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CELL HEALTH as the key to beauty, well-being, vitality and zest for life

We can only be as healthy as our cells

Our cells as the smallest functional unit of our body

They want to look young and energetic for as long as possible and reach a high age as efficiently and vigorously as possible?

In order not to prematurely age or get sick, the nature of our is about 90 trillion body cells essential.

As the basis of our life decide our cells about our health, our capacity, our well-being and our mood, ours Appearance and ours biological age.

Cells as the basis of our life

Cells form the basic functional units of all life. Our body is also composed of these smallest living units. The nervous system, organs, bones, blood and all types of tissue are composed of cells and perform different tasks depending on the type of cell.

What they all have in common is that they absorb substances from food and use them to gain energy for their activities or to produce vital substances for the body. You can therefore also cells as chemical factories and designate power plants, the from raw material specific products and generate energy.

Every second about 50 million body cells die and just as many are re-formed – if everything goes optimally. Bone tissue is renewed, the intestinal flora regenerates constantly, wounds heal, cells are newly formed or repaired – in short: our entire system is constantly striving to renew and preserve. This is a completely natural cycle that ensures our survival and supplies us with life energy.

If we do not disturb this mechanism and provide the necessary “raw materials”, Our body heals and regenerates itself all the time and makes premature aging unnecessary.

On this page, we’ll tell you what factors affect cell health and what you can do to keep your cells healthy so that you stay healthy and healthy for as long as possible.

The four key health issues of our cells are:

1. a balanced water balance

2. a balanced mineral balance

Get more mineral and vital substances through

3. a balanced acid-base balance

4. thoughts and feelings

Our 28-day program for cell rejuvenation and increase of vitality

With the DTX-28 formula kill two birds with one stone. Our Cell Rejuvenation and Lifespan Program is designed to help you rid your body of acid slag while giving it precious minerals in an easily utilizable form.

This means that during the treatment, you will not only bring your acid-base balance back into balance, but at the same time you will fill up your mineral storage, which will determine how young and fresh you look.

In addition, since you will be drinking a lot and getting some basic tips for getting healthy drinking water, your cells will help you to purify yourself and keep you healthy.

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