Cheap cars – do cheap new cars live up to their promise??

Cost-effective cars – it’s not just the purchase price that matters

Meanwhile, there are many different cheap new cars on the market

There are now many different low-cost new cars on the market.

Cheap cars, especially new cars are not that easy to find. Who wants to buy a car cheaper, must compare a lot and get offers. Often buyers still have to dig deep into your pocket, Who you do not want to leave out certain claims. For example, around 59.000 euros for a new audi A7, a mercedes-benz e-class coupe is available for just under 51.000 euro and you can get a porsche cayenne from 77.000 euro.

But also those who do not have so much money at their disposal, do not necessarily have to do without a new car. Cheap cars as micro, small and medium cars are definitely to be found on the market. What you should look out for if you want to buy a new car cheaply? What else is important besides the purchase price?? these and other questions are answered in the following guide, so that you cheap and good cars can distinguish between good and bad offers.

FAQ: cheap cars

Prices change constantly, even for cheap cars, so it is worthwhile to compare cheap cars. Here you will find an overview of new cars that are currently particularly cheap.

There are some tips and tricks you should consider when buying a car if you want to save money. Not all cars that seem cheap at first glance are really cheap cars at the end of the day. We have summarized a selection of various savings tips for you here.

Yes, because maintenance and servicing costs can significantly increase the total cost of a vehicle. What you should consider in this regard, read here.

specific advice on the subject of cheap cars

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Overview of current cheap new cars

low-priced car class models
subcompact cars citroen C1 vti 72 stop&start start (from 9.738 euro*)
toyota aygo 1.0 x (from 10.274 euro*)
peugeot 108 1.0 (from 10.674*)
small cars dacia sandero (from 7.593,62 euro*)
mitsubishi space star (from 10.226 euro*)
nissan micra IG-T (from 12.663 euro*)
mid-size škoda octavia (from 20.990 euro*)
mitsubishi outlander (24.165 euro*)
mazda 6 estate SKYACTIV-G (from 28.259 euro*)

*the prices are the manufacturer’s recommended retail prices (RRP) (as of december 2020).

Buy new cars cheap – these manufacturers advertise low prices

Cheap cars are available from Dacia, among others

Cheap cars are available among others from dacia.

Who cheap resp. If you’re looking for inexpensive cars, you’ll mostly come across the asian manufacturers not passing by on the market. The Japanese and Korean brands are particularly well known in this country. Among others the following carmaker are common names:

  • Japan: daihatsu, honda, isuzu, mazda, mitsubishi, nissan, subaru, suzuki and toyota
  • South Korea: daewoo, hyundai and kia

The asian market is highly competitivemore and more people in the emerging markets can now afford a car, so low-cost cars are very much in demand there. This has a positive effect on the development work also in the areas of automotive technology, safety, equipment and design in the countries from.

innovations are therefore increasingly being driven forward and also ensure that the quality on the rise – especially for the small vehicles. According to the latest ADAC breakdown statistics, for example, they include on the smallest cars the toyota aygo among the winners, but the fiat 500 among the losers. In the small car segment the field is mixed, but honda, mazda and mitsubishi are playing in front. In the middle class in recent years, however, german automakers have once again prevailed, with only the hyundai tucson among the top 10.

Offensive advertising – inexpensive cars from dacia

Dacia builds the cheapest cars of many classes

Dacia builds the cheapest cars of many classes.

Another brand that has been shaking up the german automotive market for several years and offers cheap cars is dacia. This is a romanian manufacturer, the september of 1999 taken over by the renault group was.

Dacia aggressively advertises that it offers low-priced new cars and places particular emphasis on a good price-performance ratio. Cheap cars can be found in the form of small cars as well as in the middle class or as svus. The brand does not aim to score points with fancy design or special extras on a car, but instead, according to its own statements, offers simple and robust everyday vehicles to.

Customers also benefit from the technology and innovations of the parent company renault’s vehicles. In order to be able to sell their new cars cheaply, dacia relies, among other things, on a small model selection – there are currently six different.

A popular and affordable family car is the duster, which starts at around 11.990 euros. Also the low labor costs in the country of production romania contribute to the low price, but are only one factor of many when it comes to offering cheap cars. In order to be able to sell inexpensive new cars in this way, the basic versions of the vehicles include only the most necessary and important extras to find.

Dacia seems to be able to convince more and more buyers of new cars with its concept. According to the group, around 350 new cars have been sold in this segment over the last 10 years.000 low-priced cars of the manufacturer sold.

Tata nano – formerly the world’s cheapest car

Until 2018, the world’s cheapest car was the nano model of the indian manufacturer tata motors. It was introduced in 2008 and came on the market in 2009. In the country of manufacture, the smallest car was initially available for around 1.500 euro, later from about 2.200 euro to buy. Such inexpensive cars naturally have their drawbacks. For example comfort elements such as power steering are dispensed with and a lot of plastic.

The great success failed to materialize. Production was discontinued in 2018.

Subcompact cars – the cheapest cars on the market

Cheap new cars are mainly found among the smallest cars

Cheap new cars are mainly found among the smallest cars.

when it comes to buying cars cheaper, it turns out time and again that small cars the cheapest new cars are. These vehicles are particularly small cars, which can show their advantages especially in city traffic.

They are suitable above all for drivers, who mainly for short journeys and do not need much storage space. With most manufacturers, the prices for the entry-level models at around 10.000 to 13.000 euro – if you simply want to get from A to B at a reasonable price, you can find cars in this class for a reasonable price.

