Changing license plates when moving is avoidable

short& succinct: can the license plate be taken along when moving house?

No, since 2015 it is no longer mandatory to change the license plate because of a move.

Yes, the change of registration must still be made properly at the registration office of the new place of residence.

If the new place of residence is in the same registration district, the new address must still be reported to the registration office.

Change of license plate when moving: is it necessary?

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Change license plate: Is this necessary when moving?

Change license plate: is this necessary in case of relocation?

A move is always associated with stress, because there are many formalities to be done besides the actual change of residence. old contracts have to be cancelled, new ones have to be concluded and of course you have to re-register. But what about the mobile undercarriage, must be submitted for this change of license plate in case of a move to another registration district take place?

Until a few years ago it was in some federal states essential, the change car license plate and in case of a move the re-registration of the vehicle to apply at the registration office that will be responsible in the future. Since january 2015 is a change of license plate in germany no longer necessary in the event of a move. you can, if you don’t want to change your license plate anyway when you move, now it is simply nationwide to your new place of residence take with you.

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obligation to re-register the car

Even if the change of license plate during a move no longer required is, does the vehicle owner have to comply with his obligations when changing residence and to car with the relevant change registration office. After all, the changed address must also be transferred to the vehicle documents in order to be personal data up to date to bring.

Necessary documents for re-registration and change of license plate in case of a move

In the following, we list the information that the registration office requires if you have change of license plate after a move into consideration or your re-register vehicle would like.

The documents required also depend on your specific situation and the documents listed here are not obligatory in every case.

What documents do you need to change the license plate when you move?

Which documents do you need for the license plate change during a move??

The following documents are required by the authorities for the re-registration:

  • Valid identification documents, like identity card or passport with registration certificate
  • vehicle registration certificate or. The registration certificate part 1
  • Electronic confirmation of insurance (evb number)
  • report on the main inspection
  • report on the emissions test
  • SEPA mandate to collect the vehicle tax

Furthermore you can further proof required to be, if you move z. B. Represent leave. In such a case you must written power of attorney and the identity papers of the representative and the principal are available. if the vehicle is changed to a minors registered, the declaration of consent of the parents together with its identity cards necessary.

If it is company car, in turn, separate documents must be submitted, such as a extract from the commercial register or. the trade registration, if applicable power of attorney of the boss and his registration card, unless he does the re-registration himself.

If, on the other hand, you decide to change of license plate during a move, you must inform the authority other documents hand over. This includes the vehicle registration document or. the registration certificate part 2 and the former license plates. Then they are free to choose a new license plate, perhaps even a desired license plate, to apply. If you have had new license plates embossed, the registration office must also approve them to ensure that they meet the DIN standard correspond.

Since the registration authority is often very well frequented, you should be prepared for longer waiting times and allow a little more time if you want to change your license plate when you move house. Many places therefore also offer, to make an appointment online.

costs and deadlines for the re-registration of the vehicle

What is the cost of changing license plates when moving?

how much is the cost of changing the license plate when you move??

Who no change of license plate during the move, saves a lot of money, by the way, because he can no new plate must pay. Although is also with the bare Umschreiben a fee of some 20 euro but if new license plates were added, the cost would be approximately double that amount.

More favorable will the circumscription, if it moving within the same registration district. In this case, a transfer costs only around 12 euro.

Neither the change of registration nor the change of license plate should be neglected when moving, as otherwise a fine of up to 100 euros can threaten. This rather high amount is justified by the fact that a vehicle that is not properly registered will cause the considerably complicates the work of the police will. If your current address is not on file with the registration office, you may have to pay for any penalty notices not served become.

When is a change of license plate unavoidable?

The change of license plate in the event of a move can lately therefore avoided be made if the vehicle owner wants to keep his old license plate. This is an important new feature for all those who want to do not give up your desired license plate or with it also in the stranger their home ownership want to express. Those who want to seize the opportunity and change their license plate right after moving can of course continue to do so.

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