Car market comparison 2022

Car market comparison 2022

Mobile.De is a large car exchange with the currently largest stock of vehicle advertisements. There are currently approx. 1.5 million vehicles (as of 01/2019) listed in online vehicle exchange. Through appropriate advertising on television and the internet, the mobile.De autoborse on over 13 million visitors per month on its own portal. Over 40.000 car dealers are permanent partners of the platform and advertise their vehicles.

But also private people could use mobile.De sell your vehicle free of charge. There are two ways to do this: if you want to do it quickly, use the mobile car search.De engine sale offer and sell directly to a dealer in the area. If you have a little more time, you can advertise your vehicle in the exchange and thus achieve a slightly higher sales price.

And since buying a car is a matter of trust, commercial vehicle sellers on mobile.De usually rated by customers via a 5-star system. Who works unserios, might be sorted out so fast by the customers.

Mobile.De now also provides users with important additional functions in the form of a financing calculator and an insurance calculator. mobile is the only car exchange that can.De currently also serve with a leasing calculator.

Autoscout24.De autoborse – established industry largest with 8 million visitors per month

autoscout24.De is measured by the vehicle inventory on the second place. The vehicle exchange brings it on a vehicle existence of approx. 1.1 million vehicles (as of 01/2019). The website of the car exchange has according to its own data 8.4 million visitors every month.

The platform generates more than one million inquiries for private sellers and commercial dealers every month. Similar to mobile.De also supplies autoscout24.De further information in the form of a financing calculator as well as an insurance calculator.

Private sellers can advertise their vehicles on the exchange free of charge. Commercial car dealers are also rated by customers via an integrated rating system with a 5-star system.

Car market comparison 2022

Hey.Car – the newcomer car exchange for quality-conscious people

Car market comparison 2022

The car exchange hey.Car is the youngest of the vehicle exchanges studied and has a comparatively small vehicle inventory of approx. 352.000 vehicles (as of 01/2019). Hey.Car convinces with a chic and user-friendly design.

In addition, the exchange is reserved exclusively for dealers with an authorized dealer status. Therefore all vehicles are offered with a warranty. Vehicles must not be older than 8 years and a mileage of no more than 150.000km have. Vehicles that do not have these criteria may not be listed.

Private sellers are excluded due to the strict requirements and can not advertise their own vehicle on the exchange itself. Depending on the selected dealer, the hey.Car exchange also includes a financing calculator, so that the user can calculate his desired rate directly in the vehicle advertisement. In contrast to mobile.De and autoscout24.De will be the car dealers on hey.Car but not with a rating system. – the vehicle exchange with a search that is as easy as google

The juhu.Auto fahrzeugborse is also a newcomer from 2019 and convinces with its particularly simple free text search. There is a search slot like google that accepts free text entries like "SUV with hybrid in white" . At currently only dealers can advertise their vehicles.

The exchange convinces by its clear design, the free text search, which can be operated also by voice input and besides contains juhu.Car no annoying advertising.

A financing calculator is used, but dealer ratings are not yet available.

Car market comparison 2022

Romoto.De – the exchange for international buyer groups

Car market comparison 2022

The romoto.De-autoborse was previously known as webmobil24.De known and was renamed in 2018 in romoto. Both private sellers and commercial sellers can offer their vehicles for sale on the exchange free of charge.

Integrated translation of vehicle data and equipment features into 28 languages simplifies marketing abroad. This way, additional buyer groups in the european foreign countries can be reached.

Romoto does not offer a rating system for this for commercial dealers. Additional information is offered by the calculator for insurance and financing.

used cars.De – car exchange with almost 500.000 cars

The car exchange used cars.De – car exchange with 468 vehicles.000 vehicles (as of 01/2019). both commercial dealers and private individuals can offer their vehicles for sale there.

As further information, interested parties are also offered an integrated installment calculator for car financing. Dealers do not have to face any rating platform and can decide for themselves whether or not to provide the vehicles they offer with a warranty.

Car market comparison 2022

cars.De – the car exchange with the unknown vehicle stock

Car market comparison 2022

The car market cars.De does not publish figures on the current number of listed vehicles. vehicles can only be advertised by dealers. warranties may or may not be offered on a case by case basis depending on the dealer selected. the dealers are not subject to any rating system. For the users there is also a credit calculator for the car loan available.

Conclusion of the car exchange comparison 2020

– the most comprehensive vehicle inventory and additional information about buying and selling cars is offered by the two industry giants mobile.De and autoscout24.De. a free vehicle ad for private sellers and millions of visitors should provide enough supply and demand.

– the newcomer exchange convinces by a particularly simple search by text input and by advertising freedom

– if you are looking for a young used car with a quality promise and warranty, you can take a look at the relatively new vehicle exchange hey.Car wagon.

– sellers who want to sell to european countries should consider romoto to benefit from the integrated translation function and the sales markets.

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