whether you would have passed and are still fit for road traffic. And all this completely free of charge!

Use now online the free driver’s license test for class A (motorcycle), class B (passenger car), class A1 (motorcycle up to 125 cc) or class C (truck)!

Which driving license classes are there?

  • car class B: the class B driver’s license applies to vehicles with a total mass of not more than 3.500 kilograms and with no more than eight seats, excluding the driver’s seat. in germany only, it is also valid for three-wheeled motor vehicles. With the class B driver’s license, a trailer with a total mass of up to 750 kilograms may be carried along. The minimum age for obtaining a driver’s license is 18 years old.
  • Class B passenger car (BF17): in germany, however, the driving license class B may already be obtained at the age of 17 years. Up to 18. At the age of 18, driving a class B vehicle is allowed in the presence of a registered accompanying person.
  • class BE passenger car: to the motor vehicle of the class B with this driver’s license a trailer with not more than are driving a vehicle with a maximum permissible mass of 500 kilograms.
  • car class B96: this license is valid for class B vehicles with a trailer of more than 750 kilograms, if the maximum permissible mass of the entire vehicle combination is 4.does not exceed 250 kilograms.
  • motorcycle class A: with a class A driver’s license, all motorcycles and three-wheeled motor vehicles are included. The direct entry to the driving license of the big motorcycles can be made only at the age of 24 years. But if you’ve already had an A2 license for small motorcycles, you can try your hand at an A license at the age of 20. For this only a practical test is required.
  • Motorcycle class A1: the driving license is valid for all motorcycles of no more than 125 cubic centimeters and with a ratio of power to weight of no more than 0.1 kilowatts per kilogram. Three-wheeled motor vehicles up to 15 kilowatts may also be driven with it. The driver’s license can be made from 16 years of age. For drivers under 18 years of age, since 2013, the limit of 80 kilometers per hour was lifted – but you still can’t skip the restriction.
  • Motorcycle class A2: motorcycles with up to 35 kilowatts of power may be operated with it.
  • Motorcycle class AM: this class includes three types of vehicles: the moped with a maximum speed of 45 kilometers per hour, three-wheeled motor vehicles, light four-wheeled road quads and light motor vehicles with a maximum speed of 45 kilometers per hour.
  • Truck class C: To drive a truck, the driving license class B is already a prerequisite. Class C trucks may not exceed 40 kilometers per hour.000 kilograms, have no more than eight seats and are not designed to carry passengers. this requires at least a class D1 driving license.
  • Truck class C1: a driver’s license of this class allows you to drive a truck with 3.500 to 7.500 kilograms.
  • Truck class C1E: as far as the total permissible mass of 12.If the weight of the vehicle does not exceed 000 kilograms, it is allowed to drive a vehicle of class C1 with a trailer of more than 750 kilograms or a passenger car with a trailer of more than 3 kilograms.500 kilograms are driven.
  • truck class CE: this permit is valid for a towing vehicle of class C with a trailer with a maximum permissible mass exceeding 750 kilograms.
  • Bus class D: to transport passengers by motor vehicle, you need a corresponding class D driver’s license. With a trailer of up to 750 kilograms, motor vehicles for the transport of more than eight persons may also be driven with a class D driver’s license.
  • Bus class D1: the length of the bus may be eight meters, excluding the driver, it may not transport more than 16 people.
  • Bus class D1E: a class D1 tractor may be combined with a trailer of more than 750 kilograms in this driving license.
  • Bus class DE: a combination of a class D bus and a trailer with a total mass of more than 750 kilograms may be driven.
  • Towing vehicle class L: these tractors are intended for agricultural or forestry purposes and should be used for such purposes. they have a maximum speed of 40 kilometers per hour. This license can be obtained at the age of 16 years.
  • towing vehicle class T: towing vehicles of this class may drive up to 60 kilometers per hour and may also be driven with a trailer

Minimum age for driving license classes

What is the minimum age required for the license?? You should be old enough to drive on the day you receive your license. This not only affects when you can hold your license in your hands, but also when you can start training. Although there are no legal requirements, driving schools make sure that new students do not register for their driver’s license a year before they reach the minimum age. in the case of minors, a declaration of consent from the parents is also required. Theoretical lessons can be started immediately, but the practical lessons are not started until half a year before the minimum age due to liability reasons.

