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  • Where and how?
  • documents
  • deregistration and re-registration of vehicles
  • car license plate
  • Fees
  • The right insurance
  • motor vehicle registration is required in order to move a motor vehicle on public roads. Anyone who purchases a new or used vehicle must register it with the vehicle registration office register.
  • the visit to the vehicle registration office usually requires no great effort dar.
  • You should always have with you ID card, vehicle registration certificate and vehicle registration. In the case of special forms of registration, additional documents may be required in order to register a motor vehicle.
  • A car insurance is a prerequisite for vehicle registration. You have to take out this insurance before you go to the car service station.

car registration by power of attorney

You cannot come to the registration office in person? Ask someone else to register your car. This requires a power of attorney. A form can be downloaded free of charge from the websites of the local vehicle registration offices.

your helper needs besides signed registration power of attorney their identity card or passport (with certificate of registration) – original or copy. In addition, the authorized person must identify himself with his own identity card or passport (with registration certificate).

car registration: where and how to register your car correctly

Whether it’s a new or used car, after every vehicle purchase, a visit to the registration office is necessary to register your new car in your name .

The right contact point for vehicle registration

According to § 46 abs. 2 vehicle registration ordinance (FZV) is for private individuals the local vehicle registration authority at the main residence responsible. Even if you have a secondary residence where the regional class and therefore the car insurance would be cheaper. the car registration is not possible in any other city than your place of residence.

When registering a car, the registration office assigns a license plate to each vehicle. T he majority of clerks routinely ask for specific license plate requests. As a rule, you can choose freely from several distinguishing abbreviations. if the desired license plate is available, it will be registered. The registration office charges a one-time fee of slightly more than ten euros (varies depending on the registration office).

In addition to the registration of new or used vehicles, vehicle registration is also required in the following cases:

  • If you want to re-register decommissioned vehicle apply
  • If you modifications to the vehicle have it entered in the vehicle documents

The registration offices of the traffic authorities in germany are the right place to go for these services.

What documents you need for vehicle registration

Avoid with first registration your used car respectively re-registration of a car out of service problems or delays. Bring the following documents in full to the vehicle registration office:

  • Identity card or passport with registration certificate
  • electronic confirmation of insurance (evb number): many insurers have special hotlines. You can call us for your seven-digit evb as proof of your auto liability insurance.
  • Registration certificate part II (vehicle title)
  • registration certificate part I (vehicle registration document)
  • Proof of the last main inspection (HU report)
  • License plates (only if the vehicle was previously registered in a different registration district)
  • power of attorney (in case of third-party application by authorized representative)
  • SEPA mandate (direct debit authorization) for the collection of vehicle tax
  • Certificate of registration or trade registration if used as a company vehicle

Special features for the registration of a new vehicle

If you want to register a brand new car, in addition to the above-mentioned documents you will also need the EC certificate of conformity, also called COC (certificate of conformity). It declares EU standards for motor vehicles and EC type approval. The document is issued by the manufacturer and specifies technical details and characteristics of the motor vehicle.

you will receive the registration certificate part I (vehicle registration document) at the registration office only. the main inspection report and the license plates are logically not required for a new registration.

What is important when decommissioning and transferring your car?

In Germany, anyone can deregister a vehicle if they have all the necessary documents. The vehicle may be at any registration office in germany be deregistered. If you have your old car scrapped, you must present the certificate of destruction from the dismantling company at the time of deregistration. The registration office then automatically informs the main customs office and your vehicle insurance company that the car has been deregistered.

If you want to keep the previous license plate, you can use it as a reserve desired license plate and later apply for your new vehicle. There must be a period of at least one day between taking the vehicle out of service and re-registration. The maximum reservation period varies – depending on the federal state – between a few weeks and several months.

How re-registration of a deregistered car works

you would like to re-register a decommissioned used car. This is possible in principle. The operating license of a vehicle only expires after seven years. This means that if your vehicle has been out of service for less than seven years, you can register it with your registration authority by submitting the above documents. in case of re-registration, please note that in the meantime you may have to apply for a new main and exhaust emission test was due.

If the vehicle has not been used for more than seven years, it cannot be re-registered. Then, according to § 21 of the road traffic licensing regulations (stvzo), you need a full inspection by an inspection organization such as the TuV. On top of that you need a new operating license, to be able to register your car again.

Moving and changing owners: how to re-register a car correctly

In contrast to deregistration, re-registration and registration of a car are carried out exclusively by the vehicle owner – unless he or she is represented at the registration office by a third party with power of attorney.

There are exactly two cases in which it is necessary to change the registration of a car: if you move to a different registration district as the vehicle owner. Or after a change of license plate. For example, if you have bought, inherited or received as a gift a used vehicle and have it registered in your name. The same applies if the change of ownership takes place within the family and you take over your parents’ car, for example.

a vehicle can be transferred to another person at any time. Ownership do not change. The latter are not relevant for vehicle registration. This means: you are the owner, but the car is registered to your spouse or one of your children. This will make them a vehicle owner.

If a change of license plate is mandatory after a move or a change of owner?

Both according to moving to another registration district as well as after used car purchase or vehicle transfer go to the registration office at your main place of residence with all your documents. This includes your identity card, registration certificate part I, main inspection report and the evb number of the new car insurance policy you have taken out for the car.

If you have only moved, you can keep your old license plates. Until 2015, a change of license plate was mandatory when moving to another city. Today, only the vehicle documents will be adjusted to the changed circumstances and, among other things, your current residential address will be added.

This saves you bureaucracy and costs of around 40 to 50 euros. If you move within a registration district, you often don’t need to go to the vehicle registration office: some counties and municipalities update vehicle documents at the citizens’ registration office when you register your new place of residence.

If you still want to change your license plate, you can apply for this at the registration office as part of the vehicle registration process. In addition to the other vehicle documents, you will also need the registration certificate part II and the new license plates.

New license plates after change of owner

If the owner of the vehicle changes, the license plates must always be replaced – even if the car is still in the same registration district. Only the former owner may continue to use the old license plate – for a new car, for example.

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