Celebrate children’s birthday in aachen in a medieval ambience

For children from 5 years

You can book the organization of an outdoor children’s birthday party on the grounds of Burg Soers for about 3 hours (easy time) or about 6 hours (full time). Please pay attention to clothing adapted to the weather in a completely different and unique way and let your child’s feast be an unforgettable experience. Our knights and maids entertain your children, for example with sword fights and baking bread at the campfire. You can learn how to use a bow and arrow on our bow path under expert guidance. You will experience the castle grounds up close on a guided tour. Our petting zoo with goats, rabbits, geese, chickens and ducks will delight the children. Experience pure nature in a medieval ambience. Cakes, drinks, cutlery, dishes, etc. are not provided by us and must be brought along.

You can download the invitation to the children’s birthday party, just enter your data, print it out and you can invite your guests

Easy time

  • Group up to 10 children including 2 adults
  • each additional child 15 euros
  • each additional adult € 10
  • Surcharge Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, a flat rate of 50 euros

Full time

  • Group up to 10 children including 2 adults
  • each additional child 20 euros
  • each additional adult € 10
  • Surcharge Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, a flat rate of 50 euros

Celebrate children’s birthday in Aachen at Soers Castle

At Soers Castle in Aachen you can give your child or grandchild a very special birthday party experience. You can choose from three different programs. All programs included the staff of the castle, who will accompany you through the program with a lot of fun and ensure that the activities are designed individually. The process can vary somewhat due to weather conditions or other circumstances.

knight Birthday
At the beginning, each child receives a wooden sword with which they can spend the day. The children can master many knightly tasks and get to know medieval life in order to become knight of honor at Soers Castle. First you go on a treasure hunt to extract the lost treasure from the castle knights. The children are allowed to explore the grounds with their swords and search for him, in order to force the castle guards to give up the treasure by a duel. After the prey has been found, the prospective knights may hunt with the spear and then shoot with the bow to practice. Expert instruction teaches every child the art of archery and javelin throwing. After the learned has been tried out, the children usually strengthen themselves briefly so that they can then hear and learn which weapons were used in the Middle Ages, how they fought with them and how stable a real shield actually is. The children are allowed to hold a sword under supervision and try on a knight’s helmet or gauntlet. The Middle Ages should be a felt experience for the children. Depending on the interests of the children, medieval studies can also be expanded to include things like food or medical treatments. The knights’ farm animals also want to be fed, so the children can feed the donkeys and ponies of the castle with carrots. Afterwards, the gifts can be unwrapped or alternatives such as horseshoes and knight games can be played in the yard. Every child gets a piece of luck with his very own horseshoe nail amulet, which every child can make himself. At the end of the eventful day, the stick bread becomes cozy at the Fireplace baked and eaten while singing and having fun. At the end, each child receives his Knight of Honor certificate.


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