Charity, child sponsorship, fighting world hunger, illiteracy and poverty

In his blog, Balendu has also dedicated some diary entries to his child charity projects, as well as other nonprofit organizations.

We have to help each other when we are here on earth. Whatever we have, we can share with those who have nothing.

You can donate, sponsor a child in India, donate food for a day and much more, which ultimately helps to fight against world hunger, illiteracy and poverty.

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New workbooks for our youngest school children – 22 Oct 16

Swami Balendu tells that they distributed new workbooks to the children of their charity school. It was beautiful to see their joy!

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Glasses for our children! – 20 Sep 16

Swami Balendu says that the children of his school who needed glasses have now got them!

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Free eye exam for our school kids – Aug 31 16

Swami Balendu talks about the free eye exam, the them organized for the children of their school – and explains why this is particularly important for these children!

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Four girls and two boys – and five of them are studying with us! – Our school children – 29 Apr 16

Swami Balendu introduces his readers to a new school boy, whose three sisters are currently studying at his school and whose eldest sister has already finished school there!

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Farewell party for our fifth graders in Ammaji’s Ayurvedic restaurant – 26 Apr 16

Swami Balendu tells of the farewell party of the fifth grade students. The celebration took place in Ammaji’s Ayurvedic restaurant.

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When the warm school lunch is the best of the day – Our school kids – 18 Mar 16

Swami Balendu introduces Dhruv, a boy from his school, to his readers. Meet this shy boy who takes information quickly and is particularly fond of one thing at school: eating!

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Another three-in-one operation for Monika – 14 Mar 16

Swami Balendu describes how they financed another operation for Monika, the girl in her school who suffered severe burns in an accident in 2014.

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A half orphan looking for his place – Our school children – 11 Mar 16

Swami Balendu introduces a boy from his school to his readers. His father died and he did lives with his aunt – who likes him somewhere else would have.

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When teenagers work as day laborers – Our school kids – 4 Mar 16

Swami Balendu introduces two boys to his school. They are the youngest of five children – and their two oldest siblings no longer go to school!

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How our strategy differs from that of huge charities – 2 Mar 16

Swami Balendu talks about how to promote charities, how it differs from business, and why they do it differently from well-known large charities.


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