Carnival games that are fun for children

Carnival games that are fun for children

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Carnival games are a lot of fun for kids (Source: Thinkstock by Getty-Images)

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Carnival games for young and old ensure a fun party with friends, relatives and family. Creative costumes, some music and a few delicacies for the physical well-being finally make the experience perfect. In the following you will find tips for carnival games that should not only please children.

Carnival: Time for family and friends

The carnival is especially fascinating for small children: Everywhere dressed up people sway to loud music and during the parade sweets fly into the crowd, while colourfully decorated wagons pass by. Moreover, carnival is the time when every child can slip into the role of his role model and live his dreams for a short time in a fantasy world.

But even if you are not living in a German carnival stronghold, you can organize a celebration for carnival that is great fun for family and friends – provided you provide the necessary supporting program.

The most popular carnival costumes

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Timeless classic in a new guise: The Journey to Jerusalem

How about games like the famous “Journey to Jerusalem”? Just revitalise the classic in the carnival version: place a table in the middle of the room and put red clown noses on it. Depending on the number of participants, leave one nose out: five children have four noses on the table. Now the participants have to circle around the table until the music stops. At this moment, the participants grab the clown’s nose on the table and pull it up. Whoever does not get a clown nose will be eliminated for the next round.

The ticking time bomb

If you like it even more exciting, you can use an alarm clock and a shoe box. Let the children form a sitting circle and leave the room for a moment as a game leader. Set an alarm clock for a short period of time (e.g. two minutes) and place it in a shoe box. Close the box and return to the children. Now let the package pass in turn. Each child can hold it as long as they like. But be careful: the longer the package is held, the higher the risk of ringing! The one who has the alarm ringing is eliminated. The last one left wins the game.

Delicious fun at carnival: apple fishing

One of the most popular games in the carnival season and a tasty one is the so-called “apple fishing”. Fill a bowl with water and add several apples. The children then only have to fish out an apple with their mouths. The hands are of course held behind the back so that cheating is not possible. Be sure to use smaller fruits to keep the fun factor intact.

The Balloon Dance

With music, the mood is quickly lifted and previously unknown visitors quickly come closer together. Use the balloon dance to create a fun and pleasant atmosphere. All you need is a few balloons, which are then clamped by two people between their forehead, stomach or bottom while they dance to music. Of course, the balloon must not fall to the ground.

Tread balloons to pieces

Balloons are also suitable for other games. A popular game is the famous “crush balloon”. Each child gets a balloon tied to one leg with a thread. While you are playing music, the children must try to protect each other’s balloons and crush the balloons of the other children. Children whose balloons have burst are eliminated. Who could defend his balloon in the end has won.

Creepy but funny: The mummy wrap

Horror fans will get their money’s worth with the game “mummy wrapping”: Make sure to create a scary atmosphere. Darken the room and decorate tables and chairs with spider dummies and rubber mummy heads if possible. Let the children form pairs and give each pair a roll of toilet paper. The task: The children wrap each other up with the roll. Now give each child a torch so that the situation reaches its climax. Let the mummies haunt you. Last but not least, the wrapped mummies can blast the paper with all their might and come back to life.

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