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Castle Basthorst, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Let’s go East!

The charming castle Basthorst is located in deep Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, surrounded by forests, meadows and a small lake. In addition, a tour on a raft with beaver-watching and dare. A perfect country party with teenagers …

Sometimes the good is so close and we do not know it. Only two hours drive from Hamburg to Crivitz and already the way across the country fascinates us. We drive through small villages and dense, dark forests. “That’s so grown, that you can not see the sky,” comes the first comment from the back seat. “Almost like Lord of the Rings in an Elven forest,” Ben adds. Especially few houses, hardly any people and no traffic. The Sternberg Lake District has over 100 lakes that are like a string of pearls here. However, probably well hidden behind the dense forests. And then the driveway to the castle Basthorst comes in sight. Of course it is not a real castle. Rather like an English country estate built of solid red brick, with turrets, conservatory and rose tendrils. Really pretty. In addition, some outbuildings with apartments and a larger new building “The Waldresidenz”. Meetings are held here and breakfast is served here in the Wilhelmina Helena restaurant. However, we already find the “real” Schloss Basthorst more charming. As the old floorboards creak, a huge moose head over the fireplace looks into the winter garden, there is a library like in a real country estate and the very cozy castle-restaurant. Everything is in muted colors with matching wallpaper, comfortable armchairs, sitting areas with lots of pillows and even a cuddly sofa in front of the huge flat screen. The handwriting of the Dutch hostess, Marjon Hopman-Wolthuis, can be seen and felt everywhere. The modern decor blends in well with the historic surroundings and gives the whole property the right touch.

When looking from the terrace into the castle garden, the boys discover the lake. “Can we go down and swim right now?” Comes the urgent question of the two teenagers. We walk through first through the discounts and then through a small forest path that leads directly to Glambecksee. Completely calm, deep blue he lies there. A few small waves clap on the mini-sandy beach. Two, three fishermen’s huts and nothing else is there. “Why are not there any chairs or a kiosk?” Ben wants to know. The Glambecksee is not owned by the castle, but to the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and is under strict nature conservation. “Look here you can do a raft ride,” Konstantin exclaims happily and points to the sign “Stefan’s Raft Ride” right on the lake. We write down the phone number and sign up for the next evening on the “Sunset Cruise”. But now first time to explore the hotel exactly. Since the weather is really hot and the air really shimmers with heat, the pool is right at the top of your wish list.

We had breakfast on the terrace of the “Waldresidenz”, the new building of the castle Basthorst. Then get the bathing suit and on in the wellness area. The indoor pool invites you to swim laps and on a small lawn sun loungers are set up. We are looking for a shady spot and make ourselves comfortable. Since we are there during the week, it is pleasantly quiet and we have the pool almost to ourselves. As the small hunger sets in at noon, we look in the vital bar over. Unfortunately, nobody is there. But we discover a bell and after a few minutes comes a friendly service. And a short time later we enjoy our snack on the thick rattan sofas. Afterwards a big sundae and the boys are happy. It can also be easy with teenagers to travel … you only need enough food and Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, this is not free of charge at Schloss Basthorst, but has to be paid for five euros per device per day. Shit, the two think. But since the pocket money is sacrificed smoothly, because “without” it just is not. Nevertheless, there is still time for a kick in the meadow, a trip to Crivitz and to read, the new books brought. On the castle terrace we enjoy the delicious dinner and still discover corners in the hotel. Here is a cozy sofa in front of the XXL TV, as a place to browse through the library and in the conservatory a large table that invites you to play. I can imagine that it can be very cuddly and cozy here in the winter in front of the fireplace.

The next day is our “Raft ride” with Stefan on the program. We hurry up with dinner to be punctually at 7 pm at the lake. Stefan, is a nature boy with a sun-tanned face and a smoky voice. He packed some fishing for the boys, some coke, plastic chairs and a poodle for Mama. He clamps the mini-motor to a battery and we glide quietly across the lake. “So guys, here are the turn signals and then out with the fishing,” he asks the two. It shows the correct momentum and how to turn up the cord. Concentrated, they try again and again to throw the fishing out properly. Unfortunately, no fish bites. “That’s completely normal at this time,” explains Stefan. Of course it is better in the early morning. Of course the teenagers are still sleeping there … “Something’s going on here,” Ben says excitedly. And in fact he has a small fish on the hook. The poor fish fidgets for his life and is expertly removed by Stefan from hacking and thrown back into the lake with a farewell kiss.

We experience a spectacular sunset on the quiet lake. No one on the water, on the shore or anywhere else. Only water and forest. It is unbelievably beautiful and even the boys are impressed by so much natural beauty. “It almost looks a bit like Canada,” says Ben. He’s really right. And all this is so close and you do not have to travel halfway around the world … “Now we are still looking for our beaver family and then you have to do the test of courage,” announces Stefan. “We have to be very quiet and slowly glide,” he explains. He shows us where the construction of the beaver is and tells us about a television team that was just here for the filming. And it actually takes less than five minutes and the beaver shows up. He swims calmly next to us, but when he senses that something is funny here, he beats his tail in the water and dives off. We are really excited about the beaver family and even the two boys are totally excited. Great, that you can inspire the city children still for nature and animals … Before the “test of courage”, the two then also a bit scared and suspect the worst. However, it does not get really wild and they have to hold on to a rope, get in and then swing across the lake like Tarzan. We shoot countless pictures, thank our wonderful guide and promise to make a lot of advertising for the lakes in Mecklenburg at home. A country party with teenagers can really be totally decelerating. We will definitely be back soon!

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