Central Atlantic states in the northeastern United States – this is where the power sits

Central Atlantic states in the northeastern United States - this is where the power sits

Central Atlantic States in the Northeast – Here sits the power

No matter how you turn it or turn it around, when you talk about the US Mid-Atlantic states, it’s always about power in the state. Compared to other US states, those in the Central Atlantic are smaller in area.

But when it comes to meaning for the continent (you could say the world without exaggeration) New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and of course Washington D.C. hard to beat. With the capital of the country and the capital of money in this region both the political and the economic heart of the United States beat. In particular, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey are among the mid-Atlantic states. Many definitions of the term are limited to these three states; others also include Delaware, Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia and West Virginia. The Mid-Atlantic states have been populated by a wider range of European ethnic groups since the early colonial era than other states in the United States.

New York, New York

The states of the Central Atlantic also have a huge appeal for tourists. Are there any USA travelers who do not want to go to New York at some point? Everything is possible of course, but probably such copies are extremely rare. On the other hand, the group of people who do not just want to travel to the “Big Apple” once but rather every day is quite numerous. Here, on the legendary stock exchange “NYSE” (New York Stock Exchange) on Wall Street, the financial flows of the world are controlled, assets are made and sometimes destroyed. It also creates great trends in fashion, the entertainment industry and the arts. All in all, New York City is considered to be an extremely inspiring metropolis, with the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the One World Trade Center, and breathtaking shopping that has more to offer than just a single visit. If you then have the development of neighborhoods like Brooklyn in mind, the more obvious.

The state of New York, of course, does not just include New York City. How about a beach holiday on Long Island, for example? The beaches there are almost like sand on the sea. And to be honest, who would have known right away that the world-famous Niagara Falls are on the border with Canada in the US state of New York? There is so much more to see and to experience there than you might initially think!

Pennsylvania and Maryland – the USA in miniature

If you do not have time to travel the whole of the United States, Maryland could be best recommended. This state has much to offer, from the coast to the mountains. Also in terms of history, the guest is not too short. For example, on the “Civil War Trail” he learns everything about the Civil War. The most interesting city is Baltimore.

Pennsylvania is a destination for those who like to shop cheaply and prefer to be surprised. There are some excellent, huge shopping malls in this state where there are outletware and sometimes not even VAT on the goods (for example, in the “Waterfront” in Homestead near Pittsburgh).

A visit to the “Amish People” will look like a journey into bygone times. This Christian community has – among other things – a very restrained relationship to progress. You can often meet their black carriages on the country roads. If you want to know more about the life of the Amish in Pennsylvania, visit the Amish Village in Lancaster County. There you will learn everything about the unusual way of life of these people, whose ancestors incidentally come from German-speaking countries.

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