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10 Top Tips for Bremen: Sights & Dream places

As a northern German girl with a preference for relaxed Hanseatic cities, I have of course been to Bremen many times, not to say regularly. Bremen is a really pretty Hanseatic city, which not only offers relaxation, but also a lot of things worth seeing.

By the way, Bremen is also a mini state in Germany. Framed above and below, left and right, by Lower Saxony. In a nutshell: Bremen is definitely worth a short and also a long trip.. read more

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Tips for the semester break: Work, adventure and relaxation? How it works!

The good thing about the exam period is that it ends at some point and the well-deserved semester break follows. There are numerous ways to spend this free time. Of course, it can’t hurt if an opportunity to optimize your resume arises in the process. Ideally, you can even earn money. We have some tips for you on how to successfully combine work, adventure and relaxation. read more

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The top 5 New Year’s resolutions (and how we finally make them easier to keep)

Every year: On 31.12. we are full of good intentions. And two weeks later? Is often no longer much of it to see. Do you also want to put an end to it this year?? Wonderful! Fortunately, there are always a few tricks you can use to outsmart yourself and ultimately bring about the desired change.

# Place 5: Be more frugal

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Visa-free travel to the USA with Esta – Beware of rip-off artists!

With Esta visa-free to the USA - beware of rip-offs!

Since an electronic entry permit is required for entry into the USA, dubious profiteers are trying to make money with it. Third-party providers that are not properly authorized thus try to charge a fee that is higher than the usual fee of 14 US dollars (the equivalent of 13.03 euros, as of 20.03.2017). In principle, it is possible to apply for the electronic entry permit via third party providers, for example via a travel agency. However, caution is advised. Even if the sites promise something else, there is no guarantee nor acceleration for granting the permit. read more

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The best insider tips for your summer vacation in Germany

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Discover Germany away from the tourist centers: The most frequented vacation spots are not always the best choice. If you want to take the time to get to know the country and its people better, you might find one or two tips for relaxing vacations beyond the mainstream in this overview.

Once you have stowed your travel bag and provisions in your Europcar rental car, you are ready to go: But where to actually? Out into the blue, towards feathery summer happiness! Houseboating on the Mecklenburg Lake District or hiking on the Rothaarsteig trail in the Sauerland region? Industrial culture in the surprisingly green Ruhr area or extensive bike tours in the Munsterland region? Individual and diverse present the best insider tips for your summer vacation in Germany – but see for yourself: read more

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Sailing and sustainability – tips for your next vacation trip: Getting there

Sailing is an environmentally friendly way of getting around when wind and currents can be harnessed. If nothing else helps, the engine has to be used, just like with cars and airplanes. On your vacation trip, you use the resources of the region, such as water and electricity, services and products, produce waste, get out into the local nature, use the infrastructure in towns and cities, and get into contact and exchange with the locals. All of this can have positive and negative effects, especially since you are not the only tourist. So every activity and every trip leaves its mark. But there are a few things you can do to make your vacation cruise more sustainable in different ways and to travel more consciously. In the series Sailing and Sustainability we have collected some tips for you. Today it is about the journey. read more

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Blog: Theo en Michelle: Caribbean America sailing

lines caribbean america

Beach parties, Heineken regattas and lots of happy hours: a wonderful sailing trip from the Virgin Islands to Puerto Rico and then on to the Bermuda Islands. Read more about Theo and Michelle's sailing experiences in the Caribbean!

Around the world, through the Caribbean, Bermuda, across the Atlantic to the Azores. They currently live in Portugal. A crazy time waiting for what to do. Stay or make sure to come to the Netherlands while flights are still happening… read more

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Wintering in Cape Town with a child – 5 tips

Since I'm about 22, I have a little deal with myself: I have to be in a warm place for at least 4 weeks every winter. Otherwise the cold season is just way too long and I'm slowly but surely turning into a depressed couch potato. Since I have a child, of course I plan a little differently than before. Now it's not just a 6 week trip across South America, now it's time to get a little more systematic. When Atlas was a baby, everything was easier because he didn't have an opinion of his own and wasn't much trouble otherwise when it came to getting from A to B. Now, at two and a half, he can not only talk like a little waterfall, he also has very specific ideas about how he would like to spend his time. So after spending the winter of 2015 (Atlas was just 7 months old) paddling around Thailand, a year later we had to come up with another plan. I opted for an apartment, complete with nanny and off-site workspace in Cape Town. 10 whole weeks we would live here, like we normally do in Berlin, but with a lot more sun and individual care instead of daycare. read more

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