Celebrate Easter with baby – sustainable gift ideas, mom ocllo blog

Celebrate Easter with baby - sustainable gift ideas, mom ocllo blog

The Easter bunny visits Baby for the first time

Easter with baby suddenly gets another meaning. The creativity grow wings, childhood memories awake and you do everything to make Baby’s first Easter as happy and colorful as possible.

First Easter with baby | finally be a kid again

Birthdays, Christmas and also Easter lose their magic after a certain age. The colorful, decorated with balloons and cake birthday table, the self-filled Advent calendar and lovingly put together and hidden easternest fall into oblivion more and more.

And then suddenly there is another baby in the family or in the circle of friends. A look into the radiant and curious baby eyes is often enough to return to the imaginative carefree childhood. Everywhere you smile again Easter bunny made of chocolate or plush, with anticipation you bake Easter bunnies and lambs and you go in search of original gift ideas for baby’s first Easter.

Is the Easter bunny really there??

Is there Easter bunny or not? The question no longer arises. Of course there is the Easter Bunny, so it is in the countless children’s books, on the Easter Bunny one speaks constantly and besides, Easter without rabbits would not be a real Easter.

All the wonderful stories and traditions come to life again as they inspire baby’s imagination and let it discover the world in a playful way.

Gifts for babies first easter

For chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies and freshly baked lambs baby is still too small in his first year of life. So what, how to give it easternest to fill?

It is important and especially for babies not to overwhelm them immediately. Better than a mountain of gifts is a little thing that can be grabbed well by the delicate baby hands, put into the mouth and / or accompanied baby to sleep. And most importantly, besides this little meaningful surprise, baby needs a lot of love and attention, as it does Easter for our little ones an unforgettable experience.

stuffed animals, like our Rabbits, Baby certainly make a joy. They can be cuddled and tackled. And since she’s out as well Organic cotton knitted, they are completely free of chemicals.

Plush bunnies, a first little booklet about the Easter bunny, finger puppets, airy colorful Bodysuit and or Transition trousers or toys for the sandbox can be.

And what brings us parents of Easter Bunny? Many happy moments, a baby smile and a little trip back to the world of children‘s fantasies. Yes, and if you do not want to lose touch with reality, here is an interesting article about the story behind the Easter Bunny: What does the bunny have to do with it?” (Urbia.de).

With that, Mama Ocllo wishes you a happy, colorful Easter!

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