Change dental insurance, even without waiting

Change dental insurance, even without waiting

Change dental insurance – that’s what matters

Dental Supplementary Insurance – Change | avoid these mistakes

There are several reasons to change dental insurance. Some providers have increased their contributions several times in recent years. Since one thinks ever, to change the provider. Some are also dissatisfied with the settlement in the event of a claim and therefore seeking a new dental insurance.

Important is above all:

First of all, weigh up whether the change of dental insurance is worthwhile for you. Only if your teeth are currently in good shape, you can also accept new waiting times or totals scales. In particular, it is problematic if your denture is currently not in good condition, because one "new" Supplementary dental insurance only covers insured events that occurred after the change.

This means that treatment needs that have already been determined by your dentist can no longer be secured with another insurance company. So you should first have all the treatments your dentist deems necessary.

Only when you enter "renovated" Have dentures and everything is OK again, you should think about a change. It is best not to cancel the old dental supplement insurance until you have a new contract. Check before changing whether the new provider wants to insure you at all (keyword health check).

If you need help with this, please let us advise you on the subject of bills of exchange free of charge. You can reach us by mail or by phone on 08142 651 39 28. We can also offer special tariffs without waiting: dental insurance without waiting time

Our tip – dental insurance change without waiting

Minimize the risk when changing your dental insurance – in the tariff VIP dental plus The Bavarian you get seamless insurance protection without waiting & total Season!

The only requirement is that you have either been insured with other dentists for 3 years, or that you have had a tarif with top dental services for at least one year (eg CSS.flexi or Advigon Flexi, ARAG Z-100 or similar). ).

Inform now & Request a free exchange offer:

Another interesting alternative is the tariff Gothaer MediZ Duo – the Gothaer also offers a high-quality alternative for willing customers with this product.

The Gothaer renounced in this tariff on an initial waiting period and shortens the initial Zahnstaffel from 3 years to only 2 years, if a high-quality pre-insurance is proven. You then start at Gothaer directly into the second insurance year with 2,000 euros (or 3,000 euros until the end of the 3rd insurance year).

You can find information about the Gothaer exchange rate at:

General information about the change of dental insurance

Many consumers conclude a dental insurance without informing sufficiently beforehand, be it the “nice" Insurance agent, where you already have all other insurance, whether in the house bank or simply because of advertising promises of some direct insurers.

What the dental insurance “is good", you usually notice afterwards, namely, when you need the insurance. Understandably, many customers are disappointed when the additional dental insurance, rather than the anticipated 100% coverage, only contributes a fraction of the planned implant coverage.

If you are already insured in a non-optimal fare, then you should definitely worry about a tariff change.

The loss of old-age provisions is absolutely limited, especially when changing dental insurance, since the provisions made here are often very small. Some providers form e.g. also no age provisions at all.

However, you should only consider a dental replacement if your teeth are in order and there are no treatments. If your dentist has already determined treatment needs, then it would be for an insurance of this “damage already occurred" already too late.

If this is the case, then you should have the pending treatments carried out first and regulate the damage – within the limits of what is available – with the existing insurer, even if this may only reimburse very little. Only then, when your teeth “rehabilitate" are, a change makes sense. Then nothing stands in the way of a new deal with a better provider.

Already existing dentures can be insured under normal conditions with the new dental insurance, if it is still fully intact at the end. The next time the dentist determines that e.g. If you have to renew a crown or bridge, you would already be insured.

Of course, we are happy to help you to change your dental insurance. Please let us know in the contact form, where you have been insured so far and which insurance you would like to change – or call us on 08142 651 39 28 .

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