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Change car insurance

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Increasing costs in the motor vehicle insurance are unfortunately possible every year, if the annual premiums for the own car are raised by premium adjustments of the insurers.

unfortunately, a large proportion of german motorists do not take advantage of the opportunity to use rising premiums as an opportunity to change their car insurance.

Many vehicle owners have been with the same insurer for years and have not realized the savings potential offered by the change car insurance open.

Our website is designed to make it easier for you to switch to a different motor vehicle insurer, with lots of information so that you can benefit from better services or lower premiums from the next insurance year onwards!

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Easy to use car insurance calculator

car insurance comparison online

The change of the car insurance should be well considered, dozens of insurances are to be found with hundreds of tariffs on the German market.

In order to find out which insurance company has the best individual offer, in the age of the internet, a car insurance calculator continue. Whereas a few decades ago it was necessary to visit various insurance companies on site and work out a personal offer for each one, now you can get a complete overview of all motor vehicle tariffs online in just a few minutes.

a free and easy-to-use car insurance calculator is waiting for you on our website, which will show you concrete savings opportunities when changing insurances.

5 simple steps to the result:

  • 1. Enter vehicle data
  • 2. Use of the vehicle
  • 3. What protection do you want?
  • 4. Discount determination
  • 5. Result

In order for the comparison calculator to provide accurate results and show you the best rate offers, you should answer all questions accurately and truthfully.

A look at your car’s registration document and the last invoice from your car insurer will help you to enter, for example, the exact type class of the vehicle or your current no-claims bonus classes.

In addition, you should consider in advance which benefits in the area of liability, partial cover or fully comprehensive are desired, so that the insurance cover in the comparison corresponds to your individual wishes and needs.

If you can only roughly estimate individual entries in the car insurance calculator, the rate analysis will also only provide rough results, so you should have several offers from the supposedly favored car insurance companies worked out.

This is what a typical car insurance comparison result looks like:

Car insurance sample comparison

Just try our KFZ vergleichsrechner and be convinced by a simple operation and easy to understand questions of a tariff analysis. If you cancel your insurance in time, you will be able to benefit from better rates and pay a lower premium for the next calendar year!

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In just a few steps, you can gain a complete overview of the German insurance landscape in the area of car insurance and save money after switching insurers!

While it may be tempting to forego some of these elements and thereby reduce the annual premium even further, it is not a good idea to do so. For optimal protection of your vehicle, you should not compromise and be prepared to include valuable tariff elements in your insurance contract.

In the end, a good car insurance does not depend on the lowest price, but on an optimized price-performance ratio.

Cancelling car insurance – it’s that easy!


In order to be able to change to a new car insurance, the existing contract with the old insurer must of course be cancelled.

Since an insurance contract in the motor vehicle insurance is formally concluded for only one insurance year and is automatically renewed again and again, the cancellation itself is very easy to carry out. Only the correct deadline and an appropriate form must be observed, so that your old car insurance also accepts the change request.

If you know early in the year that you want to give up your existing car insurance at the end of the year, you can give regular notice of cancellation. This can be submitted to the insurance company without giving any reasons; the contract stipulates a period of three months before the end of the insurance year.

car insurance sample notice of cancellation

Since all insurers do not send out the premium adjustment for the coming year until the beginning of november, a premium increase only becomes clear at this time. Since the deadline 30. If the cancellation date of September of a year has already passed and no regular notice of cancellation can be given, the statutory regulations provide for a special right of cancellation.

In concrete terms, it is therefore advisable to send the regular notice of termination by 30 September. September to the insurance company in order to change to the next 1. January to enjoy the insurance protection with another car insurer. The cancellation must be submitted in writing to the insurance company and should be signed by hand by the policyholder.

In addition to the above-mentioned deadline, the written form must be observed when submitting the notice of termination, and the letter must also explicitly refer to the premium adjustment served as the reason for termination.

If you have complied with the deadline and form correctly, the old insurance company cannot oppose your wish and the change to another insurance company becomes possible. It is only important that you do not have any premium arrears with the old insurer. If these are present, the insurance company can refuse to transfer your achieved no-claims classes to the new insurance company.