The minimum age of 18 years applies for the class B driver’s license. However, since June 2010, there is the regulation for accompanied driving from 17 years, also called BF17. The driver’s license can be made after appropriate application already with 17 years. Six months before reaching the minimum age, young people can register with a driving school with the consent of their parents. If you pass the test, you will receive a certificate that allows you to drive with an escort. Until the age of 18. On the first birthday, the novice driver is allowed to drive with a registered companion. The accompanying person must be declared beforehand, must be at least 30 years old, must have held the driver’s license for at least five years and must not have drunk more than 0.5 per mille when accompanying the driver.

Since novice drivers were conspicuously frequently involved in traffic accidents, on 01. November 1986 introduced the probationary period for the driver’s license. Since then, the driver’s license is initially issued for two years on a probationary basis, regardless of the age of the license holder. It begins when the driver passes the practical test and ends after two years, regardless of how often and how much he or she has actually driven the vehicle.

There are different minimum ages for the different driving license classes. A scooter or moped with a maximum speed limit of 25 kilometers per hour can be driven from the age of 15, while motorcycles in class A1 can be driven from the age of 16. Class A2 small motorcycles can be driven like a car from the age of 18, but class A large motorcycles can only be driven from the age of 24 with direct entry. If you have already held a class A2 driver’s license for two years, the minimum age is reduced to 20 years. Class C1 to 7 trucks.500 kilograms may be operated from 18 years of age. Such class C of over 7.500 kilograms can also be ridden from the age of 18 without commercial sponsorship, and only from the age of 20 is there commercial sponsorship. The driver’s license for agricultural or forestry tractors class L can be obtained at 16 years of age.

This is how much a driver’s license costs

According to financescout24, a driver’s license for the car costs.De usually between 1.500 and 2.200 euro. The cheapest way to get a moped license is to buy one for between 100 and 150 euros – without taking a practical test. With a practical test, an AM license for smaller scooters costs between 500 and 800 euros. For motorcycle driving licenses of class A and A2 you pay about 1.300 euro. As for class B, the driving license for classes C, C1, C1E and CE costs between 1.500 and 2.000 euro – but class B is already a prerequisite here.

Why it is so expensive?

The exact cost depends on the number of driving hours required as well as on the federal state. This is the cheapest way to learn in Brandenburg, the most expensive in Bavaria. Each driving school charges a basic fee for the administrative costs and usually also for the theory lessons, costs for the teaching material, for regular driving lessons and special trips, which vary in number depending on the driver’s license. Additional costs are incurred for a vision test, first aid course, passport photo, driver’s license application and the examination fee. Those who fail the test must therefore automatically pay more by taking additional driving lessons and paying a new test fee. Generally speaking, the fewer regular driving hours required, the less you have to pay. Natural talents have an advantage.

How many hours of theory do i need to get my license??

No one in germany can avoid a driving school – it is compulsory for the driver’s license. The training includes both practical driving lessons and theoretical lessons. The theory lessons are intended to impart knowledge about traffic safety, which is then tested in a theory test. Passing the test is a prerequisite for taking the practical test. For A1 and A 16 hours of theory are obligatory, for B, M and L 14 hours and for T 18 hours. One theory lesson corresponds to 90 minutes. Of these, 12 hours deal with the basic material, and a further two, four or four hours with the driving test. Six hours of additional material on the program.

How does the theoretical exam work?

The theoretical driving test checks whether the material from the lessons has been internalized and whether the examinee has a sound knowledge of traffic rules and road signs. The test is carried out on a PC with a special test program, usually at the premises of TuV or dekra. As a rule, several learner drivers sit together in one room.

The entire theory test takes about 30 to 45 minutes, there is no maximum duration. For the class B driver’s license, a total of 30 questions must be answered: 20 times basic knowledge and 10 times additional material for the respective class. If you want to take the test for several classes at the same time, you only have to complete the basic material once.

