Carnival in Venice – tips and offers for tourists

The Venetian Carnival is a major European event that is barely comparable to other cities. Because the ambience of "Serenisssima", the brightest city is never duplicable. On the island city with about 15,000 houses, 500 palaces, 170 canals and 400 lanes .

. Everything has to be transported by water: people, food, building materials, fuel oil, coffins. It is by gondola, by water taxi or on foot in the narrow streets on the way, there are no land vehicles.

Carnival offers for tourists

In addition, there is the carnival among others in Veniceand in Rio de Janeiro. The concentration of the Fasnetfeiern in Catholic areas is due to the fact that there the Lent of Easter with all its restrictions was more respected.

Accordingly, the countermovement with the "great days" develop stronger. However, the Catholic Church is by no means averse to foolish activity. On January 22, 2005, the Aachen carnival award "Order against animal seriousness" awarded to the Mainz Bishop Karl Cardinal Lehmann.

Original goal of the Venetian carnival was the temporary suspension of the differences in status. Servants took on the identity of noblemen, princesses mingled as unknown girls among the people. Allegedly, the masks used to have been used by business people in the past, if some negotiations were better conducted incognito.

The Carnival is celebrated in Venice again for about 25 years. Napoleon had banned the celebrations in 1797. He suspected that the masks would also be used for some conspiratorial activities. Despite this rather short start-up time since 1980, the Venetian carnival has already regained world fame. "Il Carnevale the Venezia" begins 10 days before Shrove Tuesday. The center of public celebrations is the St. Mark’s Square.

Here and in many alleys of the city you will find street artists, mask wearers, acrobats, musicians and thousands of spectators skin together. There are no real moves, but the narrow streets of Venice would not be suitable for that. Very regrettable for tourists is that the most important events take place behind closed doors. The theatrical performances and the masked balls in the ballrooms of the Palazzi are the real highlights of the Venetian carnival. And you can only get into that if you reach deep into your pocket and then somewhere and somehow come to cards. In view of the difficulty in acquiring cards as individuals, participation in an organized travel program may make sense.
Text: Dietrich Hub

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