Celebrating a child’s birthday: tips for the auto party from for me

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The invitation mark

A stylish invitation gives a remodeled license plate. Simply cut the shape out of sturdy cardboard and draw in the important details with a felt pen. The invitation text is on the back, for the front you can think of a funny abbreviation. For Jan, who was born on April 3rd, 2012, for example "J – AN – 3412".

Tin, blue jacket, pit lane – that’s how it is decorated

  • Schilderwald: The TV gets one "Stop" sign, in the hallway it means "pay attention", the bathroom becomes "car wash", the dining area becomes "pit lane".
  • Mark the "pit lane" with a barrier tape.
  • Spread toy cars around the table.
  • There are specialty paper plates, mugs and napkins in the specialty shop.
  • Traffic routing in the living room: Mark "streets" with wide strips of tape on the floor. It is best to do this on carpet – this can be easily removed later!
  • Courage: As a party mechanic in overalls, you will inspire the children!

The party driver’s license is made here

In order to be able to really step on the gas, the little racing drivers must of course first obtain their driving license. Set them a few small tasks:

  • "The traffic light game": The children are behind a start line, you at the finish. If you hold a green board in the air, the little ones will run. If you change to a red one, that means "Stop!". With green it starts again – until the first one has reached the finish.

  • "Park the tractor": This game works like the trip to Jerusalem. You need one chair less than children play. Put the chairs in a circle with the seat facing outwards and put on music. When the music stops, each child has to sit in a chair and park his tractor. The child who has not got a chair is eliminated. Remove a chair and repeat the game until a child is the winner.
  • "Bobbycar Tour": Borrow a few play cars from the circle of acquaintances and let the children cover a short course in two teams.

As a reward, there are driver’s licenses that you have made beforehand. Already write in the invitation, that the little ones should bring a photo of themselves to stick in!

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