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The Caribbean at a glance

Let’s go to the Caribbean

If you are planning a Caribbean vacation with your family and children, plan a vacation in paradise! In the Caribbean islands, the shines year round Sun and You and your children are offered the opportunity to discover foreign worlds: The Caribbean vacation with your children takes place in the midst of tropical plants, exotic animals and turquoise-blue beaches! So if you want to take your family to one of the most exotic regions in the world, then the Caribbean is the place for you! Here, tropical loneliness mingles with exciting rainforest adventures!

Caribbean or paradise? Be >The dream islands off the western coast of Central America combine everything that is part of the perfect vacation: white beaches, coral reefs, palm trees, tropical rainforests and of course fantastic weather. Mangrove forests, limestone caves and beautiful and colorful underwater worlds also belong to the Caribbean. Your curious offspring will certainly also like the tropical wildlife: turtles, pelicans and iguanas are some of the many exotic species and on one or the other Caribbean island you will even come across flamingos!

In the footsteps of Christopher Columbus

In addition to these paradisiacal holiday conditions, a colorful mix of different cultures and skin tones await you on a family holiday in the Caribbean, which shape the face of the Caribbean islands and make them so versatile. The Caribbean played an essential role in the discovery and settlement of America by the Europeans, especially Christopher Columbus, who brought slaves from Africa. It is therefore not surprising that the Caribbean is now home to people of African and European origin. But Indians, Creoles and Chinese also live on the different islands.

Did you know? Some Caribbean islands are still part of European countries, such as Guadeloupe and Martinique, which are officially part of France, while others are loosely linked to their former colonial masters or are considered independent states.

Selected family hotels in the Caribbean

Altagracia, Dominican Republic Viva Wyndham Tangerine Resort

Welcome to the surfer and family paradise!

Altagracia, Dominican Republic Hotel IBEROSTAR Dominicana

With the family in the Dominican Republic

Altagracia, Dominican Republic Hotel IBEROSTAR Punta Cana

Family vacation with a Caribbean feeling!

Altagracia, Dominican Republic club hotel RIU Bambu

Dream vacation right on the white powdered sugar beach

Altagracia, Dominican Republic Grand Palladium Bavaro Suites Resort & spa

A real vacation paradise for families!

Altagracia, Dominican Republic Hotel IBEROSTAR Bávaro Suites

Vacation under palm trees in the Dominican Republic!

Altagracia, Dominican Republic Hotel Gran Bahia Principe Punta Cana

Dream beach with fine sand and lots of sun!

Altagracia, Dominican Republic Melia Caribe Beach Resort

Family vacation right on the white Caribbean beach!

Caribbean Travel Themes

Other destinations in the Caribbean

Family vacation in the Dominican Republic

Family vacation Caribbean Islands

Family vacation in Cuba

Come on, let’s discover the Caribbean!

Discovery tours in the Caribbean offer many activities in nature: A vacation with the family in the Caribbean quickly becomes an unforgettable adventure. St. Kitts and Nevis, for example, are characterized by their partly very dense forest, which allows you to experience the overwhelming wealth of tropical flora and fauna! The best way to start your discovery tour is to take a tour of the St. Kitts Scenic Railway, one of the few railway lines in the Caribbean – keep your head out of the window and simply enjoy nature! Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao, also known as the ABC Islands, offer great opportunities to experience the underwater world up close. Explore the colorful coral reefs while snorkeling and diving! On Ochos Rios it is worth visiting the "Dunn’s River Falls and Park" – part of the breathtaking nature is a rock formation over which a waterfall pours and small rock pools form on different levels.

Beautiful beaches as far as the eye can see!

Turquoise blue water and almost white powder sand are waiting for you on almost every corner, no matter which island you are spending your family vacation in the Caribbean on. The "Grace Bay" beach on Providenciales, the "Eagle Beach" on Aruba and the beaches of the island of Saona are just a few Examples for the postcard-like landscapes you’ll find in the Caribbean. Here you will always find a very personal retreat without much hustle and bustle!

The most famous bathing paradise in the Caribbean is the Dominican Republic: In this part of the Caribbean, many tourists are drawn to a relaxing all-inclusive or club holiday. The good thing is that the family-friendly hotels offer a large kids program, which makes a club holiday in the Caribbean particularly tempting. While the kids are busy playing fun games and making new friends on an all inclusive Caribbean vacation, you can discover the beaches of the Dominican Republic. Above all, those located around Puerto Plata, Sosua and on the Samana peninsula promise an unforgettable vacation!

The entertainment on a club holiday in the Caribbean is completely tailored to the guests: water sports during the day, shows and entertainment in the evenings – the hotels in the coastal towns really make sure that you don’t get bored with a family holiday in the Caribbean. Now you just have to think about what you would like to spend your free time with!

Characterized by the colorful street scene

If you thought that only nature in the Caribbean could offer colorful and impressive excursion destinations, then you were wrong! If you are in the Dominican Republic, a historic trip to the country’s capital is worthwhile: Santo Domingo! The city is in the south and the old town Ciudad Colonial has already been declared a World Heritage Site. In the Columbus Palace, the Alcázar de Colón, you will also find an interesting museum with relics from the Spanish colonization.

In many of its cities, especially Havana, of course, Cuba also commemorates past times. In addition to the architecture, adults and children are usually particularly amazed by the American classic cars, which – partly drawn by age, partly lovingly restored – shape the streetscape. The colorful houses of Havana complete the picture, which gives the city an incomparable charm.

The city of Varadero also ranks very well among foreign tourists because there are many attractive family hotels and holiday clubs with a wide range of entertainment. Varadero Beach is also one of the most popular places in Cuba. If you are planning a package tour or a club holiday in the Caribbean, Cuba would be an ideal starting point alongside the Dominican Republic. Admit it, you already have a family vacation in the Caribbean in mind, or you don’t?

Where is the Caribbean?

The Caribbean consists of various islands on the Caribbean Sea, which also extend in the west to the Gulf of Mexico and also in the Atlantic Ocean. The Caribbean is also divided into the "Greater Antilles" and the "Lesser Antilles", which can also be divided into various island groups. It belongs to the Central American subcontinent and is therefore located in a particularly tropical region. You should not shy away from warm weather!

The journey takes place by plane – yes after, for which If you decide to go, you have to expect that a change is necessary. The smaller Caribbean islands can often be reached with a stopover in Miami. So off into the air with you and into a tropical adventure!

What is the weather like in the Caribbean?

What is certain is that you will spend warm to mostly hot days in the Caribbean all year round – sunscreen and a cap are therefore a must! The average minimum temperature in the Caribbean does not go below 16 degrees, the maximum temperatures can be located at 33 degrees. For a family vacation in the Caribbean, Cuba is the ideal destination.

The best time to travel for a family holiday is between November and April. Jamaica, as the hottest spot in the Caribbean, could be a bit of a hassle for small children – so choose a holiday over the Christmas or Easter holidays instead of the summer holidays: and then you can start!

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A day in the Caribbean!

Get ready for the best family vacation you’ll ever experience! Basically, you can expect pure beach feeling in the Caribbean and that every day – palm-fringed sandy beaches that are so powdery that you don’t want to miss this feeling anymore. In addition to a dip in the pleasant sea water, building sand castles is on the daily schedule! Otherwise, it means relaxing and unwinding for you – discoveries and excursions are no problem on the Caribbean vacation with the children, they will see! You will definitely be envied for your tropical break!


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