Since the SF classes play a significant role in the amount of the annual premium, the change would hardly be financially worthwhile without their transmission. Pay the outstanding premiums of the old insurance in a regular manner in order to benefit from cost advantages with the new car insurer.

Third-party liability, partially comprehensive or fully comprehensive – what is worthwhile??

Partial cover

Not all car insurance is the same and offers your car different levels of protection. This does not apply solely to the rates offered by individual insurers, but is due to the systematic structure of motor vehicle insurance in Germany and other countries.

Basically, a distinction must be made between motor vehicle liability insurance and comprehensive insurance, which are further subdivided into partial and fully comprehensive cover. Before taking out a tariff, you should therefore consider the extent of the insurance cover you want, which of course also has an influence on your annual premiums.

motor vehicle insurance liability insurance

You will not be able to avoid liability insurance for your vehicle, as this is required by law. Every vehicle that drives on public roads requires this type of insurance cover.

In concrete terms, motor vehicle liability insurance covers damage caused by you to other people.

It is subdivided into personal injury, property damage and damage to assets, whereby there are maximum coverage amounts for the individual areas as well as a general upper limit of coverage per claim.

Depending on the insurance, various tariff extras are added to the liability cover, for example the financial assumption of environmental damage or the mallorca policy when using rental cars abroad.

Partial cover motor vehicle insurance

The partial or fully comprehensive cover is not subject to any legal obligation and is taken out completely voluntarily by you. Hereby you protect your own car against numerous influences, in order not to have to pay for the damage caused due to a missing damaging party yourself. Partially comprehensive insurance primarily covers natural hazards such as storms, lightning or hail, as well as theft from your own vehicle.

fully comprehensive car insurance

With fully comprehensive insurance, the focus is on settling financial damages that you yourself have suffered in an accident or other damage situation. Depending on the insurer, there are tariff extras in the two classes, as with liability cover, which is why it is worth comparing the insurers. And not only a comparison of insurers is worthwhile, no also a comparison of your electricity provider can be worthwhile. simply compare here.

With a look at our subpage on the subject of types of insurance in the motor vehicle insurance, you can see even more details about liability and comprehensive insurances. With these it should be easy for you to determine the ideal protection for your vehicle and then to find out with a comparative calculator, with which car insurance companies you will receive the desired services for your car particularly price-conscious.

You can find more information on the subject of fully comprehensive insurance in our motor vehicle insurance guide.

Get your EVB number immediately via the internet

Conny with EVB number

As already described, the possession of a motor vehicle liability insurance is indispensable for driving on public roads. this is exactly why it is not possible to re-register a vehicle at a road traffic office without proof of appropriate insurance coverage.

In previous years this proof with the so-called double card obligatory, which was presented printed on paper. To meet the electronic age and minimize the risk of fraud, this double card meanwhile replaced by the EVB number, which you must also necessarily apply for prior to registration.

The abbreviation stands for electronic insurance confirmation, and the number can easily be requested from any car insurance company. After generating the number, it will be sent directly to your local traffic office, immediately after that you can register the vehicle with all other documents.

Usually you will receive a receipt for the EVB number from the insurer on site. Can print it out from a direct insurance on the internet. However, this written document does not have to be presented at the road traffic office, the EVB number has already been registered electronically here before and can be assigned to the registration of your vehicle.

If you want to register your vehicle without any detours and don’t want to go through the hassle of contacting a local insurance company, you can use the EVB number immediately received via the Internet. Many insurance companies help you directly via the internet and generate the appropriate number for you, which is promptly transmitted to your road traffic office. Of course, it is advisable to apply for the EVB number from the insurance company that will later take over the regular insurance coverage for your vehicle.

Where you find the best offer for your vehicle, you can easily determine with a car comparison calculator, which is available to you on our website. If you want more information about the EVB number and its application, follow our link and learn everything you need to know about this contemporary regulation!

You still have questions about the car insurance change? Have a look at our " car insurance FAQ by.

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