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fully comprehensive, partially comprehensive, motor vehicle liability insurance: stiftung warentest’s motor vehicle insurance comparison shows the most favorable offers. Compare rates, switch, save money!

  1. Overview

This is what the car insurance comparison offers

It pays to compare prices for car insurance! Our car insurance comparison includes almost all rates on the market. And we are independent and do not collect any commissions.

The car insurance comparison of the foundation warentest

  • Free of charge for flat-rate customers. With a test.De-flatrate you can use the car insurance comparison free of charge and also all tests, comparisons and online articles on test.Read more. The monthly flat rate is already available from 7.90 euros.
  • Individual. stiftung warentest determines the most favorable rates exactly for your needs. Click here to start the comparison (link only works with flatrate or after activation).
  • Independent. stiftung warentest receives no commission from insurers.
  • Fair and user-friendly. In the car insurance comparison, there are no presettings such as pre-set check marks for passenger accident insurance. the stiftung warentest treats your data confidentially. you will not receive any advertising mails from insurers later on.
  • Comprehensive. The comparison includes almost all tariffs on the market. This includes internal tariffs and tariffs with workshop commitment – also for e-cars.

Insurance comparison: pay once, use several times

If you have activated the car insurance comparison, you will receive a personal transaction number (tan). It remains valid for 13 months. You can use the service for two insurance years and find out, for example, how the price is affected if you take out discount protection or if an additional driver is allowed to use the car. This reduces the costs per annual evaluation to 3.75 euro.

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Analysis of car insurance comparison

You receive two individual evaluations.

Savings examples: the benefits of switching

Savings example 1: married couple – savings: 385 euro

Model case: employee, 45 years old, 14-year-old child, living in erfurt, both spouses use a ford focus turnier 1.6 TDCI, 85 kw, 6 years old. they have no-claims class 20, drive 15,000 kilometers per year and do not own a garage. The deductible in partial casco is 150 euro. The car is used exclusively for private purposes.

The cheapest partially comprehensive offer for this model case costs only 214 euros per year. The most expensive tariff would cost 599 euros. The price includes a cover letter. For this model case, we have also queried internal tariffs and tariffs with a workshop commitment.

Liability plus partial casco

Annual premium (euro)



Only rates with services recommended by stiftung warentest.
Status: 1. September 2021

Savings example 2: novice driver – savings: 2,090 euros

Model case: novice driver, 20 years old, lives in hamburg, car: fiat 500 1.2, 51 kw, 6 years old, no garage, SF-class 1/2, deductible in partial cover 150 euro. Private use. The contract was free of damage in the last year. 8 000 km per year. Including car insurance. For this model case, we have also queried garage and direct tariffs.

The test-winning tariff for this model costs 666 euros per year. The most expensive tariff would cost 2,756 euros.

Third party liability plus collision damage waiver

Annual premium (euro)


2 090

Only tariffs with services recommended by stiftung warentest.
Status: 1. September 2021

Savings example 3: VW e-car – savings: 517 euros

Model case: employee, 45 years old, living in dusseldorf, 14-year-old child, both spouses use a new car, the VW ID.3pure, 70 kw. Garage, SF class 20, deductible in fully comprehensive insurance 300 euros. Private use. Last year claim-free. 10 000 km per year. Including car insurance. ­For this model case we have not queried rates with workshop commitment.

The cheapest fully comprehensive tariff for this model case costs 217 euros, the most expensive 734 euros.

Liability plus fully comprehensive

Annual premium (euro)



Only tariffs with benefits recommended by stiftung warentest.
Balance: 1. September 2021

Insurance comparison also worthwhile for electric cars

The stiftung warentest price comparison also works for electric cars, regardless of whether they are hybrid or fully electric. Some insurers have developed special tariffs for these models, while others have added typical points for e-cars to the policies for conventional burners. These extras are important, especially protection for the battery. It is the heart of the e-car. But the scope of coverage for damage to the battery varies greatly depending on the contract. Our calculator takes into account the consequential costs of animal bite damage and short-circuit damage that apply to e-cars, which are usually higher than for conventional burners. Under "additional battery benefits" we list special benefits for e-cars.

When you can change car insurance

Change of vehicle

A special right of termination applies when changing cars. If you sell your old car and buy another one, you can terminate your current contract immediately and switch to another car insurer. In this case, no notice period applies. The motor vehicle insurance ends as soon as the vehicle is deregistered with the registration office. Because the insurance cover always relates to a specific vehicle. So buyers can look for a new contract with more favorable prices and benefits. A thorough price comparison is almost always worthwhile.

State the reason for termination of insurance

The cancellation letter should contain your name, address, vehicle registration number and contract number: this makes it easy to change your provider. In the case of extraordinary termination, you must also state the reason for termination.

After an accident

The special right of termination also applies after a claim, regardless of whether the insurer has settled the case or not. The cancellation period begins with the insurer’s notice of payment or non-payment of the claim. If you want to cancel, you can terminate your existing vehicle insurance within one month after the claim has been processed. However, the insurer also has a special right of termination: it can also cancel the policy after an accident.

Other notice periods for contracts concluded during the year

For most contracts, the 30. November as the notice period, regardless of the date on which they were concluded. The contract then ends on 31. December. However, there are also contracts that end during the year – namely always exactly one year after conclusion of the contract. In these cases, customers wishing to switch must check the contract to find out the date on which it is possible to cancel. This is then a normal termination in accordance with the contract, in technical jargon an "ordinary" termination. After that, you should compare prices to find the cheapest car insurance.

Cancellation after premium increase

In addition, there is a special right of termination if the insurer increases the premium. In this case, however, the customer must usually cancel the policy within four weeks of receiving the invoice. Caution: an increase often exists even if the bill is lower than in the previous year. Because there is often a hidden increase in premiums. If the so-called comparative premium in the bill for 2021 is lower than the new price, you can cancel the contract.

Cancellation even with a more expensive type class

Even in the event of premium increases due to a change in the regional class or type class, the special right of termination of four weeks from receipt of the invoice applies. If the premium for only part of the policy has been increased – for example, for fully comprehensive insurance but not for motor vehicle liability – the right of termination still applies to the entire contract.

In these cases there is no special right of termination

However, the special right of termination does not apply if the contract has become more expensive,

  • Because the no-claims discount (SF discount) was downgraded after an accident of the customer,
  • Because the customer drives more annual kilometers,
  • Because the customer has moved and the new registration district is more expensive in the regional statistics (for example, due to higher accident figures).

Questions about the car insurance comparison?

Questions about the evaluation. Is the insurance comparison also available for commercially used vehicles?? What about classic cars and motor homes?? Here you can find answers to your questions about the stiftung warentest car insurance comparison – this is how the evaluation works. By the way: the comparison includes almost all insurers in Germany. Click here for the list of participating insurers.

Questions about car insurance. Before changing insurance, you want to get some basic information? You can find clear information on everything from liability insurance and no-claims classes to policy cancellation in the special basic knowledge of car insurance. Your very specific questions answered by our FAQ car insurance.

questions about the no-claims bonus. Whether it is worthwhile for you to settle a claim yourself and receive a valuable no-claims bonus, you can determine with our free discount calculator car insurance.

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