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Tirta Gangga – Bali’s most beautiful water palace & hidden paradise

Suddenly it becomes very quiet in Tirta Gangga. Around me I hear only the birds and the buzzing of insects. At this time of day it is very quiet here at the Tirta Gangga Water Palace. Only some busy employees quickly scurry through the complex and clean the pools and walkways.

Around me I do not see a soul at this moment. A look at the clock tells us that it is now time for breakfast. So I leave my little vantage point and go back to the hotel a few meters away. In this article I have some tips for your trip for you. read more

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Tiger Mountain – A tour to the east end of the Great Wall

A trip to the province of Liaoning (辽宁) in the northeast of China is worthwhile for many reasons. A special highlight of the region is the officially easternmost of all sections of the Great Wall. Quasi the east end of this colossal rampart, resp. of the ramparts. This section is restored, but less crowded and quieter than, say, the more popular Badaling and Mutianyu sections to the west. The Great Wall at Tiger Mountain (虎山长城) is located near the village of Hushan, ca. 12 km northeast of Dandong . The name Tiger Mountain (Hushan, 虎山) comes from the fact that the appearance of the mountain is reminiscent of a crouching tiger. This tiger stretches along the Yalu (鴨綠江), the border river between China and North Korea. For many tourists, the proximity to the neighboring Korean country is part of the attraction. read more

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Tips for vegan travelers in Peru


It is not easy to eat vegan in South America. However, it is possible to stick to your dietary preferences while traveling on a budget. Sure it's not a culinary adventure, but at least you'll feel good about sticking to it. Here are a few things I learned as a vegan in Peru.

1. Think fruit, then double it

It's so easy to think, "I'll just eat fruit" when you're not local. I mean, this is South America. If you expect anything, it's good quality fresh fruit. In reality – d. h. if you are not already used to eating only fruit, smoothies or juices for breakfast – you might be a little unhappy at first. read more

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