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Maximilian Kolbe, Quettingen

The day care facility for children Maximilian Kolbe is located between Quettingen and Opladen. We look after children from the age of 5 months until school begins. As a Catholic institution, we convey basic Christian values ​​such as: B. in the experience of celebrations, customs and through respect, consideration and solidarity in everyday life. We are open to all other cultures and religions.

We see ourselves as companions and partners of the children and support their natural curiosity and learning behavior. We give every single child the opportunity to experience their own social role within the group. The aim is to learn how to work together in partnership, without violence and on an equal footing. There are various offers, such as B.

  • project work
  • Exercise programs that promote the child’s holistic development, such as B. Prevention work in creative exercise classes
  • targeted language support and much more.

Mathias Stegmaier
Telephone: 0214/8 55 42-750
Fax: 0214/8 55 42-757

Pommernstrasse 125
51379 Leverkusen

Eschenweg, Küppersteg

The day care facility for children at Eschenweg is aimed at children aged four months up to compulsory schooling.

In two groups, we offer each individual child a wide range of educational and experience opportunities appropriate to their development. For us, every child is a unique creature of God, whom we observe and accompany during his learning steps, regardless of origin and religious affiliation. We help you to understand and endure the current emotional world. We create framework conditions in which they use their existing resources to find solution strategies for a good one Can develop together in the group. In addition to social learning, we offer special offers for language development, movement, music, nature and environment as well as religious education.

Lorena Meiss
Telephone: 02 14/8 55 42-770
Fax: 02 14/8 55 42-773

Eschenweg 17-23
51373 Leverkusen

St. Matthias, Mathildenhof

Our Caritas day care center for children St. Matthias is a four-group facility for children from the age of two until they start school. We have spacious rooms and a natural and diverse outdoor area. In addition to family education, we promote the individual development of each child. Our daily coexistence is shaped by Christian values ​​and a basic Christian attitude.

We are part of the Catholic Family Center South-East and Family Center NRW. As a family center, we offer education, advice, support and Funding for the whole family. Our offers are broad. Together with our cooperation partners, we align them preventively and according to needs. Short distances and strengthening the sense of community are very important to us.

Heike Röttgen-Baumgartl
Telephone: 02 14/8 55 42-710
Fax: 02 14/8 55 42-715

Spandauer Strasse 20
51377 Leverkusen

On the Steinberg, Steinbüchel

Our day care facility offers space for 130 children from the age of 5 months until they start school. We place great emphasis on tolerance, acceptance and the promotion of equal opportunities.
We are based on Reggio Pedagogy and work in a partially open organizational form. This means that the children in their home group experience security and belonging on the one hand, but on the other hand they also have the opportunity to actively gain new experiences across groups in the various functional areas. In this way, different interests and development stages can be optimally taken into account. This also by actively supporting the children to pursue their individual strengths, to discover new things and to learn.
It is important to us to create a place where children can research, question and examine things in community. It does not train isolated skills or provide ready answers, but offers the opportunity to understand important meaning connections and to find your own explanatory patterns in the experiment.

We have been a certified family center in North Rhine-Westphalia since August 2015.

Opening hours: 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Rosaria De Vellis
Telephone: 0214/8 55 42-720
Fax: 0214/8 55 42-729

Am Steinberg 23
51377 Leverkusen

Child day care Clara-Fey, Schlebusch

Our Clara-Fey day care center looks after up to nine children from refugee accommodation in Leverkusen. The aim is to give the children the opportunity to learn in a protected environment, to find their way in our culture. We tackle this every day, playfully and carefully. By learning the German language in everyday life and preparing well for school, we would like to open up educational opportunities for children and make their entry into Germany easier.

Marianne Hasebrink
Telephone: 02 14/8 55 42-760
Fax: 02 14/8 55 42-550

Bergische Landstrasse 80
51375 Leverkusen

News and event information
of the Caritas Association Leverkusen can be found here

Association newspaper
Download the current issue:


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