Car tax – how car tax is calculated?

car tax

If you have purchased a vehicle in 2021 and receive a tax assessment from customs regarding the vehicle tax, the question arises as to whether customs has calculated the vehicle tax correctly. Here you will find the most important information on how to calculate the car tax yourself or how to calculate it yourself. check and which basic rules you can use to save taxes when buying a car.

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This is how the vehicle tax for a vehicle is calculated

The amount of vehicle tax you pay on your car depends on how old it is and whether it is a gasoline, diesel or electric vehicle. The following differences in the calculation of the vehicle tax must be taken into account:

  • For vehicles registered up to and including 4. vehicles registered on november 2008 are subject to vehicle tax on the basis of their engine displacement and emissions class. You will find this information in your vehicle registration document.
  • Since 1. September 2018, a new CO2 measurement procedure, the so-called worldwide harmonized light-duty vehicles test procedure (WLTP), will come into effect. CO" emissions are determined here on the basis of the vehicle’s actual driving conditions in real road traffic.
  • For new registrations since 1. January 2021 new vehicle tax rates apply. For cars with internal combustion engines, the car tax is based more on the CO2 value. Increasing tax rates apply. the higher the CO2 value, the higher the vehicle tax. That should lead to a stronger incentive for the purchase of low-emission vehicles.

practical tip: car tax calculator of the customs officedetailed information on calculating vehicle tax can be found on the online portal of customs, which is responsible for determining and collecting vehicle tax. In this portal, you will also find an online vehicle tax calculator that you can use to check the vehicle tax assessed in the tax assessment notice.

Here’s how you can save on car taxes

First rule: buy a particularly low-emission vehicle with an internal combustion engine. As already mentioned, the motor vehicle tax is lower if the CO2 emissions low is. Passenger cars with a CO2 value of up to 95 g/km, which are exempt from 12. June 2020 until 31. vehicles registered for the first time on december 2024 are exempt until 31 december 2024. December 2025 with 30 euro per year favored. In plain language, this means that the vehicle tax is reduced by 30 euros every year.

Second basic rule: don’t buy a car with a gasoline or diesel engine, but one that is exclusively electric is operated. Because in this case beckons exemption from car tax. The tax exemption applies for ten years.

The tax exemption for purely electric vehicles was previously limited to vehicles registered by 31. vehicles registered for the first time on december 2020 or completely converted to electric operation. The period has been extended. The exemption from vehicle tax now applies to first-time registrations of purely electric vehicles and to conversions up to 31. December 2025. However, the exemption from vehicle tax is to remain in force until 31 December at the latest. December 2030 are granted.

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