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  • If you have bad credit, car insurers can reject your application.
  • However, insurers are only allowed to refuse liability insurance under certain conditions, but comprehensive insurance is always refused.
  • It can also be difficult to get comprehensive insurance for certain classes of car.
  • If you have paid irregularly in the past, you should offer to pay the annual premium in advance.
  • you can also insure your car through a family member.
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If you had a financial bottleneck and could not pay your car insurance premiums on time, your insurance company may have canceled your contract. That is more than annoying. Because payment defaults worsen your credit rating, which means that many insurers won’t take you on. But even with a negative credit rating, you have the opportunity to get car insurance.

When will you no longer get car insurance??

Before you take out car insurance, an insurer asks you for a lot of personal data. In most cases, it also fetches a credit report a. to do this, they will request the data from various credit agencies, including schufa.

On this basis, the insurer decides whether a contract can be concluded at all and also calculates the premium. Whoever he trusts to drive particularly safely and prudently is granted insurance and a lower premium. For the assessment, the insurer also obtains information from previous insurers.

If an insurer has already cancelled your policy because you haven’t paid the premium, they don’t have to give you a new quote when you go back to them. However, any other insurance company must at least offer you motor vehicle liability insurance (compulsory contracting). without liability insurance a car is not allowed on the road in germany.

The situation is different if comprehensive insurance out, so partial and fully comprehensive: insurers can refuse comprehensive insurance if the contract with you is a particularly high risk. There can be several reasons for this:

Poor payment history

A reason for refusal can be past payment difficulties its. If you have not fulfilled your financial obligations in the past, the insurance company can refuse you. this may be the case if you have not paid the insurance premium or credits, or if you have outstanding bills, for example with your mobile phone provider. it looks even worse if you private insolvency registered or one affidavit insurance have handed in. Both are recorded in credit agencies such as schufa and can therefore be viewed by other insurers.

Bad claim history

It can also be difficult if a provider has cancelled your policy because you are the too many claims caused or reported. Just as negative wrong information rated negative when applying for insurance. If, for example, you have concealed past damage or cheated on your annual mileage, the insurance company can report this to HIS, the insurance industry’s information system. For other providers, this means that the contract with you involves a high level of risk.

If you only have points in the central traffic register, you should usually have no problems finding insurance.

Special models are difficult to get a comprehensive

Particularly difficult to insure are car models that have frequent claims. This can be seen from the type class of a car. In the case of comprehensive insurance, the type class also provides information about how often the model is involved in accidents.

The type class for partial casco includes theft, wildlife accidents and fires. The type class for fully comprehensive insurance indicates how often drivers have caused accidents with these cars or these vehicles have been damaged by vandalism.

problems you can get with fully comprehensive insurance already from type class 29. The manufacturers of these vehicles have also recognized this dilemma and therefore often offer their own insurance policies.

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