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Weightless vacation joys

A light breeze brings thoughts of freedom. The view deep longings on the water awaken and set free. Let go of the linen and feel inner peace. Every new thought makes you want more. More vacation. More zest for life. More of pure happiness on your holiday in Carinthia on the lake.

Lake Millstatt – the jewel in Carinthia

The Millstätter See is 13 km long, 1 km wide on average and with 142m the deepest and most water-rich lake in Carinthia. Due to its sheltered and sunny location, the water temperature in July and August up to 26 °. Thanks to the lake’s excellent heat storage, swimming is still possible until mid-October. The water of Lake Millstatt shows Drinking Water Quality on.

His undeveloped south bank has been under since 2015 Natura 2000 protection. Due to the very good water quality, naturalness and sustainable fishing, Lake Millstatt is the Austria’s richest fish lake.

The Millstätter Schifffahrt runs at regular intervals between the places on the lake. The Bike path around the Millstätter See is 28km around the lake and is accessible by bike or e-bike.

Lake touches-special moments

  • bay Hiking | A water hike with rowing boats to the natural south bank
  • Picnic on the water | The rowing boat takes you to atmospheric places, food is waiting in the picnic basket & potion
  • Swimming in the morning | Swim in the lake as soon as you get up in the morning sun
  • Millstätter See shipping | Our ships invite you to a panoramic tour or comfortable sea crossings

  • Millstätter See bike path | Carinthia’s most popular cycle path, 28 km around the lake
  • Millstatt diving tower | The historic diving and slide tower, which is unique in Europe, is the meeting point for young people
  • 1. Carinthian bath house | Wellness right on the shore of Lake Millstatt
  • Promenade by the lake | Cozy cafes, sunny squares and historic villas invite you to stroll

The lake for families

Water skiing, wakeboarding & Ringo: Brisk laps around the lake delight our small and large guests. This weekly program is a highlight in the summer months.

sailing & Surfing: Lake Millstatt is ideal for beginners, the surfing and sailing school offers courses for children and adults.

water Features & Slackline: Our exclusive bathing beach on the lake offers many opportunities for water lovers. Whether water battle, slackline over water, water Olympics or snorkeling.

Snorkelling & Diving: Experience the underwater world. Snorkels and diving goggles can be borrowed from the hotel, the diving school in Millstatt offers courses and equipment for Scuba Diving

The lake: legends & Myths

St. Domitian and the birth of Millstatt

The remains of a castle are on Hoch-Gosch, opposite Millstatt. Here is a he >Days passed, the son never came back. One day the message came that the ship was floating in the lake without people. The dismayed father, who loved the son very much, vowed that if he found the body, he would build a church on that spot. Then he let the lake flow into the Lieser.

When the water had sunk a good bit, the drowned man was found on the backrest, where Millstatt is today. The good father also kept his vow and became a Christian. At that time there were a lot of idols around the lake. He had them thrown into the lake, but he called the place where he had the church built, Mille Statuae, which is a thousand statues.

The town of Millstatt developed from this over time. A service is held in honor of Domitian in early February. A priest is said not to have kept this prayer. As a punishment, the church sank one meter deep into the earth, only the altar remained in place. If you want to go to church today, you have to go down a few steps, but the altar is a little higher again. This duke is still revered as a saint, his bones are in a glass coffin in a specially built church. He is said to have been the Duke of Carinthia, but the story tells nothing about him.


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