Most of the tasks are multiple-choice questions. There are several possible answers to each question, and several of them can be correct. For some tasks, however, there is also a field for free-text answers, for example when braking distances are to be calculated. For some years now, there have also been questions with short video sequences in which typical situations in road traffic are shown.

In total, there are slightly more than 1.000 questions, the exact number changes when the questionnaire is updated about twice a year. The questions cover a variety of topics, such as traffic signs, road behavior, environmental protection and car technology, as well as potential dangers in road traffic.

Depending on the difficulty of the questions, there is a different number of demerit points. The most difficult category has five demerit points. The theoretical driving test is considered to have been passed if at the end less than ten fault points have been achieved.

If you are not sure, you can mark a tricky question and put it aside for later. If there are any questions left unanswered at the end of the test, the system issues a warning.

When do you get the results of the theoretical driving test??

The result is displayed on the screen immediately after the test. A protocol is then provided for presentation at the driving school.

How many hours of driving do I need to get my license??

The practical driving lessons are divided into regular and compulsory driving lessons. The regular driving lessons are 45 minutes long and the minimum number of lessons is not specified by law. Since this teaches the basic skills of driving, the driving instructor decides when the student is sufficiently trained for the compulsory lessons. The cross-country trip lasts about five hours and serves to train driving on country roads and longer stretches. During the four-hour freeway drive, the main focus is on practicing driving up and down the road. During the night drive you will learn how to check and use the vehicle’s lighting. It takes about three hours.

For A1, A2, A and B, five cross-country journeys, four freeway journeys and three night journeys must be completed. If you want to upgrade to the next higher A class, three intercity trips, two highway trips and one night trip are obligatory. Even in order to reach higher classes or levels in classes B and C, a different number of additional compulsory journeys must be completed. To obtain a driving license in classes C1 and C1E, four cross-country journeys, two freeway journeys and two night journeys are required, in classes C and CE even eight cross-country journeys, three freeway journeys and three night journeys are required.

The number of times you are allowed to fail the driving test

In principle, the driving test can be repeated an unlimited number of times. However, this involves additional costs for driving lessons, retraining and retesting fees. In addition, to be able to try again, students must wait two weeks after failing an exam. In addition, no more than one year may elapse between passing the theory test and the practical test. Otherwise the theory test is invalid and has to be repeated again.

The number of those who fail driving tests is increasing all the time. In 2017, for example, according to tz.De 44 percent pass the class B theory test, 39.9 percent fail the practical test. One reason for this may be the changed test situation. Digital tests with short films of complex traffic situations mean that memorization is no longer possible, making the test more difficult.

How long does it take?

If you regularly attend theory lessons and also regularly take driving lessons, your driver’s license usually lasts three to five months. However, there are also fast-track courses at driving schools, in which you can be prepared for the theory and practical test in one or two weeks. However, the success depends on the respective previous knowledge and talent. It should also be noted that the processing of the driver’s license application can already take up to five weeks. The certificate of the first-aid course, the biometric passport photo and the vision test certificate must already be brought along for this purpose.

How long is the driver’s license valid?

Unfortunately, the unlimited driving permit after obtaining the driver’s license no longer exists today. Since the 19. January 2013, driving licenses have an expiration date under EU regulations: after 15 years, the license must be renewed for another 15 years.

And why does it expire at all?

The aim is to implement the relevant EU regulations uniformly and to ensure that the information on the driver’s license (such as name or picture) is as up-to-date as possible. Until the age of 18. January 2033, everyone will therefore have to exchange their old driver’s license for the plastic card – with the exception of all those who received their driver’s license after 19 years of age. January 2013 have been issued. To ease the burden on the offices, the traffic committee has made recommendations depending on the year of birth by when the old driver’s license must be exchanged. For example, all those born before 1953 do not have to exchange their driver’s license until the deadline of 19. January 2033, but holders of driver’s licenses born between 1953 and 1958 will have to exchange them on the same day in 2021.

Lapps – where does the term come from??

The name "the rag" has little to do with today’s credit card format. The old, federal german driver’s license was popularly called a "lappen" because of its size, its high textile content and its gray color – and is thus still named after it today.

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