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The 10 best card games at a glance.

A game night doesn’t always have to be strategic, sometimes a casual card game is that can be learned quickly and easily can, just the thing to experience a social evening.

If you like it particularly entertaining, we recommend games with an approximate playing time of ten to twenty minutes. Card games that allow up to ten players are suitable for particularly large rounds. The next game night is already planned? Use our test and comparison table to find the right card game for it!

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Card game comparison
Illustration * Compare winner
Price-performance winner
Model * Uno Extreme Mattel Uno Amigo Wizard Cosmos bastard Nuremberg playing cards The Game Mattel phase 10 Amigo Halli Galli Amigo 6 takes! Mattel Skip-Bo YOOLOO The foolproof card game
at Amazon *
932 reviews 1203 reviews 1,243 reviews 371 reviews 536 reviews 108 reviews 769 reviews 660 reviews 1308 reviews 124 reviews
Age Group Children, adults
from 7 years
Children, adults
from 7 years
Children, adults
from 10 years on
from 7 years
Children, adults
from 8 years
Children, adults
from 7 years
Children, adults
from age 6
Children, adults
from 10 years on
Children, adults
from 7 years
Children, adults
from 6 years
gameplay The aim of the game is to get rid of all the cards in hand. If you don’t have a suitable card, you have to press the button on the card launcher. The goal is to be the first to get rid of his cards. Action cards change the flow of the game. You predict how many stitches you can get. If you are wrong, you lose points. You get 3 pork cards and try to turn them over to the bastard side. Action cards can prevent this. All play together against the game and try to discard all cards. Communication and collaboration are crucial. You go through 10 game phases in which you have to achieve card combinations. Cards are placed in rows, if you discover 5 of the same fruit, hit the buzzer. The last one with cards wins. Each player receives 10 cards, which he must place on rows of cards. If you place the sixth card, the five previous cards must be picked up. With strategic moves, players try to get rid of all the cards in their pile. The highest card on the table wins. However, if a number is placed twice, it is out of the game.
playing time 15 minutes. 15 minutes. 50 min. 10 min. 20 min. 60 min. 15 minutes. 50 min. 15 – 20 min. 3 – 30 min.
Number of players 2 – 10 2 – 10 3 – 6 2-4 1 – 5 2 – 6 2 – 6 2 – 10 2 – 6 3 – 8
learning factor
learning objective Concentration, tactics logical thinking combine logical thinking fun Social behavior, communication combine, strategy Concentration, speed logical thinking, arithmetic strategy strategy
  • Card thrower brings variety
  • especially long games
  • Classic game with easy-to-understand rules
  • very varied and dynamic
  • also available as a variant with cards to design yourself
  • Exercise increases chances of winning
  • very strategic
  • particularly dynamic
  • very funny
  • was nominated for the Game of the Year 2015
  • can also be played alone
  • long fun, but can also be canceled at any time
  • varied
  • suitable for the whole family
  • particularly dynamic
  • also great for large rounds
  • easy to understand rules
  • can also be played with many participants
  • good for on the go
  • different variants possible
  • can also be played with many participants
  • very simple rules
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about Uno Extreme Questions and answers about Mattel Uno Questions and answers about Amigo Wizard Questions and answers about Kosmos Drecksau Questions and answers about the game cards from Nuremberg Questions and answers about Mattel Phase 10 Questions and answers about Amigo Halli Galli Questions and answers on Amigo 6 takes! Questions and answers about Mattel Skip-Bo Questions and answers about YOOLOO The foolproof card game
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  • Card games are a popular change from online games and TV evenings. How to bring families and friends together to play cards. If you play card games like skat or poker, you can even win some money.
  • A distinction is made between card games for adults and games for children. Here are the classic games that with a Skat sheet with 32 cards or a poker sheet with 52 cards can be played and card games with your own playing cards that contain additional game elements such as a game board or a buzzer. Trading card games also count as card games. The difference is that each player has their own deck that changes from game to game.
  • For a long time, cards have not only been played with playing cards – online card games such as rummy, hearts and poker have also been a popular pastime for computer fans.

If you are looking for a change from television, computer and tablet and want to spend a fun evening with friends or family, board games are ideal – whether you choose board games, brain games or card games. The difference between the two types of games is generally getting smaller, so there are board games with cards and card games with a playing field. You can find out exactly what constitutes a card game and which are the best card games for your next game night in our guide for card game comparison 2019/2020. In our table for card game comparison we show you which product we have chosen as the card game comparison winner 2019/2020.

1. What are card games?

Card games differ from board games in that the cards are used as game material, such as in classics such as UNO, Skat, Rummy and Solitaire (also known as solitaire). Here you can choose between a skat hand and a poker hand. Skat cards consist of a set of 32, poker cards consist of a set of 52 cards. But card games have evolved from Solitaire and Skat. Like board games, most card games have their own rules and an individual card set. Card games for children in particular stimulate creativity and thinking skills in a manner similar to educational games in a way that z. B. a poker deck can hardly keep up. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of a card game compared to regular playing cards:

  • Profits are mostly based on chance – strengthens self-confidence
  • promotes imagination
  • promotes communication skills
  • less space-saving
  • low flexibility – can only be used for one game
  • restricted age group

2. What types of card games are there??

Nominated for the Game of the Year 2015: In The Game, all players fight together.

