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Since 2016, there has been a law, that freeway tolls for cars imposed. However, this project is still practical not implemented been. The official title is "infrastructure levy", since with the levies of investment backlog for the german infrastructure dismantled to be.

The check is to be carried out via a e-vignette take place, the digital with the license plate linked is. With the help of a video camera the license plates are then registered and thus the payment of the toll is checked.

The toll is calculated according to the engine size, the modernity and environmental friendliness of a vehicle. However, they are allowed to maximum 130 euro per year to be charged.

When do tolls become due in germany??

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When will the car toll come?

When will the car toll?

Have you noticed? Already since 2016 there is highway tolls for passenger cars in germany. At least there is a corresponding law. So far, however, the whole project has not yet become reality.

The german car toll and the then transport minister alexander dobrindt (CSU) had been working from the start with strong headwind to fight.

Although concrete plans to introduce the toll have been in place since 2014, they have not yet been able to be implemented by not yet implemented will.

In the following guide, we will inform you about the planned German car toll, how it is to be levied and with what costs german motorists must expect. We also clarify which revenue from the car toll are expected and what this plus is to be used for.

car toll in germany: these are the plans!

The passenger car toll for Germany has already been decided

passenger car toll for germany has already been adopted.

The most european states have already introduced a toll. Anyone who wants to travel to neighboring countries by car must plan for these costs. In a way, this seems unfair, because when foreign drivers drive on German roads, they are doing the same thing largely free of charge. This circumstance and the proximity to the vignette country austria the CSU must become push the plans of a German passenger car toll have moved. The basic objective of the passenger car toll was to levy a freeway charge that would german citizens not burdened, but at the same time foreigners have to pay.

With the revenues the result should be investment backlog in german infrastructure which is why the official title of the car toll is also "infrastructure levy" reads.

According to the toll plans, german motorists will have to pay an purchase annual vignette, to pay the fee for using the autobahn. freeway vignette, however, is not a sticker as in austria, but a so-called e-vignette. This is digital linked to the license plate. By means of video cameras, the license plates will be automatic checked for payment of the car toll.

However, German citizens are to be no additional burden due to the toll suffer. In return, they therefore receive the amount equivalent to the road toll as a exemption from vehicle tax back.

car toll: e-vignette should simplify everything

Since the aim of levying the car toll is not to make our own taxpayers pay more, but rather to, foreign drivers to participate in the financing of german roads, the charge for nationals should also be as low as possible for. According to the plans, German drivers would pay the passenger car toll in hardly notice – neither financially nor organizationally.

on payment of the fee at the federal motor Transport authority (KBA) the license plate is registered. The control of the toll on the autobahn will be via video cameras and comparison with a database. The stick-on vignettes are only intended for foreigners.

foreigners should pay toll costs in germany

According to statements by the former minister of transport, alexander dobrindt, the target of the passenger car toll is that only foreign drivers. These are to be entry to germany buy a vignette. You can choose between validity of ten days, two months or one year choose.

The controversial issue of passenger car tolls in the EU

In principle, the european neighbors have no objections to the german toll plans, after all, most of them have introduced road tolls themselves. But the fact that the target direction is mainly on foreign drivers lies.

According to some experts, however, this is in violation of the equal treatment principle of the european union. The european commission, in particular, sensed that the toll would be a discrimination on the basis of citizenship, which is against current law. In the meantime, however, the former minister of transport had to pay some concessions make, which is why the commission is facing its resistance abandoned has.

How expensive will the highway toll in germany be??

Free ride: no freeway tolls have been levied in Germany yet

Free travel: no freeway tolls levied in germany so far.

Many motorists ask themselves how calculate tolls can be found at. How high the costs for the passenger car toll will be can be seen from the engine size, modernity of the vehicle and environmental friendliness determine. So the more polluting and larger a vehicle is, the higher the fee will be. However, the toll for passenger cars is capped at maximum 130 euro per year.

Motor vehicles with gasoline engine are clearly at an advantage. In the euro 6 category, only an amount of 1,80 euro per 100 ccm are paid for. The toll costs for diesel vehicles are calculated in the same euro-class with 4.80 euro per 100 cc or part thereof cubic capacity.

vehicle costs
classic car 130 euro
motor homes 16 euro per 200 kg permissible total weight or part thereof
passenger cars with gasoline engines
euro 0, 1, 2, 3 6.50 euros per 100ccm engine capacity or part thereof
euro 4, 5 2 euro per 100 cc displacement or part thereof
euro 6 1.80 euro per 100 cc or part thereof of engine capacity
passenger car with diesel engine
euro 0, 1, 2, 3 9,50 euro per 100 cc or part thereof
euro 4, 5 5 euro per 100 cc or part thereof of engine capacity
euro 6 4.80 euros per 100 cc displacement or part thereof

Exceptions to the toll

According to the plans, the following vehicles are exempt from the Car toll exempt:

  • Motorcycles
  • Vehicles of rescue services, police, fire department, federal armed forces
  • Tax-exempt vehicles (z. B. electric cars) and vans with gross vehicle weight between 3.5 and 7.5 tons

Despite announcement: No toll will be charged in the Weser Tunnel either

Despite announcement: no tolls in the weser tunnel either.

Freeway tolls: the amounts are calculated differently for foreigners?

The original model from the then minister of transport, alexander dobrindt, provided for the following staggering of the vignettes for the car toll in germany before:

  • 10 day vignette: 5 to 15 euro (depending on emission class, engine type and engine capacity)
  • Two-month vignette: 16 to 30 euro (depending on pollutant class, engine type and engine capacity)
  • annual vignette: up to a maximum of 130 euro and valid for twelve months (calculation of the toll analogous to german motorists)

Due to the objections from brussels it came to a adjustment in the calculation of the short-term vignettes. For 10 days, the passenger car toll is therefore now in the range of 2.50 to 25 euros. For 2 months the costs range between 7 and 50 euro.

because of this change, some experts suspect that the targeted profit, which by the passenger car toll into the German treasury should be flushed, much lower will be introduced.

In view of the high administrative and control costs it therefore remains questionable whether actually 600 to 700 million euro with which the freeway toll in germany can be collected.

When can we expect the introduction of the passenger car toll??

The passenger car toll in germany is to be introduced in the october 2020 become reality. And even this is up in the air, because currently a lawsuit from austria negotiated before the european court of justice. A ruling is expected in mid-2019. the court’s assessment could even lead to the entire passenger car toll project is put on ice. In contrast, the expansion of the already levied truck toll on federal highways already took place in 2018.

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