Celebrating new year’s eve alone: ​​3 tips on where to go as a single man

For many men, the idea is unbearable: spend the evening on New Year’s Eve alone, without friends, while other people start the new year happily. But head up – everything is half as bad! I will tell you how the turn of the year can still be a nice experience.

You will also find out what you can do and where you can go as a single on New Year’s Eve, whether you stay alone at home, celebrate a lavish party or other ideas.

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New Year’s Eve alone – but not lonely!

There can be many good reasons why you are alone this evening. Maybe family or friends didn’t have time, or you couldn’t get tickets for an event in time.

As a single, you also lack the girlfriend with whom you can spend the holiday. Of course, it could also be that there were offers for a party on the table that you simply didn’t feel like doing.

But no matter how the situation came about, you are now considering where to go alone on New Year’s Eve. The great thing: No man has to spend the turn of the year alone. There are numerous options – even for singles – such as:

  • Single travel
  • Single parties
  • New Years parties in general
  • And much more

And if all of this is not the yellow of the egg and you don’t feel like the party hype? Then you can still consciously choose to stay at home alone on New Year’s Eve to have a nice evening on the sofa.

By the way: Do you also feel at Christmas lonely?

In this blog article you will find tips for not spending Christmas alone!

Tip 1: Stay home alone on New Year’s Eve

To be honest: I think this year-end day is overrated. There are many great occasions to celebrate all year round – why is New Year’s Eve so important to most people? I dont know. You can always make good resolutions. In addition, entry to New Year’s Eve parties is overpriced and this is where people from compulsory celebrations meet instead of really having fun.

The really good parties take place on other days – spontaneously and because you really want to, instead of just fulfilling an expectation.

If you want to avoid this hustle and bustle of firecrackers, lead casting and nonsense TV, it is a good idea to consciously spend New Year’s Eve alone and stay at home. Make yourself comfortable!

Watch good films (not the hit party nonsense), read an exciting book or listen to inspiring music. It is the day on which you simply celebrate yourself, take a break from everyday stress and treat yourself to something good.

If you should feel lonely during the evening, call a few People and wish you a happy new year!

Make good resolutions and review the year

Deliberately alone at the turn of the year stay at home has many advantages. It’s cozy (especially if the Christmas decorations are still there). You can do whatever you want, avoid the annoying family quarrel and don’t have to let junkies bump into you during the New Year’s Eve party in the hopelessly crowded disco or bar.

You can also use New Year’s Eve at home to review the past year and make resolutions for the new year. For example, finally quit smoking, lose weight, get a motorcycle license or learn a foreign language … there are many options.

New Year’s Eve alone because no friends?

As a single, you can also plan to find a girlfriend in the new year. If you are alone on New Year’s Eve because you hardly have any friends, there is also a good resolution: go out more often, register in the gym or join clubs / interest groups to make new friends.

Don’t take the turn of the year so seriously

For me it was previously inconceivable to celebrate New Year’s Eve alone. A buddy of mine never had a problem with that, he was home alone every year on December 31st. I once asked him if that wasn’t pretty depressing. His answer: "Nope, I go to bed at 11 p.m. and the next morning I look forward to a wonderful new day in the new year, while others hangover and frustrated in the corner."

Then I understood: he simply hadn’t taken the event so seriously, it didn’t mean much to him. New Year was his holiday. You too can think about whether the last day of December is basically not a day like any other, an arbitrary cut in the calendar that our society inflates properly.

You still think New Year’s Eve is a MUST?

Well, you don’t have to spend the evening alone at home. It is up to you to make it the hottest party of your life – with the tips below!

By the way: This is how you get a girlfriend IMMEDIATELY!

Tip 2: Celebrate New Year’s Eve (not) alone in the club

If you don’t want to spend the big evening alone, you should definitely go on the slopes. As a single you have the opportunity to meet great women who are also in a flirting mood at the disco and New Year’s Eve parties. I have already written an article in which I explain in detail what you need to consider if you want to go out celebrating alone.

Important: Before you celebrate, do things that put you in a good mood. Watch your favorite series or watch “Dinner before One” if it makes you laugh after the hundredth time. Listen to your favorite music … anything you enjoy is allowed. At the party itself, you should address other people IMMEDIATELY and keep moving instead of standing in the corner with the beer glass.

You have to start the New Year’s Eve full of energy, in a good mood and open-minded, so you have a chance to find great company.

Midnight: "Happy New Year" as an opportunity to flirt

Maybe it’s going to be mediocre at the beginning and you still don’t have the desired contact at the party, especially not with the hot single ladies. Here you can find out how to address women in the disco. If all of this is not fruitful, your hour is at midnight when the countdown goes to zero.

What is happening? All people toast themselves with a glass of sparkling wine at the turn of the year and wish them a “happy new year”. This is the ideal opportunity for you to clink glasses when partying with other party guests and to tell them "happy new" too. You can get into a wonderful conversation about this innocent introduction.

The colorful fireworks at midnight are a particularly romantic backdrop for women. Here offers itself a good Chance to flirt, and the sparkling wine does the rest …

Call old friends and acquaintances

If the cell phone network is not overloaded, on New Year’s Eve you also have a good reason to get back in touch with old friends and acquaintances. I myself once saw a mysterious broadcast flashing on my cell phone shortly after midnight. It was a former colleague that I called back promptly. And already I had refreshed an acquaintance for the new year …

Tip 3: Where to go as SINGLE on New Year’s Eve?

Of course you can go to any "normal" party in clubs and bars if you don’t have a girlfriend as a man and don’t want to spend New Year’s Eve alone at home. But there are also a number of events to celebrate that are specially tailored to singles. The advantage: On this evening, girls bustle here who are just as willing to flirt as you are.

Visit a single party and have fun

You may be looking for a girlfriend for a happy relationship, but it didn’t work all year round. You are still alone Doing a New Year’s Eve as a single party can be frustrating when you see all the couples in love kissing passionately at the fireworks at midnight.

But hey, why not go to a single party on New Year’s Eve? New Year’s Eve is the ideal opportunity for singles to find a partner and fall in love again with a vigorous celebration. You will meet women who feel just as alone as you and understand your situation.

As I said, be in a good mood and entertaining – people want to experience something when celebrating the turn of the year.

As I’ve seen, single parties are held in almost every major city – and in big cities anyway. You can find a lot of interesting offers via the search engine you trust.

Single trips – travel alone on New Year’s Eve

If you want to take a little more money in your hand and get out of your city – or even Germany – single trips on New Year’s Eve are a good option (possibly in combination with Christmas). On the Internet you will find numerous offers for different New Year’s Eve trips.

For example, a city trip to London, to Scandinavia in great snowy landscapes or just to where it is warm when the turn of the year has always been too cold for you.

Here you will of course meet women who are also single and do not want to celebrate New Year’s Eve alone. The advantage over the traditional New Year’s Eve party at home: Holidays plus public holidays and romantic fireworks at midnight – with so many reasons for a good mood, the girls are in a particularly good mood during the single trip. Flirting should (almost) be child’s play!


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