Cat food: healthy food for cats

Healthy food for the cat

BARF, dry food or wet food – which food is good for the cat? Here you will find information and tips about cat food, proper feeding and healthy nutrition.

BARF for cats: pros and cons

More and more cat owners are choosing their cat’s BARF diet. But what exactly is behind BARF and how is the diet healthy? Why BARF is so popular and what the pros and cons of "Barfens" lie, read here. , more

The 12 biggest myths of cat nutrition

Milk is good for cats, ready-made food is addictive and dry food protects against tartar? There are many rumors surrounding the diet of cats that affect many owners in the composition of the cat food. We reveal the 12 biggest myths of cat nutrition. , more

My cat does not eat – what to do?

Cats can refuse food for a variety of reasons. Frequently, different causes play a role at the same time. Therefore, to clarify the trigger usually more background information on the exact circumstances and the concomitants necessary. Here are some possible reasons and tips for loss of appetite in cats. , more

Poisoning in cats – what to do?

Since cats are very curious and playful and also move freely in their environment, there is always the danger that they eat something poisonous. Owners can prevent by watching their cats well and keeping toxic foods and poisonous plants out of the reach of the cat. How to recognize the signs of poisoning and what to do if the cat has been poisoned will be explained here. , more

What is poisonous for cats – poisonous plants

In home and garden lurk many poisonous plants for cats. Not only exotic palm trees and ornamental plants are dangerous. Also domestic flowers and herbs can be poisonous for cats. In order to prevent the cat from eating poisonous plants, these should be placed out of reach or best replaced by cats harmless plants and cat grass. , more

Toxic to cats: food, medicines & other dangers

Unfortunately poisonous foods or medicines lead again and again to severe poisoning in cats. Fertilizers and cleaning products can also be very dangerous for cats. That’s why it’s important for cat owners to know exactly which budgets can harm their pets. Occasionally poisoning by rat poison occurs when the cat has eaten the bait or a poisoned rat or mouse. Fast action is especially important here. It should be consulted immediately a veterinarian. , more

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