Cd changer removed, magazine still inside. How to get the cds?

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Good evening to all.

I am a eigendoof victim, maybe someone can help me?

i replaced the comand with a dynavin aftermarket navi to be up to date with apple carplay navigation. Since the dynavin unit does not control the CD changer, the workshop has removed the changer. Stupidly I still had a magazine in the changer and the shop didn’t take it out before removing it. Now here is the powerless changer with schs cds that I would still like to hloren.

Is there a hidden emergency release or a trick to get the magazine out?? Simply powering up the changer is not possible. Or could you hang the changer in another car on the light guide and eject the magazine without much assembly work?

I am grateful for any tip.

P.S.i will be happy to write a review of what this thing can do. Just have to live with it for a few days and gain experience.

The connections for the changer are in the glove box. To remove the magazine it’s best to reconnect the changer to the power connector located in the glove box. Is only one plug. Then press the eject button and that is it. your magazine should then eject as usual. Otherwise, you only have the possibility to open the changer and operate the mechanics inside by hand. For this then some gears must be turned so that first once the CD which is straight in the drive, back into the magazine is driven. After that, you can eject the magazine by pressing the locking device. But it is all very cumbersome. From therefore connect it briefly to current. Is then done in 1 minute.

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Christina Cherry
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