Car rental

" take advantage of the first class euromobil service with us. whether you are looking for a comfortable limousine for business trips, a flexible city car or a spacious van for transport trips: we guarantee you the vehicle class you have chosen in the best group quality: young vehicles, high quality equipment and the highest safety standards according to. For example, comprehensive insurance is included in the rental price for every rental.

No matter short term rental or garage replacement car, we have guaranteed the right vehicle for you.

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Car rental

What documents do you need for your rental car??

  • A valid identity card and
  • A valid driving license (original) from each driver.

…we are not authorized to provide rental cars if these documents are missing. because renting vehicles to people who do not have the required driving license is a criminal offense. This is clearly defined in the road traffic law § 21.

Trips abroad with your rental car

border crossings with the rental car must be planned and, above all, announced to the rental company. It is important to know in advance..

…make sure that the border crossing is allowed by us your landlord. What is usually no problem within the EU, may be prohibited in other countries. There are different regulations between the individual countries. If you are planning a trip through several countries, you should therefore carefully consider whether you want to undertake this trip with a single rental car or whether it would be better to book a new vehicle in a new country. it is best to consider the following questions.

Can I cross the border with my rental car??

Whether a border crossing with the rental car is allowed, depends on the countries on the one hand. The main question is whether the insurance coverage for the rental car is also valid in the neighboring country. Cross-border journeys within northern and western europe or. The EU are usually no problem, z.B. sweden – norway, germany – france. The situation is different when crossing the border from western to eastern europe. there are different insurance conditions, which makes crossing the border with the rental car problematic.

Also on other continents there are very different rules. It is always forbidden to drive with the rental car in south america across countries. Within north america (USA-Canada) crossing the border is usually no problem, but in the direction south to mexico it is. If you want to cross the sea in a rental car, this is always problematic, regardless of whether the journey is between two countries or between the mainland and an island belonging to the country. Here you have to consider the conditions for the ferry crossing with the rental car. In addition, not every offer includes cross-border insurance coverage.

You can see that the use of your rental car abroad can be problematic. That is why we advise you to come to our company for a consultation to explore the possibilities of an assignment abroad.

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