A carrera race track follows a certain scale. The proportions of the car and the track are thus described and faithfully reproduced. A distinction is made between the scale of 1:10 as a 10-fold reduction up to the scale of 1:43 as a 43-fold reduction of the original.

The minimum age and thus the age recommendation designates the age from which children can safely use the toys, as they do not contain any small parts that can be swallowed, for example, and also correspond to their physical and mental development.

The make refers to the brand of the original car, which the model was modeled after.

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Carrera guide

Have you ever had a taste of real racing driver air?? Have you even been there live at a car race? Maybe together with your son? What a thrill it was when the personal favorite finally revved up the engine and took off, or?
Makes you want to step on the gas yourself and speed down the racetrack…
since this is usually not possible, you can bring the racing atmosphere directly into your living room, at least in the form of a carrera car racetrack.
A carrerabahn and its extensive accessories of cars, tracks and controls can usually be found in the toy department. But even if you don’t have a racing enthusiast son to show, this car racetrack has just as much to offer adults, whether you’re a newcomer or have been a loyal carrera fan since childhood.

Carrera history: full speed ahead

1920 josef neuhierl started the production of tin toys in furth, germany. 1963 his son hermann brought first carrera car racetrack 1:32 scale on the market. The toy racetrack was electrically operated and hit the nerve of the time quite accurately. So followed only a few years later the somewhat larger "carrera 124" model. The success of the high-quality carrera racetrack continued throughout the 1980s and 1990s with the advent of video games. Other vehicle models, including both current and historical ones, rounded off the carrera program. 1999 carrera was taken over by the austrian stadlbauer group of companies just a few years after the death of hermann neuhierl. From then on high-tech entry the company.
From the very beginning, the carrera brand has stood for quality and safety. New technologies, such as carrera DIGITAL 132, now make it possible for 6 model cars to overtake each other at the same time.

For whom is which carrera car racetrack suitable??

Carrera cooperates on the one hand with the automotive industry and on the other hand with partners from other sectors. This is how it’s done many original licenses from professional motorsport, movies and console games. Despite the immense product selection, you should not randomly grab what appeals to you or your child at first sight. Not all cars are compatible with every racetrack system.

Upgrading an older carrera racetrack

If you have a carrera racetrack from your childhood that is still in working order, it may be difficult to obtain spare parts or upgrade material for it. The best thing to do is to look for them in your circle of acquaintances or directly from collectors.
However, some older track systems are quite compatible with newer systems. The "carrera 124", for example, can be combined with a "carrera digital". The only difference between carrera racetracks is their color.

Carrera racing track for children

Children between the ages of 6 and 9 come best with the "carrera GO. " at your expense. In addition to a wide range of cars designed with children in mind, the manufacturer also offers attractively priced starter sets, with whom your offspring can immediately enter the world of racing. This system can be easily assembled and operated by the children themselves.
The 1:43 scale tracks can be easily clicked together, and the track supports can be adjusted in height. The entire track system of the "carrera GO. " is made extremely sturdy.
This series also includes well-known characters such as Nintendo’s "mario" or "lightning mcqueen" from Disney’s cars. even vehicles that are more appealing to girls join the other little racers.

Carrera racetrack for teenagers and young adults

Since the functions of the "carrera GO. " are relatively limited according to the target group age, your little ones will soon outgrow this and ask for more. Here come the tracks "carrera evolution" and of course the top class of car racetracks, the "carrera DIGITAL" in question.
The tracks of the "carrera evolution" are wider, in 1:24 format. the special feature of this racetrack is the possibility of 4-, 6- or 8-lane to be expanded. This fact naturally increases the fun of the game immensely, because many "racers" can take part in it. The system itself is analog, d.H. Only one car can run on each track. Normally, however, you can digital retrofit. The advantage of analog tracks is that cars from other companies can also run on them.
"carrera evolution" is particularly suitable for those who only want to play with it from time to time.

Carrera racetrack for adults and hobbyists

The absolute highlight of the carrera brand is definitely the "carrera DIGITAL". Several cars (up to 6 depending on the model) can drive and overtake on the same track, creating an authentic racing atmosphere. Exceedingly extensive accessories, from the lap counter to wireless hand controllers and driver displays to upgrade kits, makes the "carrera DIGITAL" a unique experience.
If you or your offspring are passionate about racing and would even like to turn it into a hobby the acquisition of the nevertheless quite expensive product line is worthwhile itself in any case. Of course, the track should have enough space in your home so that it doesn’t have to be constantly dismantled and tidied up again.

Carrera accessories

In addition to the basic package, consisting of tracks, controller and cars, you can also turn your racetrack into a real gem with many accessories. A real racetrack atmosphere, for example, naturally includes an grandstand, on which an enthusiastic audience is waiting for the starting gun. in the pit lane the cars are checked by expert mechanics and then sent back into the race. The media report on the exciting race from the press tower. There is actually not much missing to be able to perceive the typical racetrack sounds almost, or?

Or tune up your race track by adding so-called "carplay" action features include. A rail rocker switch, for example, requires special driving skills, as do loopings and bridges or the like. Keep control even when your car has to go over a jumping hill? After all, anyone can drive in circles, so why not take on a new challenge?!

As a lover of oldtimers you should also get your money’s worth, because with the "classic" product line, carrera offers a respectable selection of beautiful racing cars.

Carrera has long since become the synonym for car racetracks has become and in the meantime not only a pure children’s toy. after all, many a dad has lost himself together with the son in the game with the carrerabahn.

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