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Especially when it comes to contact with small patients, it is very important that an experienced dentist awakens the enthusiasm for daily dental hygiene for children, minimizes the fear of visits and, at the same time, is also professionally up to date on the latest sand. At CASA DENTAL, we are specially designed for meetings with children. The article compiles incentives and advice on this topic for legal guardians from Bonn.

A competent dentist for children is someone who has a lot of empathy, sensitivity and love for children. Furthermore, it goes without saying that the necessary specialist knowledge about the care and healing process of children’s teeth is essential. In this article, parents from Bonn can acquire useful information about the CASA DENTAL practice and their dentists.

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Dental care for children from Bonn

Our in-house dentist for children at the dental practice CASA DENTAL considers the regular and careful care of the milk teeth very important, because they play an immense role in the development process of the dentition and need continuous inspection and care. The choice of a suitable dentist for children from Bonn is elementary, because visits during the milk tooth period can prevent dentist or treatment phobia. For several years now, the CASA DENTAL dental practice has been able to introduce its patients from Bonn to the daily care of their teeth and achieve success. The care of the teeth can start from the first, grown milk tooth, since the fluoridation already begins. A special toothpaste for children with a low fluoride content can be used to care for the teeth. The adolescents from Bonn can already come to the CASA DENTAL dental practice with the first milk tooth.

Care of milk teeth for Bonn

The dentists from CASA DENTAL are asked several times why the care of the first teeth is of great importance, although the teeth only stay in the mouth for a limited time. In order to answer this question correctly, it is important to know that some milk teeth, e.g. who take over the chewing function in the side area of ​​the jaw until the age of 12. But the care of the teeth, which gradually fall out, is also of fundamental importance, as caries can also spread to the teeth that lie below. New teeth can be damaged if they are neglected and poorly cleaned.

Enjoy brushing your teeth

Get enthusiasm for brushing your teeth with CASA DENTAL

It is very important that the fun of dental care is communicated to adolescents in a playful way. Thanks to a CD, CASA DENTAL enables you to draw attention to the children from Bonn with a focus on children’s dental care. It is also fundamental that a certain degree of independence is conveyed to adolescents. As a dentist for children, we recommend that the child brushes his teeth himself and you check the brushing afterwards whether the cleaning was thorough. As a dentist for children, CASA DENTAL cannot recommend brushing your teeth as a punishment or a must, as a stubborn aversion to caring for your teeth develops and the dentist for children at CASA DENTAL can hardly correct them again. In order to alleviate an aversion that has already arisen, CASA DENTAL has a little surprise for each of the little patients from Bonn, which can be taken home.

What can parents do??

What can parents do to support dental health??

Preserve the health of children’s teeth.

The dentist for children from the CASA DENTAL practice in Bonn can confirm that sugar is harmful to the teeth, since bacteria in the mouth convert the sugar to acid, which can attack the teeth and cause tooth decay. Also sugary drinks, such as The dentist for children from CASA DENTAL cannot recommend effervescent and fruit drinks, because their specific structure can have a long-lasting effect on the milk teeth. Furthermore, drinking from the bottle should be avoided, as colliding with the bottle can cause damage to the front teeth.

Oral hygiene as a routine

Brushing your teeth twice a day is a must for every adolescent from Bonn. In addition, some daycare centers offer the chance to clean your teeth after lunch, which is an ideal addition. If the children’s teeth are close together early on, it is worth starting to floss early, as caries can quickly form in these areas.

Advantages of CASA DENTAL

Our advantages as a dentist for children for Bonn

If the continuous examination of the teeth at a professional dentist for children starts early, the minors can quickly get used to it and therefore do not develop phobia in front of the dentist. In the CASA DENTAL dental practice, patients from Bonn can stay from young to old and enjoy excellent dental hygiene. The entire CASA DENTAL practice team loves children very much. We arrange the visit for children from Bonn with different games to illustrate different ways and treatments. An additional plus is that parents can come to the children’s dentist sessions? so parents and children can get the right treatment without having to make several appointments. Our patients from Bonn benefit from this offer.

Dentist for children in the time change

What changes can be seen in the past 20 years?

Twenty years ago, a highly qualified dentist for children was very rare for Bonn. This fact has changed fundamentally within two decades. Dental care is a top priority in kindergartens and schools, thus preparing children early for visits to a dentist for children. By regularly checking the teeth, the minors can quickly get used to the treatments. Malalignment of the teeth was only recognized late some time ago, whereas today a rapid and controlled detection and correction is guaranteed. Among other things, parents from Bonn can also buy toothpaste with a low fluoride content and special brushes with small heads for the children.