If you want to play card games, you should first consider whether you prefer card games for one, card games for 2, card games for 3 or larger groups. Card games can generally be divided into two broad categories: children’s card games, which usually contain fun and game elements, and card games for adults, which can range in level from easy to demanding. In general, games in card game comparison can be divided into two categories: card games for children and card games for adults. However, many manufacturers offer game brands that can be played as family games by both the little ones and the big ones. Here is a small purchase advice:

2.1. Card games for adults

In the "Card Games for One" category, the Solitaire and Hearts card games have become real classics. In solitaire, a series of cards is placed with a poker deck, which must be completed with drawn cards. If you are looking for more card games for one person, you can also play free games online, such as Hearts card game, Bridge, Halloween Tripeaks, Pyramid Solitaire, Klondike Solitaire or Governor of Poker.

A classic with a new look: Sesame Street Mau Mau for children.

Of course, card games for two or in a larger group are particularly fun. Most sets are designed so that they can be played as card games for 2, card games for 3 or even up to 6 or 10 people. If you want to buy card games that are intended for a larger round, you should note that the rules are not too complex. Board games where the first one wins are good. So your guests don’t have to wait and watch until the last one finally wins.

2.2. Card games for children

So that card games fascinate children, they should speak to their imagination and attract their attention. While 6-year-olds like to play a round of rummy, mau mau or swimming (also as Schnauz or 31 known) play along, games for the very young should be designed in such a way that little strategy and luck leads to profit.

Popular: Popular children’s card games are, for example, bastard from Kosmos, cow and Co. from Ravensburger, Rummy (also Rummikuh, Rummy-Kuh or My Rummy) but also Disney card games such as B. Frozen Memory by Ravensburger.

3. Purchase criteria for card games: You have to pay attention to this

criteria description
gameplay Some games are particularly strategy-heavy and can really make you sweat, such as poker (category trick games) or skat (category eye games). Even newer products such as B. Wizard from Amigo (or the girls version Witches) have nasty moves that promote concentration and in which the emotions can sometimes boil over. If you and your teammates are more into a harmonious game round, we recommend games with fun elements such as: B. Uno and Uno Junior. A variety brings games in which all players have to work together, such as. B. Hanabi from Abacus.
number of players Games that can be played by 2 to 4 players, 2 to 6 players or 2 to 10 players are ideal. So you can play the game in different gatherings. Despite the number, keep in mind that some games are more fun with multiple players, others in smaller groups or in pairs are more interesting.
playing time The playing time can range from 10 minutes to several hours. For many players, it is advisable to choose a relatively short game time, so several rounds can be played and the game evening can be canceled more quickly if it is later than planned. Children have a shorter attention span, and a shorter game is also worthwhile here. Knobler and strategy fans will get their money’s worth with long games of 50 minutes or more.

4. Trading card games

Magic: The Gathering – that first Trading card game at all – has over 12 million players worldwide.

Trading card games are characterized by the property that each player has their own deck, which is changed and completed during games. There are usually hundreds of different cards. In order to get the important cards, they have to be collected or exchanged with other players. The first and most well-known trading card game Magic: The Gathering is still a great success today, which has developed into a real cult. The manga series Yu-Gi-Oh! (also Yugioh) is one of the trading card games. Yugioh has now also been turned into a television series and a movie, and numerous merchandising products are sold worldwide.

5. Questions and answers about card games

5.1. The card game download is chargeable?

If you prefer computer-based card games, you can download online games for free from many magazines, newspapers and special game websites. When comparing card games, make sure that the version is compatible with PC or Mac.

5.2. Did the Stiftung Warentest carry out a card game test?

The Stiftung Warentest carried out a card game test in the board and card game comparison of the 11/2007 edition. Card games comparison winner was "Caesar and Cleopatra" from Kosmos.

5.3. How can I find out rules for card games?

The history of the card game

The first game cards were used in China and Korea in the 12th century. It is believed that the decks common today derive from the court cards of Johannes von Rheinfelden, common in 1322.

Usually the card game instructions are included in the play set. If you have lost the card game rules, you can easily read them online. The rules for gin rummy can be found e.g. B. here. Incidentally, gin rummy has nothing to do with a drinking game in which gin has to be drunk. Gin describes a move here. Of course, you can adapt the game to your own rules.

5.4. Where can I find card games for free?

You can find free card games online, Hearts and Solitaire card game versions such as Klondike Solitaire, Golf Solitaire, Freecell Solitaire, Spider Solitaire and Tripeaks Solitaire are available on most sites as free games and also as apps. Phase 10 Masters, Ubongo and Canasta are also popular. Of course, you can also play online board games such as Play Mahjong.

5.5. Which are the best card games for 2?

Popular card games for 2 people include UNO, Rummy, Phase 10 and Skip-Bo. However, most card games are designed to be suitable for 2 or more players.

If you want to buy a cheap card game, a simple skat deck is ideal, it can be used for numerous games, the rules can often be found on the Internet. In the video you can see the rules of the game of swimming cards.


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