Caritas felices – multilingual kindergarten in cochabamba

Little happy faces

"Caritas Felices" is a private kindergarten and Center for early childhood education in the heart of the Bolivian city of Cochabamba and a project by «Niños del Sol"(" Children of Sun»).

Our name has nothing to do with the Catholic "Cáritas" (this is written with an accent), but means in Spanish «Little happy faces» ("La carita" is the diminutive of "la cara" = face) – and THAT is the most important thing we are concerned with!

Another world – another continent

Bolivia is about 3 times the size of Germany, has twice as many airports and is around 9,000 kilometers away from Germany.

Cochabamba, the “City of Eternal Spring” and the third largest city in Bolivia, is located at an altitude of 2,500 m in the center of the country, surrounded by 6,000 Andes peaks covered with snow in winter. The average daytime temperature is usually around 25 ° all year round and thus offers almost «eternal spring» with a predominantly blue sky. In the time of the German summer it is winter in Bolivia and the temperatures then drop below 0 ° at night.

In a day trip by bus you can reach the government seat of La Paz and the famous Lake Titicaca – both are located at an altitude of approx.4,000m.

Approximately The huge, tropical Amazon region begins 150 km north of Cochabamba and extends over Bolivia, Peru and of course Brazil.

The Cochabambinos are particularly proud of this tallest Christ statue in the world, the «Cristo de la Concordia», which is 40.44 meters higher than the world-famous statue above Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

The tallest statue of Christ in the world – the "Cristo de la Concordia" above Cochabamba / Bolivia

Our concept

The Caritas Felices kindergarten was founded in 2002 and has been run by the educator Jhovana Castro ever since.

With us hundreds of children have taken their most important steps in life before going on to primary school.

The educational concept of “Caritas Felices” is based on a predominantly playful experience with life. All children learn how to deal with themselves and others as well as with the “big environment”. Ongoing excursions are an integral part of the educational program.

The children visit museums, farms and the zoo, meet real pilots at the airport and see large planes from the inside. The children play in public parks and see the culture of local dances in dance schools.

Unique in Bolivia – a multilingual kindergarten

Our Concept of trilingualism is unique in Bolivia:

There is always at least one German intern and a local kindergarten teacher who masters Quechua (the most important local language besides Spanish in Bolivia). These two supervisors speak german or quechua with the children, so that during their stay at “Caritas Felices” they not only learn their mother tongue Spanish but also 2 foreign languages ​​in a playful way.

Another special feature of «Caritas Felices» is that psychological care of the children and their Familys by students of psychology from advanced semesters (from universities in Cochabamba) who do their internship with us. You know each child and their specific issues, exchange ideas with the parents about its further development and gather the necessary experience for their career as a therapist or scientist.

How you can support us

As a German reader, you can help us show children in Bolivia life:

With an internship / voluntary social year

We are looking for and invite: Interns from Germany / Austria / Switzerland, the A internship lasting several months or even a “voluntary social year” want to spend with us and our children. Your task is in particular to introduce our children to the German language in a playful way!

With a sponsorship

Many families and single mothers cannot afford the monthly kindergarten fee of EUR 50.00. The kindergarten needs this amount to cover its costs. You are invited to one personal sponsorship for a child from weak social conditions for a year!

Any questions? Please write to us and tell us yours Mobile phone number with – a German-speaking employee will call you and answer all your questions!!


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