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Our dental practice Dental Planet in Rojales, Spain has set itself the goal of providing its patients with exceptional dental service. Using sensitive, modern, innovative treatment methods and equipment, we reconstruct a perfect chewing function for a carefree, beautiful smile.

The smooth cooperation of an experienced prosthodontist, a renowned implantologist and a German laboratory master in our own practice laboratory ensures a complication-free, perfectly fitting and beautiful result.

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In modern anaesthesia, sleep anaesthesia can be performed at the dentist’s office on an outpatient basis.

In cases of great dental anxiety (dental phobia), the dentist is often required to perform an analgosedation, which is commonly referred to as twilight sleep or sleep anesthesia. In sleep anaesthesia (analgosedation), a combination of pain-relieving medication with soothing substances eliminates pain and relaxes the dentist to sleep, and painkillers are added during dental sedation to prevent toothache, jaw pain and swelling after the operation.

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Experience the dental treatment painlessly with a local anaesthetic

Pain is a thing of the past

No matter if you were Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, George Washington or an Egyptian Pharaoh, the treatment at the dentist wasn’t funny at that time. Rather painful and brutal. Most of them took either a large sip from a bottle of brandy or a strong pull from a cloth soaked in chloroform. The possibilities to experience a visit to the dentist in a relaxed way were not only extremely limited, but sometimes even life-threatening. It is no wonder that people were looking hard for other methods.

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Reliable tooth rescue through modern root canal treatment with microscope and LASER (endodontic treatment).

Why is an endodontic treatment necessary?

Inside the tooth is the tooth pulp, consisting of blood vessels and nerves. In deep caries or when a piece of the tooth is broken off, bacteria can penetrate into the pulp. This can lead to a very painful inflammation that destroys the tissue. If the bacteria penetrate further, a purulent inflammation develops at the root apex, which can even dissolve the jawbone.

Teeth with caries up to the tooth nerves can be reliably saved by modern root canal treatments.

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Aesthetic dentistry – beautiful and white teeth for a lifetime

Do you know a Hollywood star whose teeth are not beautiful, straight and bright-white? Neither do we! Beautiful white teeth look healthy and make you sexy. They are also immensely important for professional and private success. Yellow teeth, on the other hand, are associated with a lack of care and smoking.

In our dental practice we offer the entire range of services of modern holistic, aesthetic dentistry (services such as dental aesthetics or tooth beautification, dental cosmetics, total restoration, denture restoration, amalgam restoration). This includes small fillings in the desired tooth colour, laboratory-fabricated ceramic veneers up to all-ceramic total restoration of the defective dentition.

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Children must be introduced to the subject of dental care in a gentle and understanding manner. By the time they reach school age at the latest, they are old enough to take brushing their teeth with their own hands, but still far from experienced enough to do everything right. Your support therefore remains essential. It is therefore almost an obligation to motivate your child to follow a dental care routine. The following article shows what is decisive.

The right cleaning technique for children

Brushing your teeth needs to be learned – adults know this all too well. Even the older ones often experience problems or misuse of toothbrushes and the like, which sometimes lures unpleasant guests, such as caries, into their mouths.

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In treatment room 1 of his practice, dentist Dr. Dietmar Oesterreich (Vice President of the Federal Dental Association in Germany) welcomes a new patient.

Sylvia M.* neither complains of toothache nor has she come for a routine check-up. “I want my teeth to be as white as they used to be,” she says, pointing to her discoloured teeth. She suspects her intense coffee enjoyment. The two upper middle incisors appear particularly dark. A detailed examination of the findings does indeed reveal the presence of dyes, but the discoloration of the two incisors has another cause. An x-ray brings it to light, and the 30-year-old patient remembers: “Since I was 16, the incisors have been treated at the root”. Over the years, the root canal filling has made the teeth look darker and darker. Dr. Oesterreich also points out the dark plastic fillings in the lateral, upper incisors. “Fillings do not change due to whitening, we have to replace them afterwards.”

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Large tooth gaps can hardly be concealed, even in the posterior molar region. A dental prosthesis ensures that you will appear self-confident again in everyday life with a complete smile. Find out here which dentures there are, how the treatment proceeds and what costs you have to expect.

How is a dental prosthesis used?

A dental prosthesis is usually used when tooth gaps are so wide that they cannot be closed by one or even several bridges.

Bridges have a higher wearing comfort, a better hold and a longer durability. For this reason, a bridge over a denture is the preferred instrument for closing tooth gaps when sufficient anchorage options are available.

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