Caries, how quickly caries develops

Caries, how quickly caries develops

All questions and answers about tooth decay

The essentials in brief:

“Caries is a bacterial attack on the hard tooth substance.

»If the bacteria infiltrate enamel and dentine, the dentist removes the affected tissue; When the tooth nerve infests it comes to a root canal treatment.

»The health insurance pays for the standard care, so that patients, who want a high-quality filling, pay an own contribution.

“Tooth decay leads to white or brown spots on the teeth and causes pain and increased sensitivity to heat and cold.

»If a tooth decay occurs under a dental crown, the dentist tries to remove the affected tissue.

“Caries causes an unpleasant odor, as the bacteria cause tooth decay.

Tooth decay is a bacterial attack on the hard tooth substance. The metabolites of bacteria accumulate as plaque on and between the teeth.

question answer
How is the caries removed and what does it cost patients ? If only enamel and dentine are affected, the dentist removes the damaged tissue and closes the holes; if the toothpaste is attacked, the dentist must remove the tooth nerve and then disinfect the root canal before refilling it. The fund takes care of the basic needs, that is, the most minimal solution; if the patient wants a more expensive filling he has to pay for it himself.
Which Symptoms of tooth decay is there ? White or brown spots on the teeth, increased sensitivity to pain in heat or cold and toothache may occur.
How do you know? secondary caries ? Pain is rare, so regular checks and X-rays are needed to detect secondary caries.
How can you tell that the tooth root has caries bacteria ? Pain and pressure in the area of ​​the inflamed tooth are usually symptoms. First, the patient feels a bite pain, with heavy infestation, this can also be permanent.
How to recognize Cervical caries ? White or brown spots on the teeth, increased sensitivity to pain in heat or cold and toothache may occur.
What causes cervical caries ? If too much dental plaque forms, e.g. From food leftovers and salivary components, bacteria settle there. The bacteria absorb sugar (carbohydrates) from food and convert it to acid, which attacks the enamel and releases minerals such as calcium out of it.
How do you know if there is decay under the crown? ? This is usually only visible through an X-ray. From the outside, in most cases, nothing conspicuous can be seen, the crown wiggles only imperceptibly and the affected person does not feel any pain either.
How is caries treated under a bridge? ? This is particularly complicated and, in the worst case, results in the tooth having to be removed. Sometimes, however, the damaged tissue can be removed and the tooth crown can be replaced.
How is caries treated under crown ? In many cases, the tooth must be removed because the caries is too advanced. Sometimes damaged tissue can be removed, the crown is then replaced.
Who is liable Caries under the tooth crown ? The same rule applies as for caries on other teeth.
How to prevent caries developing under the tooth crown ? Regular checks at the dentist, professional teeth cleaning and especially on the oral hygiene pay attention at this point.
How to recognize Caries under tooth filling ? It can dark tooth discoloration occur, sometimes helps but only an X-ray image. The patient does not always have pain.
What happens if you do not remove it under the filling ? The caries destroys the tooth and / or the nerves. In the worst case threatens one sepsis.
If caries develops under a filling, why is that? ? The caries may not have been completely removed or the filling is too old for it to regenerate easily.
How many teeth with caries can be treated under general anesthesia ? There are complete restorations of the whole dentition in one session.
Why does tooth decay stink? ? Tooth decay stinks because it is bacteria that the Let the tooth rot.
How is it removed in the interstices ? For already visible damage, classic repair measures such as fillings, crowns and root canal treatments are used. For prophylaxis professional teeth cleaning are suitable.
As is Initial caries removed in intervals ? A further development of the initial caries can be prevented by the treatment of caries or therapy by fluoride application by remineralization is achieved. Good oral hygiene with dental floss, interdental brushes and electric toothbrushes is also sufficient in many cases.
How is dental caries broken off? ? In general, the missing piece is replenished / replaced by plastics.
How far should a dentist Remove caries ? Tooth decay is always completely removed, in case of doubt, the whole tooth must be pulled.
What does tooth decay look like? ? Caries can be recognized by discoloration of the teeth and small holes.
How fast are caries holes getting bigger ? This can happen at different speeds, for example in the dentin, for example, usually faster.
How fast must profound Caries are treated ? To prevent it from spreading best immediately.
How bad is tooth decay in toddlers ? Normal treatments, as in adults, usually do not work, so the process is more complicated. In addition, children with carious deciduous teeth develop a much higher caries in the permanent dentition, therefore, the care of these teeth plays a major role.
How creates approximal caries ? Food residues and bacteria accumulate more frequently in the interdental spaces, since cleaning is more difficult there.
Are teeth pulled if you have tooth decay ? If the decay is too advanced, pulling may be necessary.
Which Toothpaste works against tooth decay ? Fluoride-containing toothpaste works against caries, as it strengthens the enamel.
What is being done at Caries on the gum line ? In case of low infestation, the caries can be removed by drilling and the hole closed by filling; however, it may take a crown if the caries is already too advanced.
What is enamel caries? ? Enamel caries is characterized by a chalky discoloration of the tooth, it is initially affected only the tooth surface.
Why does it cause no pain in adulthood? ? Holes in the enamel cause no pain, they reach the more sensitive dentin, but it can hurt.

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