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Eight weeks parental leave and a trip. How much coal do you have to save for that??

We were on the road for eight weeks. Good three weeks campers, two weeks cruise, a few days Miami and two weeks Mexico. And we are not rich. Only experience, but otherwise … We talked briefly about whether we should talk about money here, but in the end it is no secret that such a trip costs money, so why not talk about it, so that others, too thinking about it, being able to better assess it. First of all, I should mention that we have booked everything ourselves and individually. Every flight, every accommodation and every transport. That was incredibly elaborate and above all brought me to the limits of my patience, but it was worth it. A big compliment and a much bigger thank you to the best at my side, who really found all, all options, checked and calculated and thus made this journey possible. And now butter with the fish. So it looks like the bottom line, these items have claimed our travel budget: Flight: 2,100 euros We pay for 2 adults and 1 child, the …

Bahamas. Aha. Experience with the Great Stirrup Cay.

This post makes me a bit hard for two reasons. Imagine an island. It is said that she belongs to the Bahamas. It has a white sand bay and turquoise water. But nobody lives there, and yet in one day, 3,000 people rush to the local beach, snorkeling, swimming, maybe renting a kayak, eating & drink. But it all seems so unreal, because this island could be anywhere else in the world. Because in the morning all the food, etc. are brought there, then the Crusaders arrive by tender boats at the artificially created port and populate the islet. They do and do and at 17 o’clock everything is over again, because then the last tender boat leaves and also the big ship sets off again. Where is the problem? Well, we thought a destination for our cruise was the Bahamas, but the whole thing is so surreal that it might as well be on Tropical Island in Berlin. Exaggerated. Norwegian Cruise Line bought the whole thing in the 70s and also …

The picturesque San Juan on Puerto Rico

There is a coffee there! It is fabulous! In the authentic ‘Caficultura’ at the Plaza Colon, it tasted just like a coffee directly from the growing region. Full-bodied and silky smooth – that sounds like the commercial now, but it’s just right. I could have sat there all day, watching people pass by. If it had not been the pretty San Juan … We fell in love with the narrow streets with the colorful houses. Above the old town sits the fort, from which one has a beautiful view to the harbor. Here we started our tour and then just let us drift. There would have been a lot more things to take pictures of, but it’s just a bit difficult sometimes, if you can not focus on it, because you also have eyes on kids jumping around, explaining, arguing, what to eat … Hach, the little ones and the whole drum around … And then only these few hours – keyword, cruise disadvantage ‘. Anyway, Puerto Rico looked quite promising, as far as you can …

Airplanes on the beach and a breezy car in St. Maarten

Saint Maarten is not big, in less than an hour and a half you can circle it by car, i. One day you can easily get a good overview of the island. Right at the harbor we rented a car. Ronald has negotiated and got a cheap jeep. The good was actually complete by J After all, the roof was still closed (keyword sun protection) and the tires and brakes were ok. Since you can hardly drive over 50km / h anyway, we have gladly opted for it. Emotionally, this vehicle has put us in the time before children and responsibility. The Caribbean wind blows us in the face, we drive to the beach, the world is at our feet. Hach. Yes, but so we have the kids smeared thick with sunscreen and despite questioning looks get a child seat for Ida. But otherwise? A touch of old, almost forgotten freedom – this time just four. Clockwise through the island we cruised, the first stop was the ‘Airport Beach’ in Simpson Bay. The photos of planes just above the …

A bit of the Caribbean: Cayman Islands and Cozumel with the MSC Divina

There they are, the blistering beaches of turquoise water and a mercilessly blue sky. Then we got to know the Grand Cayman, the Caribbean. From the harbor we took a taxi to Seven Mile Beach and just enjoyed the day there. With almost no photos, as I noticed in hindsight. So it was very nice, if a bit full. The beach is usually only a few feet wide, but the sand is the finest and the water temperatures are so pleasant that you can just sit in the water and watch the people. Anton got his first coconut and drunk the water. Ida also liked that. Otherwise, we just collected sand everywhere (also in the axles of the pram – squeaky) and had a nice time. Otherwise, the island has not so much exciting to offer, the beach fun is clearly in the foreground. A small highlight for Anton were the tender boats that brought us ashore. You land directly in a kind of open-air mall with shops for duty-free shopping. …

The MSC Divina – This ship just does us good

After the first cruise last year, we were quickly convinced that we would do it again because of the many practical advantages and the comfort. It was clear to us that the tour with the camper would be fun and we would like to travel that way. But we also knew that there would be a lot of everyday life with us. You have to shop, cook or take care of the food, clean up, wash, look where you want to go, where you sleep, what you can see, what’s worth etc. Many To Dos, a real trip. It was good that we did not start until the end of January because Ronald already had parental leave in January. So I could for Frl. K says yes prepare a lot, complete all photo assignments, together we have done a lot in the house … In short, we were not stressed out and were able to get involved in the journey from the beginning. That was a lot better than in New Zealand. Nevertheless, we have planned in white foresight, many quiet phases, which we at the end of the motorhome tour …

Falmouth in Jamaica & the Dunn’s River Falls

So dear ones, the second stage of our journey has begun. We are traveling for two weeks with the MSC Divina in the Caribbean. The Divina is a really nice ship, to which I dedicate a separate contribution later. Today, there is a bit of something to see from Jamaica: the Dunn’s River Falls. A very private history connects me with these waterfalls. My dad went to sea as a young man to see a little bit of the world. Among other things, he was also in Jamaica and has climbed these waterfalls. One of my earliest childhood memories is slide nights with my parents whom I loved. And the photos just from this time with these waterfalls have always been remembered. That’s why it was something special to walk well 40 years later on the paths of my dad, even if these have become well trodden touristy :-) Our port on Jamaica was Falmouth. He is only three years old and the Royal Caribbean shipyard has been built in. The dock and the harbor area are spurious, …


Nice that you are here! We are Katja, Ronald, Anton & Ida and we like to travel.

With our first parental leave to New Zealand everything started on this blog 2011. There are now four of us and we still love to travel and be on the road. Will you come with me??

Also in the second parental leave we were on tour again: Florida, the Caribbean and Mexico were on the program.

And now there are all sorts of nice things for mobile families. Are you there??

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