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Celebrating and organizing children’s birthdays is often a huge challenge for parents. Not for our studio. We have a lot of experience and offer the children in the Bad Nenndorf, Wunstorf, Stadthagen and Barsinghausen region something very special. During the children’s birthday we take care of your children and organize an extraordinary children’s experience with heart and ideas. In the AusZeit studio, every child creates their own work of art. And as a souvenir, every child receives their own little work of art after their children’s birthday.

Simply click on the photo from the video and watch our short video on celebrating a child’s birthday with ceramic painting in the AusZeit studio

You can see how committed the children are in practice and what happens when you click on our other children’s birthday video on the right. Click on the preview on the right and see for yourself. Not all pictures are taken at a child’s birthday. Some pictures come from earlier Woki actions in our local community. Just have a look we wish you a lot of fun.

Celebrating children’s birthday – what exactly is happening there?

With us the children paint raw ceramics, so-called crockery. It is not kneaded with clay and water during the children’s birthday party. The finished Raw ceramics are artistically designed with paint, brushes and other aids such as foil, adhesive tape, sponge stamps and soap bubbles.

The results are surprisingly professionally designed by children’s hands. For us it is most beautiful reward the Glow in the child’s eyes, when the small works of art are received after they are burned. It’s almost as nice as a second children’s birthday – just a very special children’s experience.

Curious? Discuss your ideas and ideas with us. Together we are planning a very special children’s birthday party.

Celebrate children’s birthday in Bad Nenndorf – Wunstorf – Stadthagen – Barsinghausen – the right target group

We are happy about every age group to celebrate birthdays. One group were women in their 70s +. Very young artists have also been with us – see photo. Everyone enjoys designing and is positively surprised by the finished object.

The following target groups are classic:
Age: between 6 and 16 years. Previous knowledge required: None
Clothing requirements: the ceramic colors we use are completely non-toxic. After drying out, the colors can be knocked out of your clothes like chalk. Separate protective clothing is not necessary.
Girls and boys? Very much, and the boys have as much fun as the girls.

Celebrate costs and further information for the children’s birthday party

You pay the painted ceramics including drinks and sweets for the children a total price of 20 euros. This includes all consumables such as paints, brushes and some aids and care. The care includes free drinks (mineral water and apple spritzer) and, depending on the arrangement, some sweets and other small gifts – e.g. a nicely laid table. For birthdays of adults or for adults, we also provide coffee, milk coffee or tea.

We expect an average of two hours for the duration of the event. Some children finish faster, others take a little longer. For the kids who finish faster, we have an alternative program in our garden. When all the children are ready, we show how the ceramics are processed in the workshop, the ceramics glazed, the setting edge cleaned and put in the oven.

Usually collect we the Ceramics and burn them once or twice a week. After a week, all the ceramics are fired and ready to be picked up.

Sample calculation for the children’s birthday party in the AusZeit studio

For example, you come to us with 10 children, therefore 10 x 20 euros as a complete price makes 200 euros.
(all prices including statutory sales tax of currently 19%).

As part of the children’s birthday celebrations, design on ceramics and painting with acrylic colors, free design and and and are possible. Let’s talk together about what your goals are and what previous knowledge the children have. You can find ideas for example on planning a child’s birthday. And finally, some older children who had as much fun as the little guests.

Celebrate children’s birthday in

  • Bad Nenndorf
  • Wunstorf
  • Stadthagen
  • Barsinghausen near Hanover

Additional information and almost daily updates can be found on Facebook.


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