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The car is the german’s favorite child, let’s continue the saying, then a good car repair shop is a good friend. Because you trust them and hopefully you will never be disappointed. Then acquaintances become really good friends. With us, you will find the right car repair shop in your area, where not only the service but also the price is right.

Who would you rather entrust your car to? A hobby craftsman, or a car mechanic who has done his training in a car repair shop? Where, in case of doubt, the vehicle inspector can take another look at your vehicle?

We recommend to have the car repair definitely done in a good automotive store. With them you get a warranty and you can be sure that the right spare part has been installed. With DRIVEMOTIVE, you can find the right workshop near you and simply make an appointment online. Your car will thank you.

car electrics have become more and more complex in recent years. So that most of the work on the vehicle can only be done with the right equipment and the appropriate technical know-how. But where to take your car now? How to find the perfect garage near you? Is there an alternative to the car dealership? And can’t an independent garage also carry out the repair and save the customer some money??


The automotive service includes the inspection, the car repair as well as the maintenance of vehicles. These are divided into wear repairs or maintenance repairs.

Parts of the exhaust system, the starter battery, the brake system (brake pads, brake discs), the air filters, the filters, the windshield wipers, the tires or the clutch are so-called wear parts. Wear and tear cannot be prevented, the parts must be replaced as soon as they are worn out or no longer have any function. When carrying out maintenance work, a good garage will also take a close look at the wear parts.

You can also do this, for example with tires: if the tires are close to the minimum tread depth, then you can already make an appointment at a garage.

Are the brake pads worn? Then it is a safety hazard that should be repaired by a professional. The clutch is also one of the parts subject to wear, even though modern clutches last much longer. The clutch separates the engine from the transmission and enables gear selection. If the clutch slips, then the clutch linings are worn out. If the clutch pressure plate is defective, you can feel it when you drive up to it. If the clutch release bearing has a defect, the component acknowledges this by making a lot of noise during the shifting process. In all cases you are in good hands with a car repair shop.

Modern bulbs also last longer, but if they are defective, there is no way around a workshop for LED and xenon headlights. Your car is also in the right hands when it comes to changing other lighting equipment.

We find a garage near you!

No matter what kind of damage it is, whether you need new tires or a quote for a repair or a service, we can help. Accidental damage. With us, you’ll find the right auto repair shop that not only has the tools, but the know-how as well. You can quickly and easily find a workshop either near your home or not far from work. Brought in the morning, done in the evening works z. B. Very good for inspections and well-planned repairs.

Did you already know? In germany, every garage must have a master mechanic. Independent workshops are open to all vehicle types and brands. In this country, since 1909, garages are structured by the ZDK (Zentralverband deutsches Kraftfahrzeuggewerbe), so the history of the garage is as old as the history of the automobile. By the way, independent workshops receive vehicle data from all manufacturers in the european union. Vehicle manufacturers have been obliged to equip not only their own workshops with the necessary information. So you can have (almost) any car repair done in an independent garage as well.

car service

Your auto repair shop can also help you in the event of a breakdown!

What do you mean? Which component is the cause nr. 1 for car breakdowns? The tires? The engine? The transmission? No! It is the car battery. Especially in winter, the cold leads to premature discharge. The battery is also one of the parts subject to wear and should be replaced after approx. Five to seven years to be replaced.

car service

If the suspension is broken, the vehicle must be taken to the workshop

Defective shock absorbers or springs not only impair driving stability, they also increase wear on the other components within the chassis. For this reason, in the case of defective springs (spring breakage) or defective shock absorbers, it is essential to book an appointment at the workshop, because safe driving is only possible with a functioning chassis. After fitting a new chassis, the specialist garage will remeasure the axle and adjust the chassis.

car service

the exhaust system is also a wearing part

During the main inspection, the inspector not only looks at numerous safety-relevant components of the vehicle, but also at the exhaust system. If this is rusted through, a car repair must also be carried out in this case, and if the catalytic converter is defective, this must also be replaced.

We help you find a convenient car repair shop near you.


A good garage can be recognized, for example, by the fact that the work procedures are explained to the customer. In an independent garage, services such as maintenance and inspection may also be carried out without jeopardizing the manufacturer’s warranty. car repair must be done according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Does your car need a service? Then, in good workshops, the official inspection lists of the manufacturers are taken into account and, after the work has been completed, the maintenance is entered in the service booklet of the vehicle. We have already mentioned that a good garage is like a good friend!

surely such a person is allowed to tell you the truth honestly and relentlessly, or? A good car mechanic will do the same if your vehicle has been. B. You have to go to the main inspection if you have overdone the necessary maintenance or if there is a defect in your vehicle. But the bottom line is that this honesty saves you money and time and ensures a high level of trust in the workshop, because the issue of safety is certainly also close to your heart.


Do you have any questions about DRIVEMOTIVE or the services we offer?? Then have a look at our FAQ, you’re sure to find the right answer there. If not, you are welcome to contact us directly.

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