Future visions for CASA DENTAL as a dentist for children

As a dentist for children for Bonn, CASA DENTAL expects the products to become even more diverse for children. The importance of dental care for milk teeth has increased significantly for years and will continue to be heard clearly in the future.

Interesting facts about the region

More about Bonn

About Bonn

Directions from Bonn to Wesseling

Bonn is only 15 km away from Wesseling and can be easily reached with all road traffic options. Assuming you start your route from the center of Bonn, please follow the following route:

1. You start from Bornheimer Straße in Bonn 2.1 km approx. 5 minutes towards A555.

2. Follow the A555 for approx. 10 km for about 6 minutes to Siebengebirgsstraße in Wesseling

3. Take the Wesseling exit and drive on the Siebengebirgsstraße for about 800m.

4. On Siebengebirgsstraße you come to the roundabout after 170m and take the third exit (Ahrstraße).

5. After 500 m, turn right onto Eifelstraße and then after 76 m, turn left onto Lahnstraße.

6. Our CASA DENTAL is on the left side at Ahrstraße 37 from 50389 Wesseling.

More information about Bonn

Most of our practice visitors come from the region around Cologne ?? Bonn ?? Rhine. We all feel at home in this region and have a relationship with the home areas of our patients. Since Bonn is one of the most attractive cities, you will find some information about this beautiful city here. Around 309,869 people live in Bonn and at the same time the city of Wesseling is only a few kilometers away.


The city of Bonn is located directly at the transition from the Middle Rhine area to the Lower Rhine Bay. This transition is identified by the Godesberg Rhine Valley Funnel and is located in the southwest of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, of which Bonn is the federal city. Bonn covers an area of ​​141.2 square kilometers and spreads over the two sides of the Rhine.

More information about Bonn

The big city in the south of North Rhine-Westphalia was the German capital until 1990 and was the seat of government of the Federal Republic of Germany. Bonn is a historically impressive city that can look back on more than 2000 years of history. At the beginning, Bonn was still a Roman and Germanic settlement and is therefore one of the longest existing cities in Germany. In the meantime Bonn has developed into a big city and with the University of Bonn offers a well-known and recognized university in Germany.


There have been repeated job losses in Bonn, which can be attributed to numerous moves, but the fact that new jobs have been created has hardly changed the number of unemployed in recent years. In Germany, Bonn is one of the cities that are predicted to experience the greatest future economic development. This positive prognosis can be justified by the fact that many companies from the economy, but also federal authorities, have a location or even their headquarters in Bonn. These include Deutsche Telekom and the sweets producer Haribo, which are constantly creating new jobs. The federal city of Bonn also offers an ideal location for non-governmental organizations, also called NGOs, and for international institutions.


The city’s 2000th birthday was already celebrated in 1989. The old age of the city can be traced back to 12 BC. Chr built back Roman settlement, which laid the first building blocks for the federal city of Bonn. Already in the 9th year AD there were the first German settlers who, after losing the Battle of the Varus against the Roman troops, built up their existence on today’s Adenauerallee, which mainly included craftsmen and traders who quickly turned the small settlement into a real city constructions. The two world wars particularly influenced Bonn at that time. Today’s federal city of Bonn was occupied by various international troops, first Canadian, then British and French until the end of the First World War in 1926. After the end of the Second World War Bonn received the title of the German capital, which was mainly due to the division of the previous government capital Berlin. For this reason, the city was rebuilt and modernized particularly quickly.


The most famous landmarks of Bonn include the Old Town Hall, which was built in Rococo style on the market square in 1737, and the Electoral Palace, which today serves as the main building for the University of Bonn. Deutsche Post also has its headquarters in Bonn, which can be found in the Post Tower, which is also the tallest office building in North Rhine-Westphalia. Bonn can also offer a lot for those interested in culture and history. Fans of classical music will get their money’s worth in the Beethovenhalle and the opera when the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn plays there. If you, as a visitor to Bonn, are interested in the life of numerous popular people, there is the possibility to visit their birth, living and dying houses, which have been set up as museums.

In addition to Bonn, we have also worked out information for Lindenthal for you and are looking forward to welcoming you to our CASA DENTAL dental practice.

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