Celebrate children ‘s birthday: great tips, ideas – games

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Celebrate children’s birthday: Great tips, ideas & Games for an unforgettable party

Your own birthday is a great day for children – after all, you can celebrate it only once a year. Even days before there is no other topic at the birthday child, and often weeks before the parents are mentally planning. To make the children’s birthday party a complete success, the party copter has compiled many great tips, ideas and games for you.

Accessories for the children’s birthday

Of course, if the birthday is celebrated in your own home or in your own garden, the right accessories must not be missing. Most children’s birthday is celebrated as a theme party – for example, as a pirate or princess party. It is important that both the plates, cups & Co. as well as the decoration are coordinated.

In Babinjo’s children’s birthday shop you will find a lot of accessories from different theme worlds: From pirates to knights to funny animal motifs.
To the Babinjo website

>Especially if no own garden is available, it is advisable, in good weather, to take the children with a Auflug. In the meantime, finding the right idea is no longer so difficult: many locations offer special offers for the special day of the little ones. The most beautiful ideas and offers we have put together for you below.

destinations for children in different cities: from north to south, from east to west.

Funny games for indoors and outdoors

One thing is certain: without games it is not good to celebrate children’s birthday. But despite this certainty, parents are always faced with a great challenge when they have to choose between 4 to 5 games in the quite varied selection. Here is a little help: The party copter has picked out for you the most beautiful and popular games for indoors and outdoors.

Here you will find many fun and popular games for the children‘s birthday: For indoors and outdoors.

5 little tips for planning the children’s party

Weeks before the birthday of the little ones, there is a lot to plan: who should be invited to the party, which gifts are on the wish list and how should the birthday cake look like? To make the birthday party a complete success and not put too much strain on your nerves, the party copter has put together a few small but helpful tips for you.

Have the birthday boy co-decide
The birthday is a very big thing for children and at a certain age, the little ones have a very specific idea of ​​how the big day should be. Therefore, involve your birthday child in the planning of the celebration and, if possible, let it be decided. This will help you to avoid disappointment.

Start planning soon enough
Start planning your child’s birthday soon enough. About a week before the big birthday party, the planning should be largely completed. So you can be sure that you can fulfill all your wishes and keep all your promises. In addition, you save yourself unnecessary stress with the early planning.

Do not play too much
The wishes of the children are often endless and of course you do not want to refuse your wishes as a parent. But you do not mean too much. A horde of upset children should not be underestimated, especially if the birthday is celebrated in the apartment. Therefore, consider exactly how many small birthday guests you can supervise and provide.

Get support
To save yourself unnecessary stress, get the support of another adult for the children‘s party best. This person can not only help you with the games and the preparation of meals, but you can also be sure that the little rascals are supervised at all times.

Make yourself a list
It sounds old-fashioned, but a list of all the tasks that need to be done before the birthday party will save you a lot of stress. Make a note of everything that needs to be done and done as soon as possible on this list – preferably with deadlines. So you can be sure that even in the hectic phase, just before the big day, nothing goes through the rags.


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