Car driving license

The documents for obtaining a driver’s license are the book in which everything important is written down in the various lessons, so that you can also learn at home comfortably. lessons are for example situations on the road. How does a motor vehicle? Traffic signs, right of way rules. How to behave in traffic? Such things are very useful in the acquisition of the driver’s license. accident prevention rules are also in the foreground. With the questionnaire it goes then toward examination.

You can learn wonderfully by either learning on the PC or by ordering the sheets on paper. By ticking the correct answers and some units of measurement that have to be entered in the subjects, a lot of facts are learned that can be of importance in road traffic. Right of way rules are very important. Here you may have only one question wrong, then you have already failed. 10 error points are allowed as a maximum, at the 11. the test is unfortunately over.

it should be noted that several points are awarded for one task. Depending on the importance of the question, points are distributed, so there are usually two points on a question in the technique and the right of way rules even 5 points. But you don’t need to be afraid, a little slip-up is allowed.

What do you need to be admitted to the driving school?

Before the actual visit to the driving school, one must complete a first aid course. This is mostly offered at the german red cross and takes place on saturday. in small groups you learn about the most important organs of the body, revive a doll by giving it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Also for the physical well-being is usually provided with the all-day courses. If you have the certificate for first aid in your pocket, you can register at the driving school. to do this, you should have an identity card. You can learn the rest in driving school.

Car and motorcycle driving license together

Many young people who want to get their driver’s license save money by getting their car and motorcycle licenses at the same time. For this you need a comprehensive theory, which includes a motorcycle bow. Technique about the vehicle you will find there again, as well as the protective measures that are prescribed. They also learn measurements and weights and are taught the correct way to behave as a sidecar driver.

By doing the exams together, you save a lot of fees. the theory is only a small supplement to the car driving license. During the driving lessons you have to decide. Mostly they first practice with a car and then they get on the motorcycle. This training is very extensive and versatile. Motorcycles are primarily gearshift machines. The clutch is operated on the left side with the foot and on the right is a foot, as well as a handlebar brake, which is operated by hand. If you pass both classes of the driver’s license, i.e. today’s B and A2 together, you will be more flexible in road traffic.

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Car license with trailer

If you start the car driving license, you are not allowed to carry all trailers. The trailers are sorted by dimensions. Small single-axle trailers can also be driven with the actual class B license, but if the vehicle with the trailer weighs more than 3.5 tons, the car driver without the BE license is prohibited from driving the desired trailer. There are also random checks on the freeway.

When you get your driver’s license, you also learn how many kilograms you can load on a trailer with a certain weight. It is important to keep to this amount, otherwise you could end up driving. Especially on the highway, the trailers are limited with a speed. For all trailers with towing vehicle maximum speed 100 applies. Some are also only allowed to drive 80. This includes caravans, which can be attached in different sizes and with one or two axles.

To hitch up, the power cables must be checked, as well as the flashing device and the rear light. All this you will learn in the driving school of the driving license class BE.

truck and bus driving license

the king and the emperor among driving licenses, as is often claimed, are the truck and the bus driving license. For the truck, 34 driving hours are required, including intercity, highway and night driving hours. For the bus it is already 64. In the past, it was only possible to obtain a bus license if you had previous experience in driving a truck, but nowadays the two license classes, which are entered as C and D in the driver’s license, are strictly separate. This means that if you have a bus driver’s license, which is called a D, you are not allowed to drive a trailer weighing more than 750 kilograms.

Since articulated buses are used in all large cities, however, a special regulation applies here, since the articulated buses do not have a trailer, but a "trailer", which is closed to the bus by the articulated joint. Also in truck driving license you have to choose either articulated truck, articulated lorry or solo lorry. Both licenses require a separate theoretical and practical test.

as an additional course the modules are required, which are trained in 24 days including the 5 modules. After that you have to take a written exam in the IHK. Here there are not only closed questions, as in the theory test, but you have to put your knowledge on paper in writing. There are questions about the steering and resting time, as well as the environmental conditions or the marketing of a company.

The facts are very interesting and must be repeated every 5 years. In this case, the driver’s license must be reapplied for and the driver must see the doctor again. For the driving license classes C and D there are also intermediate classes, the D1 and the C1. C1 are vehicles up to 7.5 tons, for buses are D1 buses up to 16 passengers. For such small dangers, you do not need the special bus driver’s license.

As a professional driver, however, it is worthwhile to combine the respective driving licenses with class E. If you are allowed to carry trailers, however, you must also be informed in the load security. This is a part of the module. For bus drivers, the trailers are useful especially in travel, when you want to take skis or bicycles with you on tour. With a truck driver’s license, it is a must to have a trailer license, because articulated trucks and semitrailers can only be driven with the large CE driver’s license. Here you also learn how to maneuver backwards, which is not easy for many at the beginning.

Other driving licenses

Also in agriculture you need a driver’s license to drive the tractors. Here are divided into two types, namely the class L, which is acquired with every B driving license and the class T, which includes larger tractors, which may also be driven with excess width.

Another driver’s license is the AM, a scooter license that allows you to ride only two-wheeled vehicles with a displacement of less than 50 cc. This is often taken at the age of 15, because then you are mobile. However, since you can already do the A1 at 15, i.e. 125 cc engine capacity, this is usually preferred.

Another license is the moped license, for which no real license is issued, but only a test certificate.

International driver’s license

In many foreign countries, such as australia, new zealand, and south africa, normal driver’s license not off. Therefore you need an international driver’s license, this is available in paper form and must be applied for at the road traffic office.

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