In general, with the smallest cars it should be noted that extra features, which belong to the basis in higher vehicle classes, mostly only with a surcharge of are available. In the case of inexpensive cars in the subcompact class, air conditioning, some safety systems and often the automatic start-stop system are included in the price. As additional equipment, these can add several hundred euros to the purchase price.

Low-priced cars in the subcompact class are currently among others the citroen C1 vti with a basic price of 9.738 euro or the toyota aygo 1.0 with a basic price of 10.274 euros. The citroen C1 has 72 hp and is offered as a 3-door model with a gasoline engine. The aygo is available as a 3- or 5-door model. It offers an average of 69 to 72 hp and stands out in particular due to the small turning circle, which simplifies maneuvering in the city, for example.

The peugeot 108 1.0 (from 10.674 euros) from. This car is also available in three and five-door versions and with two different petrol engines (69 and 72 hp). In addition, this variant can also be equipped with an electric motor, but here the price then increases significantly.

Almost all cars in this class are priced in a similar range. If you decide to buy such a car, you should consider the different vehicles compare cars in terms of engine, fuel consumption and optional equipment, to find really inexpensive cars that are perfectly suited to your needs.

Do you value something more space and comfort, should you consider spending a little more money and switch to an inexpensive small car. Financing can help if you don’t have sufficient financial means to raise the necessary money for the car right away.

Cheap compact cars

Cheap cars in the compact class are produced by Toyota and Seat, among others

Cheap cars in the compact class are produced by toyota and seat, among others.

those who want a little more car for their money should look for a compact class cars set. They are located between the small cars and the mid-size class, respectively. According to the German Federal Motor Transport Authority, they belong to the top class most popular cars in germany. In this category, too, you can find cars that are quite affordable if you are flexible about the brand. Here, you can expect more comfort than in the smallest cars, and in addition important safety and comfort features often included in the basic equipment package.

Among the cheapest cars in this class is the dacia sandero (from 7.593 euro), which is available as a five-door model. Many different engine options are offered for diesel and gasoline, starting at 65 and 90 hp.

Even with the mitsubishi space star (from 10.226 euros, special model from 9.990 euro), a car in this class can be purchased cheaply. The five-door model is offered in five variants as a gasoline engine with 71 hp and scores with its extensive standard equipment.

Another inexpensive car in the compact class is the škoda octavia (from 20.990 euros), which is offered as a four- or five-door model. There are three performance classes for gasoline engines (110 to 245 hp) and two for diesel engines (90 and 105 hp). Added to this is the new plug-in hybrid with 204 hp.

Also to be noted: maintenance and servicing costs

However, if you really want to buy a cheap car, you should do not focus solely on the purchase price. There are many other factors to consider and all costs to calculate so that the supposed bargain does not turn out to be an expensive misinvestment.

An important point is the maintenance costs for the car, which can range from the following positions put together:

  • Fuel costs: depending on the type of fuel, the vehicle’s fuel consumption, the way the vehicle is driven and the average distance traveled, these vary.
  • Maintenance and repair costs: even new and inexpensive cars require regular maintenance. Wear parts have to be replaced, engine oil has to be topped up or the engine has to be refilled. There are costs to change and also for the tires, which have to be moved and renewed regularly.
  • insurance: depending on the type of insurance, the particularities of the owner and the car model, different costs will be incurred. For new cars, fully comprehensive insurance is the best option, but it is the most expensive.
  • vehicle tax: the tax rate is determined by the car’s engine capacity, exhaust emission standard and carbon dioxide emissions.
  • depreciation: this is particularly pronounced for new cars. Vehicles with a stable value are usually more expensive to buy, but after a few years they can still be sold on for a good price as a used car.

Originally inexpensive cars can quickly turn into an expensive surprise if you don’t find out about the additional costs in advance. So also pay attention to the fuel consumption, if you want to know if new cars are really cheap and check out, how repair-prone the new car is. For this purpose, you can consult the tuv’s annual auto report, for example.

Tips: buy cheap cars

You can find cheap cars, for example, on the Internet at intermediary portals

you can find cheap cars for example on the internet at mediator portals.

If you want to buy cheap cars, you should look at do not rely solely on the price given in the non-binding recommendation of the supplier. With our tips you can save money when buying a new car.

So the so-called intermediary portals, you find on the internet, new cars often very cheap at. You specify the model you want and the equipment features you want the vehicle to have, and the portal searches for you the most favorable offerers in completely germany out. In many cases, deep discounts are possible here, which conventional local dealers often find difficult to undercut.

If you value personal advice in a car dealership, you can also save money. Here’s how you should do not neglect price negotiation, if you want to buy cheap cars. Be self-confident and inform yourself in advance about models and prices and set yourself a limit which you do not want to exceed.

Especially in the case of small cars, large discounts are often not possible – in such a case, try to find a good deal, extra services, such as an additional set of winter or summer tires, bargain, before you sign the purchase contract for the car.

Another secret tip are cheap annual cars. These are cars that have been registered by the dealer for a few days. This process increases the registration statistics for the manufacturer, who in return grants the dealer special discounts. For almost as good as new cars are so depending on the brand and model discounts of up to 30 percent possible – so you get a good car correspondingly cheaper.

Saving tip for cheap cars: EU new cars

A new EU car was originally intended for sale in other european countries, but is then sold to and imported into germany. You benefit from the significantly lower net prices in many other countries. This is often the cheapest way to buy a car.

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