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Caries treatment in the practice of Dr. Gahmlich & colleagues in Hannover Mitte

Painful teeth, pulling, dark discoloration and hypersensitivity to hot and cold drinks and food can be the result of tooth decay – the main dental problem in Germany. Most people neglect the pain and do not take sufficient care of their dental health. The result is that the tooth is destroyed from the inside out, begins to disintegrate and breaks out over time. To prevent this from happening, some dentists offer a special caries treatment.

Caries treatment can actively combat the disease and ensure the preservation of your teeth. The practice of Dr. Gahmlich & Kollegen in Hannover Mitte am Kröpcke has specialised in such treatments and works daily to improve the dental health of its patients. Would you like to know more about caries treatment? In the following we inform you sufficiently about the topic.

Definition & severity of caries

Definition of caries

Dental disease is caused by acid, which is produced by bacteria and is deposited on the surface of the tooth substance. First of all, the aggressive acid attacks the enamel, then the dentin and, in the worst case, the tooth nerve. It may even lead to tooth loss.

severity of caries

Before caries treatment can be started, the severity of caries from C1 to C4 must first be determined in the practice of Dr. Gahmlich & Kollegen. In order to make such a classification possible, the tooth is first divided into the enamel, the dentin and the tooth nerve. If the caries only concerns the enamel, one speaks of level C1 to C2. This depends on where the caries is located. C1 refers to the outer part of the enamel, while C2 refers to the inner part of the enamel. Grade C3 refers to carious sections in the outer area of the dentin and C4 refers to carious sites in the dentin and in the immediate vicinity of the nerve.

The widespread disease

Caries – a folk disease

More than 98% of European society suffers from caries. The disease is therefore one of the most widespread diseases of civilisation in general and is also present in industrialised countries in particular.

Since the last decades the number of caries diseases has increased massively. This is partly due to a change in diet. Furthermore, many people do not take sufficient care of their teeth. Children and older adults are particularly susceptible to the disease. This is partly due to the fact that the food is prepared more finely and less abrasive food components are present. The elimination of “hard food”, such as carrots or bread crust, means that the teeth are no longer sufficiently ground and are therefore more susceptible to tooth decay.

Furthermore, fine notches, also known as fissures or dimples in technical jargon, are often the cause of caries, as the bacteria can settle in the fine grooves and it is often not possible to remove the food remains with a toothbrush. For this reason, the practice Dr. Gahmlich & Kollegen in Hannover Mitte offers dental cleaning in addition to caries treatment.

Living painlessly again thanks to a caries treatment

A caries disease does not disappear without professional treatment, but only worsens. It therefore makes more than sense to have caries treatment carried out by a trained dentist. The dentist at Dr. Gahmlich & Kollegen’s practice first categorises the stage of the caries disease and determines a suitable type of treatment.

The treatments

The forms of treatment

Caries treatment at levels C1 and C2

We at Praxis Dr. Gahmlich & Kollegen am Kröpcke offer several different procedures in this regard. If the caries “only” affects the enamel and dentin, we close the damaged tissue and, if necessary, the holes using filling materials. The best known are dental amalgams and composites. Due to the fact that amalgams have been frequently criticized in recent times, we work primarily with composites based on plastic. These have a natural tooth colour and harden immediately. This enables us from the practice of Dr. Gahmlich & Kollegen to guarantee you a pleasant mouthfeel. Another possibility for closing holes are so-called inlays and onlays, which are made of ceramic or metal using a dental impression. This variant is much more expensive and just as effective as the other two. In general, the aim of caries treatment is to prevent the spread and recurrence of caries and to seal the carious area at the same time.

Caries treatment at stage C3 and C4

In the case of caries that has already attacked the pulp, we at the practice of Dr. Gahmlich & Kollegen are forced to remove the tooth nerve and disinfect the root canal and then refill it again. In this case, we at Zahnarzt Hannover Mitte speak of devitalization.

If the whole tooth is already affected by the caries disease, usually only one last step helps – tooth removal. As soon as we have removed a tooth due to serious caries, we can replace it with an implant during the caries treatment. However, before we carry out a tooth extraction, we clarify all general conditions with you in advance. In addition, we also offer consultations on caries treatment. The practice Dr. Gahmlich & Kollegen is looking forward to your visit in Hannover Mitte.

Advantages of the practice

Advantages of the practice Dr. Gahmlich & colleagues in caries treatment

In our practice in Hannover Mitte we usually treat caries minimally invasively. This means that we work on as small a surface area as possible and want to preserve much of the natural substance of the tooth. Nevertheless, a new infection can occur despite a caries treatment, since bacteria can also settle under the filling or the implant. In such a case, rapid action is necessary because the bacteria otherwise spread to the gums or damage the neighboring teeth. It also makes sense to have a check-up at least once a year, as you will not feel the pain of a devitalized tooth or an implant at first and the caries can therefore spread unnoticed.

The practice Dr. Gahmlich & colleagues in Hanover center

For several years now, Dr. Gahmlich & Kollegen has been active in the field of professional and expert caries treatment. We work thoroughly and always in the interest of our patients. So that we can also help them, we are available weekly from 7 o’clock in the morning to 22 o’clock in the evening and assign appointments within this period. Furthermore, we at the practice of Dr. Gahmlich & Kollegen in Hannover Mitte strive to be there for our patients even longer in the future, so that it is no problem for professionals or students to have a caries treatment or the like carried out.

Another big advantage of our practice is that we are located in Hannover Mitte am Kröpcke and are therefore easy to reach. Due to the good connection to the city railway or Hannover main station, our patients can reach us within a few minutes in Hannover Mitte. A further advantage is that in our practice, in addition to caries treatment, you can also have implantology, prophylaxis or facial treatments carried out. The team of the practice Dr. Gahmlich & Kollegen from Hannover Mitte is looking forward to seeing you!

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