Changing car insurance – why it makes sense and what advantages it brings

Take a close look at your car insurance once a year and change it if necessary. This is exactly what we advise everyone who wants to be at an advantage financially! We answer the most important questions for you and provide you with the necessary tips.

change car insurance and save

Many people have certainly already received this unsolicited letter in their mailbox – the premium increase of your car insurance. In this case, it is worth comparing your own tariff with the offers of other providers compare and if necessary to cancel.

And if there is no letter? Then it can still be worthwhile to check the insurance policy. A change car insurance offers not only financial advantages, but also the possibility of a significant improvement in the range of benefits.

When can I change my car insurance??

Is there a premium increase, a change or car purchase before, a change of policy can often be carried out immediately, as there is a right of special cancellation. If none of the above reasons are available, you should take a look at your contract. Because you can change the car insurance in principle at the end of your individual insurance year change – this is also the turn of the year for most car insurance companies. Then they should look at the 30. November mark red in the calendar. The cancellation must be received by the insurance company by this date, by post!

make absolutely sure that first the new police signed before canceling the old one. So you can continuous insurance coverage guaranteed.

How can I save with the new insurance?

Price, benefit and service – the three most important criteria of every tariff. It is advisable to check the offer of the insurances to compare and make sure that the selection is balanced price-performance ratio to pay attention. If there is a premium increase or a competing insurer is offering a particularly lucrative offer with similar conditions but at lower prices, it is generally worth considering a change of car insurance.

Particularly cheap offers are not always worthwhile. Hidden costs or exclusion clauses can quickly throw a spanner in the works for the insured. Sometimes it pays to pay a few euros more to avoid astronomical sums in the event of a claim.

What to consider when changing car insurance policies?

A car insurance is composed of different factors individually adapted to the driver. What is the driver’s place of residence, age and driving experience?? Does he drive a new or old car? Would he like a deductible or does he value the no-claims bonus, for example??

These and other questions must be clarified at the beginning before a contribution can be calculated. As soon as the driver knows his profile, he can use the car quote calculator of DEVK or comparison portals, as z.B. Check24 help and research the best offer for you adapted.

When choosing your car insurance exactly to the offered benefits in their package, because these are the be-all and end-all when insurance coverage comes into play.

motor vehicle insurance: an overview of important benefits

The sum insured

If the undesirable situation arises and the accident has occurred, the motor vehicle liability for possible damage to the other party in the accident on. the maximum amount that an insurance company will pay is the coverage amount – this is prescribed by law and in europe amounts to 7.5 mio. € in case of personal injury.

1.22 million. € for property damage and 50.000 for property damage, as a minimum amount – that is comparatively little. The maximum coverage in turn is 100 mio. € – a value between the minimum and maximum value is advisable in order to be able to cover all costs in case of an emergency and to avoid a high avoid deductible.

compare car insurances and save

discount protection

Without discount protection it can get more expensive again, because this protects you from a downgrade the next year if you have a claim. However, if you have reached the highest SF class 35, drive an inexpensive car or are a particularly careful driver, the discount protection is usually not worthwhile.

Waiver of the plea of gross negligence

Whether the driver wasn’t paying attention for a moment or not – this small clause in the contract guarantees the driver full compensation in the event of an emergency, without any discussion about the own fault to fear.

New value compensation

This is only worthwhile for new car ownerdrivers who insure their car with a good replacement value indemnity are protected against theft or total loss and will be paid the new price in the event of a claim.

Don’t let yourself be fooled by the particularly low rates here either – downgrades often turn out worse than usual.

change car insurance: checklist

You will need these documents when changing your car insurance:

  1. Driver’s license
  2. Vehicle registration certificate (Zulassungsbescheinigung I)
  3. Vehicle registration document (registration certificate II)
  4. documents of your pre-insurance
  5. Mileage
  6. Bank details

Good to know: informed when you change your car insurance provider previous insurer the registration office about the cancellation of the old policy. It’s the same with the purchase of a new motor vehicle insurance policy – the responsible authority will automatically informed about the current contract. The insured can therefore relax in this case and continue to drive.

Save money as an ACV member with DEVK

changing car insurance - why it makes sense and what advantages it brings

As ACV member you can make big savings on DEVK’s motor insurance policies. You will receive special rates in the following car insurance policies:

  • motor vehicle liability insurance
  • comprehensive insurance
  • Motor accident insurance
  • Foreign damage protection insurance

As an ACV member, you can also save on other insurance lines with DEVK. Here you can find all information about the advantages for ACV members.

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