Celebrating a child’s birthday in bielefeld – the best 30 tips

Children’s birthday in Bielefeld: With 330,000 inhabitants, Bielefeld is one of the 20 largest cities in Germany. There are of course many children living there. And they want to celebrate their children’s birthday! If you don’t want to party at home or are looking for a new idea, you will definitely find it here. We have 30 ideas for children’s birthday compiled in Bielefeld!

The 30 best children’s birthdays in Bielefeld

Where is the best way to celebrate the big day in Bielefeld? What does your child like? Is it sporty, does it like nature or would you rather do handicrafts? There is a solution for all cases!

Children’s birthday in nature or with animals

bear Birthday

City kids love it when they can celebrate their birthday outdoors or with lots of animals. This is possible, for example, in the Olderdissen zoo, where the Green Fox Zoo School has great offers. A bear’s birthday can be celebrated, the children go on safari or experience the hunters of the night.

In the egg yard

The birthday child and have a great day on the farm his Friends on the Eierhof Höke. The children not only get to know farm life, but also go on a treasure hunt in the straw and on an exploration trip with the tractor. More information is available at: https://www.eierhof-hoeke.de/kindergeburtstag.html

At Bauer Bernd

Farmer Bernd in Borgholzhausen offers an all-round carefree package for adventurers. This includes entry to the hemp labyrinth (as far as it is available) and the courtyard with all kinds of games such as go-karts, trampolines, corn bath, flying carpet and playgrounds. There is a portion of freshly baked crepes, grilled or steamed corn cobs, fries, chicken nuggets and drinks per person. Water, apple juice and coffee or tea are available without limitation. Info at https://www.maislabyrinth-borgholzhausen.de/gruppen.html.

With a sense of nature!

A great forest Birthday Has Nature sense on offer. On the most beautiful day in year Treasures recovered with GPS devices, forest stands built, arches carved, steep climbing slopes and rocks climbed and wobbly bridges overcome as a team. The celebrations are under the motto Ronja Robber’s Daughter, Robin Hood, Waldgestöber, Around the World, Secret Mission or Magical Night. You can find the individual offers here: https://www.natursinn-bielefeld.de/geburtstage.html.


Provides eight offers Primelgrün to select. For example, it says mud pirate ahoy or manitu and white feather, so an Indian birthday. Archery, carving or magic can also be on the program: https://www.primelgruen.de/kinder/geburtstage/.

Celebrate sportily!

In the pool

There is also a large selection in Bielefeld for sporty children’s birthdays. You can easily choose your favorite sport. For example swimming! The Ishara water park offers the pirate birthday. A menu is included, but animation is not. If you want to keep the crowd of kids busy, you will find games in the swimming pool here!

With ice skating

Ice skating can be done on the Oetker ice rink – even on children’s birthday parties! The birthday party has its own room, food and drinks can be brought or ordered. Great games on the ice can also be played.


Those who prefer to climb can go to the Climbix bouldering hall issue or in the climbing Park. In any case, it goes high. The mast system and the forest course are available in the climbing park on Johannisberg (from 8 years). Climbix bouldering under the supervision and guidance of a trained team. Further information: https://www.boulderhalle-bielefeld.de/kindergeburtstage.html and https://www.interakteam.de/kletterpark/kletterpark-bielefeld/kindergeburtstag/.

Skittles, bowling or karting

ninepins can be wonderful in the Hotel Bartsch (http://www.hotel-restaurant-bartsch.de/kegelbahn#kinder), for bowling it goes at The Strike (https://www.the-strike.de/bielefeld/geburtags-specials/kindergeburtstag/). You can accelerate on the Kart track 68 (Http://www.kartbahnb68.de/kindergeburtstag/).

soccer birthday

Football fans can play indoor soccer in Owl Adrenaline Park. Laser tag, paintball or bubble soccer can also be booked here. More on this at https://www.adrenalinpark-owl.de/kindergeburtstag/. Watching instead of playing yourself, that’s possible with soccer birthday at Arminia Bielefeld. The children watch a game of their favorite team in a panorama box. At half-time, the stadium moderator sends greetings to the birthday child, while a picture of the child appears on the stadium screen. The experience can be booked here: https://www.arminia-bielefeld.de/startseite/arminis/kindergeburtstag/

Celebrate easily on children’s birthday in Bielefeld!

Children’s birthday in Bielefeld

Would you like more play than sport? Then maybe mini golf comes in the Glowzone in question. 4-D miniature golf is played on 18 holes under black light. Information is available at https://www.glowzone.de/bielefeld/geburtstag.html.

There are many great offers in the children’s gym from BTG 1848. The topics range from fire brigade and Pippi long stocking to pirates, ghosts and nature to children’s Olympics, world tour, astronauts and circus. Info at https://www.btg-bielefeld.de/kiss/angebote/kindergeburtstage/.

In the indoor playground

Everyone can let off steam at the children’s birthday party on the indoor playground Funtasia. There are three birthday packages to choose from: https://www.funtasia.de/reservierung. The is also indoor Carrera track from event train. This can be rented. Then races are run, either on the four- or on the six-lane track (https://www.event-bahn.de).

Laser tag or city rally?

There is a lot of movement Laserzone while catching and hiding (https://www.laserzone.de/nrw/bielefeld/lasertag-bielefeld/kindergeburtstag-mit-lasertag/). Or would you prefer to get some fresh air? Then there is one city ​​Rally on. At the Bielefeld rallies, the children can solve many exciting questions about the city’s history and discover Bielefeld and its striking landmark in a playful way (http://www.bielefeld.de/de/ti/stadtfuehrungen/kinder/).

Children’s birthday in Bielefeld in the museum

In the farmhouse museum

A classic that is often used is the children’s birthday party in the museum. In Bielefeld, for example, this is offered by the farmhouse museum. Birthday picnics, forest gnome workshops or felting are just a few of the programs available.

In the natural history museum

The same applies to the natural history museum namu: from a trip to the dinosaurs to researching flight artists and vampires to felting and kite building, the children have all options here.


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